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 Upcoming Training Opportunity with U.S. Bank ◦ Norma Little  Statewide Bus Contract ◦ John Leverett  State Contracts ◦ Lee Costley  Travel Booking.

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2  Upcoming Training Opportunity with U.S. Bank ◦ Norma Little  Statewide Bus Contract ◦ John Leverett  State Contracts ◦ Lee Costley  Travel Booking Contract ◦ Jennifer Shelton  Service Bureau Year End Deadlines ◦ Zac Felts

3 Norma Little, CPPB Office of State Procurement Credit Card Coordinator/Instructor 501-683-2217 ages/creditCards.aspx

4 P-Card and Travel Card Liaisons Join us at the US Bank P-Card and Travel Card Conference on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, 2301 S. University Avenue, Little Rock, AR. State Agencies Only (morning session) - 9:00 am to 11:30 am Colleges/University Only (afternoon session) - 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

5 Some of the topics that will be discussed in both the morning and afternoon sessions: What is fraud? Fraud Trends Defending Against Fraud Fraud Case Lifecycle Tips to Prevent Fraud If you have any questions, please email Note: UA Cooperative Extension does not allow food or open drinks in the auditorium. Bottled water is allowed

6 John Leverett Office of State Procurement Buyer 623-2222


8 Where do I find it? Pricing Sheets Detailed Vehicle Specifications Vendor Award Summary

9 Ok. So where do you find information about the statewide school bus contract. First you need to go to the state procurement website. State Procurement Website > State Contracts > School Buses


11 The Procurement home page opens up. Now, in the bulleted column on the left, you click on State Contracts.





16 Pricing Sheets: 5 different bus types: Type A – 30 Passenger, Type C – 48 Passenger, Type C – 78 Passenger, Type D – 90 Passenger FE & Type D – 84 Passenger RE These charts consist of the upper area which lists the different awarded vendors for each base bus, the make and model of each bus, the price of each base vehicle and the AASIS contract number which will apply to state agencies only. The lower portion of the chart contains the option number, a description of each option and a price by vendor for each option. Let’s take a closer look at the base vehicle area. As we move along the top line, you can see the column of awarded vendors. Then we have the make and model of each of the buses offered for sale. The price of each base vehicle and the AASIS contract number for state agencies.





21  There are many contracts to choose from. All contracts currently in force are listed on the OSP website under “State Contracts”.  These contracts have been competitively bid and awarded and substantially conform to Arkansas procurement law.  When using these state wide contracts, you do not have to worry about split purchasing.  See the following examples

22  These contracts can be used for any dollar amount. There is no spend maximum per transaction.  The bid process in both a lengthy and an expensive process. These contracts have already been bid and awarded and are ready to use.

23  To find a complete list of available contracts, go to the Office of State Procurement website.  ment/Pages/default.aspx ment/Pages/default.aspx  And select “State Contracts”



26  By clicking on the header titles at the top of the contracts page, (see the arrows on the previous slide) you can narrow your search to only contracts that are described by the header text, such as Cooperative, mandatory or green, etc.


28  Some contracts may come with a “contract at a glance” to give you a quick reference to the contract offerings.  See the next slide for an example



31  Non mandatory contracts are available for you to use, or you may bid the commodity or service if you choose to do so.  Intergovernmental contracts are the preferred method of procurement. State agencies doing business with other state agencies helps keep Arkansas money in Arkansas.



34  You can also find Qualified Vendor lists on the website.  Remember when using a qualified vendor list, you must get a bid from every qualified vendor on the list.


36  The OSP website also lists contracts which are awarded to minority vendors. Using these contracts helps your agency toward achieving its goal of 10% minority spend.


38  Is your agency challenged to “Go Green” wherever possible? There are contracts which have green offerings.


40  Cooperative contracts are contracts which allow cooperative purchasing. The Office of State Procurement has entered into agreements with several Cooperative Bidding Entities for commodities or services.  Arkansas may or may not have been the “Lead State” bidding the contract, but may have signed a participating addendum allowing state agencies to use a particular contract.


42  The next slide shows an example of a “user instructions” page for a cooperative contract. This page will detail the registration process & give contact information, should you have any problem completing the on-line registration.


44 This policy covers the procurement of goods or services from a cooperative contract. The statutes governing cooperative purchasing are found at Ark. Code Ann. § 19-11-206, -249, and - 256. The Office of State Procurement has approved specific cooperative contracts for use by state agencies and public procurement units. These contracts were competitively bid by the Cooperative entity in substantial compliance with the Arkansas Procurement Law. These contracts, in demand by agencies, are listed on the OSP website, State Contracts link. Some Cooperative entities make multiple contract awards. However, OSP only approves contracts on an individual basis and does not issue blanket approvals of all contracts offered by a Cooperative entity. Only the contracts listed on the OSP website have been approved as statewide contracts.

45  The next slide lists several of the more popular cooperative entities.  Participation in one cooperative contract does not imply blanket acceptance of every contract the Cooperative Entity offers. Each contract must be reviewed for substantial compliance with Arkansas procurement law, must be approved and have a signed participating addendum before it can be used by any state agency.

46  National IPA  NJPA  TCPN  Tips/Taps  US Communities  WSCA/NASPO

47 Jennifer Shelton Office of State Procurement Buyer 371-6055








55 Zac Felts Office of State Procurement Staff Development Specialist 501-683-2220


57  Roughly 70 small agencies that does not enter their own documents in the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System (AASIS).

58  May 12, 2014 - Furniture (including items listed on the term contract or with Department of Corrections ACI) janitorial/lawn service bids, IT equipment, phone systems, software & software services. - These requests must include purchase justification in accordance with the current budget restrictions.

59  May 16, 2014 - Printing, which includes all forms, printed envelopes, decals on contract or bid, etc, with prompt invoicing. - Printing from Department of Corrections, such as business cards, deadline is June 6.  May 30, 2014 - Office supplies - Office Depot direct orders have a deadline of June 20.  June 23, 2014 - Cell phones and air cards

60  Requests for renewal of contracts with an expiration date of June 30, 2014, should have been submitted no later than May 2, 2014.

61  Requests received after these dates will be processed in a timely manner but OAS cannot ensure receipt before June 30, 2014.  Any requisitions sent after June 6, 2014, will need to have a memo attached from the Administrator indicating the need to process the requisition prior to June 30, 2014.

62  Zac Felts (501) 683-2220  Karrie Duncan (501) 683-6636


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