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Welcome! Day with GaPSC West Georgia RESA February 7, 2013.

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1 Welcome! Day with GaPSC West Georgia RESA February 7, 2013

2 Coming Soon! Tiered Certification

3 Landmark Rule Changes Performance-based Educational Leadership – 2008 Certificate Upgrade Rule – 2010 Coming Soon, Tiered Certification January 2014 is target date

4 Why Tiered Certification? Georgia – one of only 10 states using a single tier system 21 states use a two-tier system – include initial & professional (clear renewable) Other states use system with three or more tiers

5 Why Tiered Certification? Addresses the need to focus attention and resources on early career teachers About 40% leave the profession within five years at a tremendous cost to taxpayers

6 Why Tiered Certification? Assures advancement in the profession is based on teaching effectiveness, rather than just hanging on We currently have no defense against criticisms about teacher quality from politicians & the media

7 Why Tiered Certification? Provides a way of recognizing the accomplishments of excellent teachers Upper tiers recognize and use the skills of excellent teachers – a good fit with motivation theory

8 Why Tiered Certification? Creates a pathway for teachers to advance in the profession while remaining in the classroom Currently, education is a “flat” profession – no where to grow

9 Why Tiered Certification? Equips educators with skills to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning. Advancement to higher tiers equips teachers with skills that support learning communities & improved teaching & learning

10 Tiered Cert Task Force PSC Staff Superintendent Public IHE Governor’s Office Principal and Assistant Principal PAGE/GAE Curriculum Director DOE Staff USG Staff Private IHE RESA HR Director Teachers Professional Learning Director

11 Tiered Cert Task Force Task force work began in December Anticipate finishing the work next August or September Currently plan for rule initiation in October with an effective date of January 2014

12 Tiered Cert Task Force Task force meetings Presentations like this Focus group & sub-committee work Getting input from Georgia educators is very important to assuring a rule that provides opportunities for educator growth and improves teaching & learning

13 Tiered Certification This presentation represents some initial ideas about tiered certification; it provides a starting point for the task force work Some questions that may assist in guiding our discussion (see HO) We value your input on these questions; this will provide the task force with your very helpful ideas & concerns

14 Tiered Certification What we are presenting is some initial thinking about tiered certification These ideas are to get the conversation started The task force will make recommendations that culminate in a new rule next fall The initial concept includes five tiers

15 Tier 1: Pre-service Certificate Advantages –Consistent method for criminal history checks –Under the Code of Ethics –This certificate becomes a platform to improve preparation programs and as a way to make pre-service teachers more valuable to schools/districts

16 Tier 1 to Tier 2 Content-specific Performance Assessment – Minimum score to successfully exit the program. Useful for candidate evaluation, program evaluation, & induction roadmap Program provider sign off on readiness to take appropriate GACE assessment Achieve “passing” score on appropriate GACE assessment Many school-based experiences culminating with a year long pre-service experience.

17 Tier 2 Induction Certificate Advantages –Recognizes that novice teachers need to grow in a safe environment supported by teacher leaders, administrators, and others –Creates a statewide system for quality induction –Links to the teacher induction guidance document developed by a DOE/PSC – led task force. Induction programs are being piloted by RTTT districts.

18 Tier 2: Induction Certificate Advantages (continued): –The results of a nationally validated performance assessment used to differentiate induction services for individual teachers –3 year Non-Renewable Certificate – meet professional teaching standards to get clear renewable (Possible waiver for 4 th year at the request of the employing district)

19 Tier 2 to Tier 3 Employing districts sign off on induction completion Educator must meet measurable standards before moving to a clear renewable certificate (will not be TEM – not ready – value added, surveys, student learning objectives, state-wide evaluation instruments, maybe later, but not now) May use the content-specific performance assessment administered during student teaching as the measurement

20 Tier 2 to Tier 3 (continued) Professional learning focused on areas of need defined in the pre-service performance assessment and/or state-wide eval. instrument Revisit use of TEM in 2 to 3 years Program providers could possibly having a role in decisions about induction teachers moving to next tier If funding/logistics could be worked out, a peer review component would be powerful (by teacher leaders)

21 Tier 3: Professional Certificate Advantages: –Teacher demonstrates effectiveness to qualify for the professional (clear renewable) certificate –Good for five years; only renewed if performance continues to meet or exceed standards

22 Renewing the Professional Cert Meet requirements for professional learning/impact on student performance Will consider a requirement that a measurable standard be met prior to renewal TEM score will not be used – same reasons, but will revisit use in 2-3 years If unsatisfactory evaluation(s) – a new definition of unsatisfactory under the new state evaluation system - in the 5 year period, must demonstrate successful remediation to peer review team.

23 Tiers 4 & 5 Teacher Leader (or Advanced & Teacher Leader) Supports the RTTT Career Ladder work Overarching purpose of Career Ladder: establish a pathway for growth & advancement for expert teachers desiring to remain in the classroom Uses the experience and expertise of highly effective teachers in defined roles to – help build a strong educator workforce and – increase student learning Additionally, this effort should also improve our ability to retain our most skilled and effective teachers.

24 Tier 4: Teacher Leader I Links to Career Ladder in RTTT: a Teacher Leader I or Advanced is an expert teacher who teaches full-time, but is paid for specific instructional leadership opportunities they assume Contingent on funding Demonstrated performance No ethics sanctions above a reprimand

25 Tier 5: Teacher Leader II Links to Career Ladder in RTTT: a Teacher Leader II continues to maintain some classroom teaching responsibilities; is also granted release time for specific instructional leadership responsibilities for which they are paid. Contingent on funding – release time and salary upgrade The task force will build on the work of the career ladder task force in determining standards for achieving this certification tier & for certificate renewal.

26 Tier 5: Teacher Leader II Within two years of receiving this certificate the educator must either: –Hold a Coaching Endorsement –Hold a Teacher Leadership Endorsement –Earn a degree in Teacher Leadership –National Board Certification –Other equivalent preparation No ethics sanctions above a reprimand

27 Tiered Certification Tier 1 – Pre-service certificate Tier 2 – Induction certificate Tier 3 – Professional certificate Tier 4 – Teacher Leader I certificate Tier 5 – Teacher Leader II certificate

28 Tiered Certification Questions?

29 Contact Information Kelly Henson, Executive Secretary – David Hill, Division Director for Educator Preparation & Certification –

30 Thank you!

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