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Inman M.S. Parent Meeting Dec. 17 th - Future Direction for Grady H.S.

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1 Inman M.S. Parent Meeting Dec. 17 th - Future Direction for Grady H.S.

2 Grady Team in attendance Ms. Carrie MacBrien – C & J Pathway Leader Dr. Shaketha Blankenship – Head Counselor

3 A little about me… Family. Education as career later in life. 5 years as H.S. ELA teacher. 7.5 years as Middle School Administrator. AMS twice named Title I Distinguished School during tenure as Principal. Title 1 Reward School for High Progress in 2013 & 2014. CCPS 2013 Principal of the Year. Entry plan.

4 “I think one of the keys to leadership is recognizing that everybody has gifts and talents. A good leader will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.” - Benjamin Carson

5 Future Goals for Grady High

6 Academic Goals  Balanced Literacy plan to help address reading, writing, & vocabulary shortcomings. Instruction aligned w/ Common Core requiring students to build academic vocabulary, write constructed responses, etc.  Numeracy Plan including vertical planning to increase outcomes in Math (all areas).  Use data and align instruction and assessment with standards to increase achievement in Science, S.S., and reduce SWD achievement gap.  Focus on “whole child” through Arts, Technology, and elective options.  Maximize learning/credit recovery options during the day to increase grad. rate for all students and subgroups

7 Professional Learning Communities Individual success is not enough because “together we are Grady.” Ensuring that all students learn. Build a culture of collaboration. Focus on results as measured through formative and summative data. PLC’s are based upon the concept that the knowledge is in the building; if we truly collaborate, we can leverage that knowledge to improve teaching and learning. Significant research points to a culture of collaboration as the single greatest factor in increasing teacher effectiveness and improving student achievement for all.

8 Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Goals Continue to support and encourage all of the many programs/teachers/extra-curricular activities that are working at Grady:  The Southerner and other outstanding publications.  GNN.  G3 Robotics Club.  Dual Enrollment and “Move on When Ready” options.  Grady Jesters Debate Team.  Numerous Athletic programs.  Theater program, Visual Arts, Orchestra, Band, and Chorus.  Latin Club.  Mock Trial, FBLA, etc.  Could keep going etc., etc.

9 Pathways/Elective Options “Students first” approach to Pathway selection – open up additional Pathway options. Fine Arts Pathway, World Languages Pathway, and Advanced Academic Content Pathway to be offered. By providing additional Pathway options, we increase the likelihood of student engagement/building hope, which are critical social/emotional components of academic success. See link for CCRPI # 9 information. CCRPI Pathway Guidance.pdf

10 New Operational Structure New Operational Structure by Grade Level rather than Pathway. 9 th Grade Academy, 10 th Grade Academy, 11 th Grade Academy, and 12 th Grade Academy. New Operational structure would have all “Academy Leaders” and Counselors work with students from all backgrounds/Pathways. This Operational Structure will help ensure more equitable outcomes and opportunities toward “one Grady High School.”

11 Cluster Planning Review data from Cluster Planning community surveys and Inman/Grady student surveys to gather information regarding Signature themes and program offerings. Work with Cluster feeder schools with an advanced timeline for parent notification of Pathway options/9 th grade information. More frequent parent meetings coordinated with Inman starting in December regarding 9 th grade transition, potential Pathway and academic options. Continued monthly planning w/ Grady cluster Principals and stakeholders to forge K-12 excellence in the cluster.

12 Long Term Goals Grady as a school that provides positive outcomes for all students. Through Cluster planning, vertical articulation, and stakeholder involvement, build a K-12 cluster with all parties working together toward college and career readiness. Grady High School will be the premiere public high school in the state of Georgia.

13 Collective Commitment to Student Success “Healthy school cultures develop a collective commitment to student success. How do they accomplish this? They are courageous enough to recognize the profundity of their personal differences, but they accept that these differences are not as important as meeting the educational needs of their students.” - Anthony Muhammad

14 Transition-in Activities Mark your calendars! Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 9:30-11 am: 8th Graders Visit Grady Vincent D. Murray Auditorium, Grady  Students invited to attend as part of a visit coordinated through their middle schools. Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 6:30-8 pm: Rising Ninth Grade Night Vincent D. Murray Auditorium, Grady  Parents and students invited.

15 Pathway Selection Timeline Thursday, February 26, 2015:  Inman and APS charter schools distribute pathway selection forms to 8th graders Thursday, March 12, 2015, 4:15 pm:  Pathway selection forms due to homeroom teachers/counselor. No forms will be collected after this date.

16 Grady STUDENT-LED Campus Tours Saturday, 4/18/15, 10-11:30 am Tuesday, 4/21/15, 5-6:30 pm Saturday, 5/2/15, 10-11:30 am** **To make a reservation for a tour, please send an email to or call the College and Career Connections Center (CCC) at 404-802-3049 between the hours of 10am-3:45pm

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