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EVAL Overview Char Hutchins and Lori Curtis 12-12-12 NOT TRAINING.

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1 eVAL Overview Char Hutchins and Lori Curtis 12-12-12 NOT TRAINING

2 Expectations for Learning What is eVAL? Why use eVAL? Understand how EVAL mirrors the eval process. Look at the eVAL interface. (as Principal and Teacher ) Points to Ponder. Training options for learning eVAL. 3a

3 What is eVAL? *eVAL is a web-based tool... designed to manage the Evaluation Process & documentation; developed in partnership: WEA, OSPI & ESD 113; a free resource currently being used by our pilot and RIG districts for 2012-13; configured for each district for their instructional framework, resources, and documents; extremely secure with limited access physically and virtually to its servers. 3a

4 New House

5 Living Room

6 What you need is there.

7 Kitchen

8 Might stub a toe...

9 It is a living tool.

10 Why use eVAL? Supports side-by-side dialog between principal and teacher Facilitates collection of evidence of practice Serves as a central storage and reporting tool for principals/teacher to have shared access 3a

11 Teacher Principal Evaluation Pilot

12 Tool Mirrors the Evaluation Process 1. Self-Assessment 4. Observation Evidence Collection 5. Reflection & Post-Observation Conference 3. Planning & Pre-Observation Conference 2. Goal Setting 3a

13 The eVAL interface Link will be located on My.Bethel Look is similar for Principal and Teacher Designed for side-by-side collaboration

14 Look at the eVAL interface






20 Role of Principal A principal has three primary responsibilities in eVAL: interacts in the goal-setting process; gathers evidence in the observation process; and views artifacts 3a

21 Role of Teacher A teacher has three primary responsibilities in eVAL: self-assessment and goal-setting; interacting with the principal in the observation process; and uploading artifacts 3a

22 Role-Play Char as the Principal and Lori as the Teacher 3c


24 Role of Evaluatee Either Principal or Teacher


26 Self Assessment

27 x x

28 x






34 Points to Ponder eVAL will have more updated features in January (attend our training) The district committee in the process of making decisions regarding content Teachers will need to know how to scan and/or upload documents.

35 Training Options for Learning eVAL h 4 Sessions in January Faster-Paced January 10th 2:30-3:30 p.m. January 18th 2:30-3:30 p.m. Slower-Paced January 17th 2:30-3:30 p.m. January 17th 3:45-4:45 p.m. Location: Technology Training Lab 3c

36 Register on emailed Survey

37 More Information - Resources OSPI eVAL website Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching frameworks/danielson-framework Requesting access to EDS for eVAL VWN3OFJ0Nkw2cVE

38 Questions?

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