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N EW S TUDENT A RRIVAL S EMINAR (NSAS) Slutzker Center for International Services (SCIS)

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1 N EW S TUDENT A RRIVAL S EMINAR (NSAS) Slutzker Center for International Services (SCIS)

2 S LUTZKER C ENTER FOR I NTERNATIONAL S ERVICES (SCIS) SCIS’s primary objective is to assist you in maintaining compliance to U.S. immigration laws. SCIS provides: Interpretations of immigration regulations Updates of regulation changes through SCISNEWS, the Slutzker Center website and our Facebook page. Weekly seminars on immigration topics Daily walk-in appointments with the Advisor On-Call Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm during the school year Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm during the summer Despite the support we provide, please note that maintaining your immigration status is YOUR responsibility and Syracuse University is not liable.


4 C LEARANCE P ROCESS D OCUMENTS You must complete everything listed on your yellow clearance form; failure to do so in a timely manner will result in a hold being placed on your student account! Go to SCIS website – New Student Check-In Complete the first 4 steps Submit the following documents for you and any dependents to the SCIS: health insurance information, current photo, copies of your I-20 or DS-2019, passport, visa, and electronic I-94/I-94 card.

5 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) SUID CARD Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services, Steele Hall #206 (#10 on your map) You can use your temporary ID until August 31st, 2013 How to pick-up your SUID? If you live on campus and submitted a photo before you arrived your SUID will be given to you at your dorm upon check-in. For other conditions (live off-campus, didn’t submit a photo before you arrived), go to Steele Hall #206 to get your SUID Spouse/partner/dependents may also receive SUID card at the price of $15. Go to to know more.

6 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) O RIENTATION Attend International Student Orientation Please bring your clearance form with you to the orientation. Don’t be late! Graduate Students Orientation: Friday, August 16 th, 12 PM @ Goldstein Auditorium Undergraduate Students Orientation (all starting from Sheraton Hotel): Session I: Sunday, August 18 th -Monday, August 19 th ; Session II: Tuesday, August 20 th -Wednesday, August 21 st.

7 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) E NGLISH L ANGUAGE A SSESSMENT E XAM August 19 th, 20 th, and 22 nd, 9am-12pm Gifford Auditorium, HBC Students should arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am to be seated and bring their SUID and a pencil. Required for graduate students with a TOEFL under 100 (under 250 if you took the computerized test or under 600 if you took the paper-based version). Required for all undergraduates for determination of English classes. If you have questions contact Margo Sampson at or 443-9484.

8 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) H EALTH I NSURANCE You will be asked to provide proof of valid health insurance when requesting: A travel signature Document updates & reprints (extension, financial update) On-campus employment eligibility approval Curricular Practical Training Authorization (F-1) Optional Practical Training Authorization (F-1) Academic Training (J-1)

9 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) H EALTH I NSURANCE ( CONT.) Accepted Health Insurance Plans: HTH Worldwide For any other plan, please fill out the health insurance analysis form. Medical benefits of at least $50,000 per accident or illness; Repatriation of remains in the amount of $7,500; Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his/her home country in the amount of $10,000; and A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness Sponsored Students (i.e. Fulbright, IIE, etc) Health Insurance, including medical evacuation, is provided by your sponsoring agency.

10 C LEARANCE P ROCESS ( CONT.) H EALTH I NSURANCE ( CONT.) You – as well as your dependents - are expected to maintain comprehensive, lapse-free health insurance coverage for the duration of your academic program. Coverage should include medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Syracuse University assistantship insurance (BluePoint/ OrangePoint) do not include FrontierMEDEX. Health insurance should be valid for a full calendar year (e.g., Aug 2011-Aug 2012) and renewed each and every year thereafter.. Submit updated copy of insurance (including FrontierMedEx) to SCIS each year. Exchange Visitors under the Department of State’s J-1 nonimmigrant visa program, MUST maintain health insurance for themselves and any J-2 dependents throughout the duration of their stay in the U.S.

11 A CADEMIC LIFE REGISTERING FOR CLASS Registration for class – when: Fall registration for new grad students: check with your departments; university calendar shows August 1 st Fall registration for new and readmitted undergrads: August 24 th – 25 th Registration online – where: 1. Activate your NetID if you haven’t done it 2. Access MySlice @ https://myslice.syr.edu 3. Locate the “Student Services” Section - select “Class Search” to look for a class by course number, department, or instructor - select “Enroll in classes” to register for a particular class

12 A CADEMIC LIFE ( CONT.) IMPORTANT DATES In order to maintain valid F-1 or J-1 student status, international students are required to pursue a full course of study during the Fall and Spring semester unless approved under a specific exception, in advance, by an International Student advisor. First Day of Classes: 08/26, 2013 Late registration and adjustment: 08/26-09/03/2013 Labor Day (no classes): 09/02/2013 Financial Deadline for Dropping Courses: 09/16/2013 Academic Drop Deadline: 10/21/2013 Registration for Spring semester: 11/13-12/13/2013 Withdrawal Deadline: 11/22/2013 Thanksgiving Break (no classes): 11/24-12/01/2013 Last Day of Classes: 12/06/2013

13 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) HOUSING Off-Campus Housing Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services 754 Ostrom Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244 or (315) 443-2343 On-Campus Housing: Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services Steele Hall #206 or (315) 443-2721 Office of Residence Life 111 Waverly Ave. Suite 200 or (315) 443-3637

14 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) BANKING Banks located near campus: JP Morgan Chase, First Niagara, Bank of America, etc. To open an account, bring passport and other immigration documents. You may want to bring your official SUID card. Banks may have other requirements as well and they vary by bank. Some of these requirements may include: a letter from the Slutzker Center that you are an international student on campus or proof of address.

15 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) CELLPHONE Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, etc. Some of the phone companies will have representatives attend the orientation. You can bring your passport and I- 20 to open an account or purchase a new cellphone directly from them. You may also want to bring a valid SUID card to enjoy a student discount. Discounts may vary by server.

16 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) DRIVING You may drive legally in New York if you have: 1) Valid foreign driver’s license from your country, and 2) A certified translation of your license or a valid International Driving Permit (issued for 1 year only) in your possession while you drive. If you do not have a driver license and/or would like to apply for a New York State license, you may check New York State Department of Motor Vehicle website Syracuse DMV address: 4671 Onondaga Blvd. Western Lights Plaza, Syracuse, NY 13219

17 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) ON - CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT If interested in working on campus, SU students must attend an On-Campus Employment Seminar at the Slutzker Center: Tues 2 p.m. & Fri 9:30 a.m. TAs, RAs, and GAs are exempt from the Seminar but must complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Process with Human Resources. Please bring your assistantship letter, I-20, passport, visa, and I-94 card in order to complete I-9 paperwork

18 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) GETTING AROUND Syracuse University Campus Campus map @ Campus bus information @ Connective corridor @ Syracuse NY Centro bus information @

19 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) G ET I NVOLVED ! Visit the Office of Student Activities Online Find information on: How to join the Student Association (SA) How to get involved with the University Union (UU) Which fraternities and sororities you can join Where you can participate in recreational activities Student Centers and Programming Services The Division of Student Affairs

20 L IFE IN S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY ( CONT.) A CTIVITIES AT THE S LUTZKER C ENTER Please Join us for fun and socializing! Target Bus: 9PM-11:30PM, Sunday, September 1 st @ Schine Student Center We encourage you to get involved with: Mix It Up The Connections Program Our English Conversation Group The Orange Dialogue for Peace Phi Beta Delta Our Club Francophonie International Education Week Our Summer Picnic

21 O RIENTATION R EMINDER Graduate Students Orientation: Friday, August 16 th, 12PM @ Goldstein Auditorium Undergraduate Students Orientation: Session I: Sunday, August 18 th -Monday, August 19 th ; Session II: Tuesday, August 20 th -Wednesday, August 21 st.


23 U NDERGRAD O RIENTATION T EAMS According to an email sent out to you previously, you are assigned to one of the four teams - Session I, first group: Team Orange Session I, second group: Team Yellow Session II, first group: Team Blue Session II, second group: Team Green



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