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In the College Admissions Process With Parents. Moderator: Jeff Chiapello, Asst. Director of Admission University of Saint Francis P resenters: Kris Donahue,

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1 in the College Admissions Process With Parents

2 Moderator: Jeff Chiapello, Asst. Director of Admission University of Saint Francis P resenters: Kris Donahue, Parent Naperville Central High School J ean Childers, College & Career Assistant Naperville Central High School Martha Stolze, Director of Admission North Central College

3 Parents – Goals Want the best for their child Want kids to have opportunities they didn’t Invest in their only child Guide child through process with minimal stress Long term success of the student

4 Parent’s Stress Does my student want to go to college? Family & societal expectations Parent’s report card Will my student get a job? Letting go of an unfinished child Financial worries – can we afford college/loans Loss of control & separation from child

5 Students - Goals Make money, be happy Preparing self to look good for college I just want to draw/play ball Meet parent’s and societies' expectations Career goal influenced by experiences

6 Students - Stress Increased homework; AP classes What if no one likes me – on my application Not getting into their first choice college Look to quality of college for self-worth Indecision of major/career Fear of the future and next life transition Strained parent relationships Upcoming departure from home

7 Parents Seek Information Knowledge is power and cure for fear College-educated may have tools to help student Others can’t guide students who need most help. Internet Family, friends, other parents High School Counselor College Admissions Counselor

8 What Parents Want From High School Counselors NCHS Parent Focus Groups 2011

9 Timelines College process timeline Present timeline every year Delineate tasks for students & parents Counselor advising timeline Freshmen – attention grabbers – “Jr. Joiner” Sophomore – college & career exploration Junior visits – college selection; course review Early senior year – college application advising

10 Information Programs Course selection – college academic preparation Extracurricular involvement – college importance Career planning College admissions testing College selection College application process Financial aid workshop

11 Workshops Generic information sessions Workshops for special groups – Highly selective – NCAA – Career training – Illinois state college options – Engineering/business Parent forums – share experiences

12 Specialized Information Helpful hints – if you go to this college then… College specific requirements for admission Highly selective criteria – beyond ACT & GPA Professional program information Paint picture of college criteria Parent Newsletter–information & calendar of events

13 Counselor Knowledge Broad knowledge of many colleges Depth of knowledge of Top 50 colleges Aware of special requirements for selectives. Know where to find information requested Things Counselors Should Know

14 College Counseling Counselors suggest colleges Apply their unbiased non-parent view Recommendations – address glitch issues Advocate for student in application & contacts Don’t discourage student from reach schools Parent comments for recommendation letters

15 Career Counseling Career counseling for all grades Learning style assessment – college match Use interest & personality data in career counseling Promote career training options Pathways for careers – classes/majors

16 What Parents Want From College Admissions Counselors NCHS Parent Focus Groups 2011

17 College Visits List of “smart questions” Tour guides make or break visit Enthusiastic tour guide Informed tour guide Major specific sub-tours

18 Information Parents want Return rate/grad rate/4 year grad rate National survey - student engagement results What is parent’s notification policy? What is campus safety plan? Timeline – notification dates/next steps Paint a picture of life on campus

19 Website Campus service directory Admissions & Financial Aid Contact phone # Calendar of important dates & events FAQ Parent Association Newsletter Travel/ Hotel information

20 Parents want to know Impact of HS course selection on acceptance Which colleges superscore or unweight grades Admissions data by major

21 Financial Aid Publish total cost on website Publish minimum ACT/GPA for merit money Transparency in scholarship requirements Emancipation & residency requirements Financial aid seminars

22 Government - Goal US Department of Education Promote partnership to increase parent involvement Goals 2000 Educate America Act Partnership for Family Involvement in Education NCLB mandates Title 1 School funding

23 School District - Goals Form partnership with parents Open communication with parents Inform parents Support parent involvement Included parents in college process

24 Counselors - Goals Increase college readiness of students Good match college choices Continued support of family Healthy graduate who can leave home Foster independence of graduates

25 Parent Involvement College educated parents are often very involved in their student’s college selection. First generation & low income students have the most to gain/lose and may have little parent involvement.

26 Parents – Helicopter Defined Parent’s obsessed with kid’s success Success requires parental involvement Hover over students ready to intervene on child’s behalf Rescue student or attack their enemy Living their lives through students Parents micromanage students Unwilling to let children make independent decisions

27 Causes of Helicopter Parenting Control – lack of faith in system; parent knows system Time management – student’s time, parent’s patience Doubt – student’s diligence & capability Relive youth – athletics & academic potential Protective – fewer children, societal danger Anxiety – fear of failure, past experience with child High Expectations – from parents & society; prestige Access – 24/7 instant communication Competition – highly selectives

28 Helicopter Parents Enable Drop off: lunches Gym clothes Homework Sports equipment Wake-up calls Homework Register for ACT tests Write college essays Fill out college applications

29 Helicopter Parents Monitor & Problem-Solve for Students computer espionage Facebook creeping cell phone usage grades teachers & counselors Friends Coach from sidelines

30 Helicopter Parents Make Decisions Parents control college interview Parents choose student’s major Parents choose student’s college

31 Unintended Consequence of Hovering College academics suffer without parent’s help Dependency; student doesn’t develop independence Irresponsibility; trouble taking on responsibility Incompetence; tell child they can’t make it Family conflict & lack of trust Poor self esteem; more self conscious & vulnerable Low motivation; anxious adults who take few risks Can’t make decisions or deal with problems Failure to launch; immaturity

32 Counseling Helicopter Parents Assess parent’s needs Address parent’s fears Sensitive to cultural differences Encourage parents to mentor with other parents Help parents know when they are crossing the line Facilitate appropriate parent involvement Provide welcoming environment for parents

33 High School Counselors Role in the process Counselors serve all students & plan all programming unassisted College Counselor leads College & Career Center & program planning Several Post High School Counselors serve class & plan programs College & Career Assistant with all Counselors sharing program plans

34 College & Career Center Partners with Parents Thursday night services for family advising Answer student’s & parent’s questions and address their concerns Advise families throughout the college admissions process Focus groups for parent input to improve Student Services Photo omitted to be able to upload to website

35 Parents Assist College & Career Center Prepare handouts Research information Copy info for students Collect info from college visits Photo omitted to be able to upload to website

36 Benefits of Parents Volunteering in the College & Career Center gather information oversight of college visits promote center and spread information into community Photo omitted to be able to upload to website

37 e-Counseling WEBSITE Post info on website Podcasts or post recorded programs on website NAVIANCE Naviance for all grades E-mail contacts/info Electronic survey of students SOCIAL NETWORKING College & Career Center Facebook page No counselor to student social networking

38 What: College Information Night Who: Junior Parents When: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 7PM Where: NCHS Auditorium

39 Counselor’s Career Advice to Parents Listen to understand your student’s needs Help your student assess their abilities, interests, goals, and personality Be realistic about student’s interests & skills Let your students pursue own passions – not yours

40 Counselor’s College Search Advice to Parents Talk about college planning early - 9 th grade Engage help of friends, coaches, relatives Research colleges best suited for interests Help develop criteria for selection Let student take the lead in choosing college Work college trips into family vacations

41 Counselor’s Financial Aid Advice to Parents Parents greatest involvement – college cost Communicate financial limitations early Explain the debt students may incur Don’t initially rule out a college only on cost Utilize net price calculator on college websites

42 Counselors Advice to Parents Interaction with their Students Listen to your student and observe struggles Support child. Encourage without acting Roll back over-protectiveness Guide rather than pressure Be patient – keep lines of communication open Understand importance of friends in process

43 College View

44 Helicopter Horror Stories Defending their student Doing the work for their student (essays, etc) Dictating their student’s choice Over-protecting their student Spying on their student

45 Positives of Involved Parents Increase applications, name recognition, etc. for your school Potential long-term financial support for your school Increase student retention and graduation rates Give their student confidence and support

46 Fostering a Positive College/Parent Relationship Educate About Process Inform With Data Collaborate

47 Educate About Process Provide tools such as “smart” questions to ask Be as transparent as possible about Admission, Scholarship and Financial Aid processes and timelines Help parents understand from early on how FERPA impacts them The safety of their child is key – explain emergency notifications, etc.

48 Inform With Data This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 LicenseMore details

49 Inform With Data Make Information easy to find on the web “NSSE” National Survey of Student Engagement results Retention and Graduation rates Important contact information Dates to know (orientation, siblings weekend, etc.) Area visitor information

50 Collaborate Build relationships with high school side Work with other campus areas such as Student Affairs, Athletics, Parent Office Engage parents of current students in programming and communication

51 Best Practices Remember that this is a time of excitement, but challenge and change for most parents Include parents in the communication flow Provide positive venues for parent enthusiasm

52 in the College Admissions Process With Parents QUESTIONS?

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