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Projects Approval Process Asha Silicon Valley (10/13/10)

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1 Projects Approval Process Asha Silicon Valley (10/13/10)

2 Projects Renewal Process Checklists Requirements for project renewal Agenda

3 Step I - Review Step II – Approval Step III – Checklist Step IV – Disbursal Project Renewal Process

4 Step I - Review (1 week) o Steward requests presentation slot (email: o Steward presents to the chapter o Steward uploads the docs (site visit, budget, etc) and posts links to these docs on ashasv-vol, ashasv-projects o Project discussions on ashasv-projects Step II – Polling (2 weeks) o If no need to re-present, project coords open the poll o While poll is open  Steward answers any follow-up questions on ashasv-projects list  Steward creates on Eval doc and posts on ashasv-projects list for discussion. Eval doc is signed off by project coord. o Once quorum is met and Eval doc is completed and uploaded, poll is closed by project co-ords o Quorum is 10 for closing a poll, 70% in favor needed for approval Project Renewal Process (contd)

5 Step III – Checklist (1 week) o Steward submits checklist online o (thanks to Vinod) o Process will be smooth if complete and correct details are provided in checklist o Project co-ord validates checklist and approves o SV treasury processes checklist and forwards to Central Asha team Step IV - Disbursal (1 week) o Central Asha Projects team verifies the checklist, forwards to AshaWide Treasury o Central Asha Treasury validates the checklist information and initiates transfer o Project Partner receives funds Project Renewal Process (contd)

6 [1] Steward creates a new checklist for each funding request Steward creates a new project and add all banking details, if the project is not already in the db [2] Project Coords review the checklist and Approve [3] Treasurer updates status through the cycle of the funding request, including central db updates Checklist Process

7 Checklist tracking page: [1] Checklist process will cycle through → Steward (Done) → Project Coord(Approved) → Treasurer (Processed) → Central Treasury (actions) [2] Actions of Central Treasury field will cycle through → (Yet to submit) → (Submitted) → (Processed; Need fixes) → (Funds Sent) → (Funds Reached) Checklist Tracking

8 All volunteers to use the login name svvol to read/add information; please contact for Project coord and treasurer logins (for editing) are separate For all other queries, comments, feedback and to report issues; please email Contacts

9 Timeline Review (1 week) Approval (2 weeks) Checklist (1 week) Disbursal (1 week) Project renewal cycle takes 5 weeks from review to disbursal Stewards are expected to plan renewals well in advance based on project needs Stewards : DO NOT leave projects in limbo –keep project coords posted on any delays on steward’s side due to bandwidth issues, try to find someone to fill-in Project Renewal Timeline

10 Project renewal requirements Budget proposal for the current year Expense report from previous year Project half-yearly update requirements Project update Site visit report if any Evaluation criteria update Requirements

11 Disbursal Approved poll Site visit report Eval doc Completed checklist Follow-up Funds disbursal receipt Requirements

12 Copy of FCRA clearance certificate New Central Asha checklist requirement Audited Expense Report for previous year Expenses reports were not required to be audited earlier Proposal: Starting from 2011 funding year, all project expense reports submitted by project partners to AshaSV need to be audited. Benefits: Transparency in funds utilization Improves due diligence Issues Additional burden on project partners Chapter may need to support cost of getting expenses audited Auditing costs? Requirements (new)

13 Project co-ords will try to remind stewards to get site visits done and to schedule a slot in chapter meeting for project renewal presentation Vinod working on automating reminders to stewards Every month each steward receives 1 email at his/her personal email id. This email contains an auto-status of each project [last site visit, last update, when things are due, when to send next funds, etc.]. A consolidated version of this for all projects gets sent out on ashasv-projects group. The onus is as much on project stewards as it is on coords to ensure timely funds disbursals to projects Project stewards are expected to follow up with coords (projects and/or treasury) in case of delays and ensure that the funds disbursal process moves through the various stages Notes


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