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9 th Grade Parent Night. Tonight’s Program  Two fold:  Informational (here, for 30 minutes)  Meet the counselors (break out rooms for 30 minutes)

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1 9 th Grade Parent Night

2 Tonight’s Program  Two fold:  Informational (here, for 30 minutes)  Meet the counselors (break out rooms for 30 minutes)

3 Madison High School Counseling Department  Director of Guidance: Brett Levine  Counselors: Nancy O’Brien, Phyllis Levy, Sarah Mazak and Brooke Mascia  Administrative Assistants: Carolyn White, Clare McAloon

4 Mission Statement The mission of the Madison School District Counseling Department is to encourage and prepare all students to be of upstanding character, perform at their highest academic level, and become responsible members of society.

5 What I am going to cover (posted on ppt)  School policies (attendance, grading, athletic eligibility)  Communication  Scheduling for next year  School’s philosophy on engagement  Testing  College planning timeline  Upcoming Guidance events (College Planning)  Summer plans  Misc/Closing thoughts

6 What the counselors are going to cover  Introduce themselves  How to get in touch with them  School Resources  Guidance contacts with 9 th graders  How to get extra help

7 School Policies (Refer to handbook)  Attendance  Possible loss of credit if you have 9 or 18 absences (1/2 year or full year course respectively). Review attendance policy on line. We work with you.

8 School Policies  Grading  In Handbook  Grading System: Weighted 4.3 scale  High Honor Roll/Honor Roll  National Honor Society  Pass/Fail  Report cards visible on parent portal

9 Athletic Eligibility/ NCAA  For Fall/Winter sports AE is based on previous year’s credits. (Earned 30 or more)  All freshmen are eligible for fall and winter.  For Spring, based on first semester (on pace to pass 30 credits for the year)  Rarely ever a problem  See me, personally, regarding NCAA eligibility

10 Communication  Honeywell (in summer packet)  Parent Portal  School wires e-mails (in summer packet)  Twitter/ Facebook (on MHS home page)  Guidance e-alerts.  Register on guidance web site. Guidance related news.

11 Scheduling for 10 th Grade year  Course recommendation day (Early Feb)  Courses entered in the system (Mid Feb-Mid March)  Scheduling conferences (Late March)  Schedules developed (Spring)  Students receive schedules (Late May –Early June)

12 Notes on scheduling process  Concerns about schedules or course recommendations should be addressed early on in the process with the teacher.  Our goal is to find the right balance for students.  Override with caution.  AP courses, required to take and pay for the exam  Schedules are individually created.  Summer work

13 Engagement  There are a variety ways in which students can feel connected to the school and peers. This is a school where we want all students to be involved and recognized.

14 Testing  9 th Grade  Spring PARCC (When? Graduation Implications?)  10 th Grade  PSAT  Spring PARCC

15 College planning timeline  9 th and 10 th grade: Parents welcome to attend evening programs.  10 th Grade: Students get log on info to family connections  10 th Grade Parent Night  11 th Grade (Winter) Formal beginning of process.

16 Some upcoming programs of interest. Mon, Oct 27 Conversations with Counselors: Topic – Transition Tips for 9 th Grade Parents 5:00-6:30pm - Media Center Tues, Dec 16 Conversations with Counselors: Topic – Understanding PSAT Results and Next Steps 5:00-6:30pm – Media Center Thurs, Jan 8Financial Aid Night 7:00-9:00pm – Auditorium Weds, Feb 18 Conversations with Counselors: Topic – College Admissions for First Timers 5:00-6:30pm – Media Center Mon, Mar 16Conversations with Counselors: Topic – Understanding Family Connection 5:00-6:30pm – Media Center Mon, April 13Conversations with Counselors: Topic – Topics in Selective College Admissions7:00-8:30pm – Media Center (Welcome to attend any other evening programs)

17 Summer  Summer enrichment programs=college acceptances=myth (some exceptions)  Summer assignments..know them…being reviewed.  If you are doing any sort of summer school for credit or advancement, check with us first. Must have permission

18 Closing(miscellaneous)thoughts  Announcements on web site  Digital footprint  Selective service at age 18  Keep us in the loop

19 Where do I go? Last NameCounselor Room A – Dig Ms. Nancy O’BrienCafeteria Dil – Jai Mrs. Phyllis Levy Auditorium Jar – Kra Mr. Brett LevineB-13 Laf – QuiMs. Sarah MazakG-53 Rals – Zz Ms. Brooke MasciaMedia Center

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