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Program Evaluation Essentials. WHAT is Program Evaluation?

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1 Program Evaluation Essentials

2 WHAT is Program Evaluation?

3 Think/Draw/Pair Share your image with the person sitting next to you and notice common themes Draw the first image that comes to mind when you hear or see the word evaluation Label your drawing with a word or two that describes the image

4 Evaluation defined… Systematic determination of the merit or worth of an object. (Scriven, 1967) Utilization-focused program evaluation: done for and with specific intended primary users for specific, intended uses. (Patton, 2008) What? So what? Now what? (Patton, 2008) Numerous additional definitions.

5 How is evaluation different from research? Similarities: o Describe objects studied o Understand the relationships between variables o Use qualitative and quantitative methods

6 How is evaluation different from research? Differences: o Purpose o Utility o Context o Judgmental quality

7 Common misconception #1 Evaluation is only about numbers (quantitative data)

8 Common misconception #2 RESEARCH is about numbers; evaluation is NOT about numbers. Instead, evaluation is about words, stories, and anecdotes (qualitative data)

9 Rather... Research AND evaluation use BOTH quantitative AND qualitative methods

10 Evaluation is a profession guided by standards The Joint Committee Program Evaluation Standards Utility Feasibility Propriety Accuracy

11 WHY would I use Program Evaluation in my organization?

12 Top 10 reasons you might use evaluation… To establish the impact of a program To see if a program achieved its outcomes To make informed decisions about a program, policy, product To determine the need for a program To improve a program

13 To figure out how a program can be or has been implemented To determine a program’s merit, worth, or value To examine how a program works To distinguish what works from what doesn’t And thus, to make the world a better place Top 10 reasons you might use evaluation…

14 What's in it for me? What's in it for me? Useful skillsUseful skills Support from othersSupport from others Ability to impress peopleAbility to impress people Good foodGood food It’s fun!It’s fun!

15 What's in it for my organization? Clarifies purpose & direction Develops common language Provides opportunities for collaboration Contributes to credibility & helps secure funding Promotes motivation & excitement Promotes organizational learning & improvement Increases effectiveness Furthers good decision making

16 What evaluation is and what you and your organization get from evaluation depend on the purpose you establish for the evaluation

17 Evaluation Purposes Two main purposes: Valuing (Michael Scriven) Decision-making (Daniel Stufflebeam and Michael Quinn Patton) Accountability Development More recently discussed purposes: Evaluation for learning (Torres & Preskill, 2001; Preskill, 2008) Evaluation for social betterment (Mark & Henry, 2003; 2004) Evaluation for deliberative democracy (House & Howe, 2000)

18 HOW can I begin use of evaluation?

19 So it all starts with a Question… What do you want to know about your program? How does your program work? What is the impact of your program? What opportunities do you have to expand your program to serve others? How or to what degree do the resources and activities meet the needs of stakeholders?

20 Answering the question requires… Systematic collection and analysis of data o This might mean using quantitative measures, qualitative measures, or both

21 Possible ways to collect data for an evaluation Quantitative: o Surveys o Participant assessments o Cost-benefit analysis o Statistical analysis of existing program data o Some kinds of record and document review Qualitative: o Focus groups o Interviews o Observations o Appreciative inquiry o Case studies o Some kinds of record and document review

22 What are the best methods for your evaluation?? It all goes back to the question you started with… Some data collection methods are better than others at answering your questions And some tools are more appropriate for the audience you need to collect information from

23 The Evaluation Process 1. Determine the object (program, process, etc.) for evaluation and available resources 2. Develop guiding evaluation question(s) 3. Design the evaluation, including methods 4. Implement the evaluation: collect information, analyze and interpret findings 5. Report and use evaluation

24 Questions?

25 This presentation was developed for the Minnesota Evaluation Association June, 2009 All rights reserved Presentation prepared by (in alphabetical order) Edita Bucinca, Ann Mavis, Laura Pejsa, Cindy Reich, Denise Roseland, and Robert Tornberg Under the direction of Dr. Jean A. King, University of Minnesota

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