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Preceptor Internship Workshop #4 Evaluation, Leadership in Learning and Celebrating Successes.

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1 Preceptor Internship Workshop #4 Evaluation, Leadership in Learning and Celebrating Successes

2 Agenda  Checking in  Evaluation –Break  Leadership in Learning  Celebrating Successes  Evaluations and Close

3 Preceptor Workshop #2 (Feb 1) Preceptor Workshop #3 (Feb 22) Preceptor Workshop #4- (Mar 28) Preceptor cohort 15-25 preceptors Coach Preceptor Internship Model 14-18 week timeframe (including evaluation and follow-up) Preceptor Workshop #1 (Jan 11) Coaching (in learning triads) Learning Triad session

4 - “To Study’ -To “Practice Constantly” Learning…

5 How do we Learn?

6 Checking in…  Successes  Challenges  Learning Triads

7 30 Day Feedback Challenge SAW

8 "What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other.” ~George Elliot

9 Evaluation is a process not an event

10 Preparing for Authentic Evaluation  Formative Evaluation –During learning activities –Ongoing process of feedback, coaching and teaching –Dialogue between learner and preceptor  Summative Evaluation –End of preceptorship –Summarize growth and progress –Dialogue between learner and preceptor –Results shared with sponsoring organization

11 Think back… Exercise 9.1  Take a few moments to think about evaluations that you had as a learner  Share with partner  Re-group

12 Purpose of Evaluation  Compare learner progress with learning goals  Help learners be self-directed  Monitor ongoing progress  Determine learner satisfaction  Develop self-assessment in learners Authentic evaluation is… …thoughtful, reflective and considered

13 Performance Development Cycle Competency Assessment ( learning needs) Learning Plan Learning Competency Validation Preparing for the Evaluation Review Review Interview

14 Evaluation Review  Preparation for Review Interview: Competency assessment tools and learning objectives reviewed Goals reviewed/progress made Feedback compiled and incorporated into evaluation form Preparing for Evaluation Review

15 Self-assessment- 4 quadrant feedback Continue…Begin or do more… Consider (a stretch)..Stop or do less…

16 Review Interview- “The Progress Report” Review Interview Coaching conversation  Schedule & Conduct Interview: Date planned and scheduled Competencies and learning goals reviewed and progress noted according to criteria Coaching conversation interview Document additional comments and professional development plan Signatures

17 Evaluation in Action! Exercise 9.3  Evaluator –Use summative eval form and begin to make notes  Learner –Review Health Preceptor Competencies –Review your goals –4-quadrant feedback  Observer

18 Break

19  “I value…”  “I appreciate..” –Healthy Workplace Commitment Card  “I celebrate…” Leadership in Learning

20 Learning Triads-Support Network Meet every 3-4 weeks Work with coach Work on learning goals Support network for each other Preceptor “Triangles are a learning lab.... experiment and enjoy your journey.” ~Erna Hagge

21 Closing and Evaluation  Check-in  Next steps  Feedback….

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