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CONGRATULATIONS Thank you for coming… GRADUATES!!!!

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1 CONGRATULATIONS Thank you for coming… GRADUATES!!!!

2 NO NEED TO TAKE NOTES: This presentation will be available on the CTC website at: Go to: ENROLLMENT Registrar’ Office Graduation Information It will be viewable the morning following the last meeting.

3 GRADUATION TEAM Ms. Laura King Ms. Amanda Thompson Dr. Tyra Wingo – Associate Registrar Question: who has NOT filled out the Petition to Graduate?????

4 IMPORTANT POINTS  Attendance at this meeting does not grant you permission to graduate.  Graduates must submit a Petition to Graduate and pay the one time $35.00 commencement participation fee, which is non-refundable.  The commencement fee must be paid in full to the CTC Bursar’s Office within 7 days of today.  If the commencement fee is not paid by the deadline, a hold will be placed on your student record preventing any activity on your account.  If you have paid your commencement fee and decide not to participate in the ceremony, the graduation fee is still non-refundable.

5 is the official Graduation Headquarters!!!  Regalia (cap, gown and tassel) may be ordered from the CTC Bookstore for $35 plus tax. Order form & fee are due by May 2 nd.  If submitted after May 2 nd, there will be a $20.00 late fee. ($55.00 total)  If the regalia package is not requested by May 2 nd ; there is no guarantee of acquiring your regalia in time for the ceremony.  Beginning May 28 th, regalia packages will be available at the campus bookstore where the order form was submitted. (Marietta, NM or Canton campuses only)  All campus bookstores will be closed on the day of the commencement.  Campus bookstore hours: Mon – Thursday, 8am – 6pm & Friday, 8am – 12pm.

6 REGALIA  Please make sure to have a complete regalia set (cap, gown, & tassel). If the regalia set is incomplete, notify the campus bookstore before the day of the ceremony.  Regalia will not be available for purchase at the ceremony venue.  Prior to the day of commencement, ensure the gown fits appropriately.  Gowns should be steam pressed.  If you already have black regalia, it is not necessary to purchase a new set. The campus bookstore will sell the CTC tassel as a separate item.  For regalia questions, please email:

7 GRADUATION GIFTS Graduation supplies can be found at: Neebo will have a display, in the lobby area at the Cobb Energy Centre, some items to purchase include:  CTC rings  Diploma frames  Plaques

8 COMMENCEMENT DAY Tuesday June 3, 2014 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339 Take Exit 258/Cumberland Boulevard off I-75. Go west on Cumberland Boulevard and take a right on Cobb Galleria Parkway. The Centre is at the intersection of Cobb Galleria Parkway & Akers Mill Road. Parking is FREE !!!!

9 COMMENCEMENT DAY Arrival time…  All graduates must meet in the ballroom at 11:00 a.m. Late arrivals…  Depending on the lateness of arrival, graduates may be turned away and asked to walk in the Spring 2015 commencement ceremony.  If permitted to walk, late arrivals will be placed at the end of the processional. Upon arrival… Primary entrance doors will be on your right.  Follow the signs to the ballroom area.  Check in at the tables according to your last name. (A – F, G – L, M – R, & S – Z)  Proceed to the ballroom.

10 COMMENCEMENT DAY In the ballroom, proceed to the sign that matches the color coded card you received at check-in.

11 COMMENCEMENT DAY  Graduates will be lined up in rows according to the highest award received; not alphabetical  Each row will be led by a marshal wearing a gold sash for easier identification.  The marshal will be your guide for the ceremony.  During the ceremony, your tassel is on the RIGHT and moved to the LEFT once conferred; nothing else can be worn other than the Regalia, cap and school awarded cords

12 COMMENCEMENT DAY  Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking and standing for long periods of time. High-heeled shoes are discouraged.  Leave purses, coats, and other belongings with your family members. It doesn’t present a professional image to carry these items during the processional.  During the processional, remain in a single line and avoid gaps in the line.  As you enter the auditorium, be sure to follow the person in front of you so that you don’t end up in the wrong line.

13 COMMENCEMENT DAY  As you are directed into your row of seats, please be sure to fill all seats. Vacant seats in a row could mean that some students will not have a place to sit.  Remain standing in front of your seat during the entire processional. Do not stand in the aisles.  Pick a place to meet your family and friends once the ceremony is completed.  As you celebrate this exciting day, please be respectful of those around you and the fact that this is a formal academic ceremony. Beach balls, air horns, and other similar distractions are inappropriate.  Childcare facilities are not provided.

14 SEATING  The number of guests is not limited.  Saving seats for guests is not encouraged. CTC personnel will seat guests in all remaining available seats starting at 12:40 pm. There will no seating in the auditorium after 12:50 pm.  Seating for special needs guests is limited. Guests requiring ADA seating should arrive early.  Graduates needing special accommodations should note the need on the back of the yellow information card. Cobb County Fire Code:  All guests MUST stay seated during the ceremony and may not stand in the aisles to take pictures.

15 SEATING  The commencement ceremony will begin promptly at 1:00 p.m. Guests will not be permitted to enter the auditorium during the processional.  Guests need to remain seated during the processional and recessional.  The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours.

16 DIPLOMAS  Actual diplomas will not be received at the ceremony.  Participation in the ceremony does not imply nor guarantee completion of diploma/degree. All program requirements must be satisfied.  Upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements, diplomas will be mailed to your address listed in BannerWeb in about 2-4 weeks following the end of your final term. Please make sure this is correct.

17 INFORMATION CARD On your GREEN information card….  Print your name as you would like it read during the ceremony.  List the following information:  Student identification number.  Name of the program of the highest degree level attained.  Telephone number where you can be reached in case of emergency.  Include any special accommodation needs on the back of the card.  Be sure to leave it with us tonight.

18 HONOR GRADUATES During the ceremony, honor graduates will be recognized. Honor graduates are defined as having a 4.0 cumulative overall GPA. The cumulative GPA includes all courses taken at CTC and not only those courses within your program of study. Only students receiving diploma and associate degree level awards are eligible for honor graduate recognition. For those earning the National Vocational Honor Society; get your cord from Mr. George Austin.s

19 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Located on the CTC website at:  Graduation ceremony video order forms… Only $20  Regalia order forms  Career Services information  Cobb County special deals for graduates

20 QUESTIONS AFTER Questions now…  The day of the ceremony is not the time to discuss ANY graduation concerns. Please take care of any questions/concerns prior to graduation day. Questions after this meeting:  Specific questions should be directed to: and include:  Name  Student Identification Number  Which meeting location you attended; Marietta, NM, or Canton. THIS MEETING

21 Congratulations on your accomplishment and best wishes as you begin a new, exciting chapter of your life! See you on Tuesday, June 3 rd at 11:00am.

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