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Source: 18 JUNE 2014

2 NAS Pensacola - “The Cradle of Naval Aviation”
Aviation Preflight Indoctrination The start for all Pilots and NFOs USN, USMC, USCG, International 18 JUNE 2014

3 Flight Management Office Hours Phone Numbers
Phone Numbers (850) (850) (850) Uniform of the day must be worn to conduct business in Bldg. 633 18 JUNE 2014

4 Chain of Command Bring your problems to the LOWEST level.
Must communicate with your chain so we can properly address your issues! Do NOT violate your Chain of Command 18 JUNE 2014

5 ZERO TOLERANCE Unauthorized Absentees Attitude problems
All students will be held accountable, and dealt with fairly and firmly. Drinking and driving Speeding May lose driving privileges on the Base! Violating Chain-of-Command 18 JUNE 2014

6 Ensure that YOU are ready!!
A-Pool Administrative process for API NOMI Physical Mock PRT Height/Weight Standards DIVOLC, 5 Days IFS, Approx. 35 Days Source: Ensure that YOU are ready!! 18 JUNE 2014

7 A-Pool Daily Muster 0700 EVERY WORKDAY Inspection ready
Muster in Bldg Auditorium EVERYONE in “A” Pool must attend. 18 JUNE 2014

8 Standards for 20-24 year olds
PRT Screen Standards for year olds Source: 18 JUNE 2014 In accordance with – OPNAVINST H

9 Weight Restrictions Maximum Allowable Weight in Naval Aviation is 231 pounds. <103 lbs or >231 lbs may preclude students from flying in ejection seat aircraft. Anthro Homepage Per OPNAVINST A 18 JUNE 2014

10 Introductory Flight Screening (IFS)
5 FAA Approved Part 141 Flight Schools Approx. 15 flight hours: (USN/USMC) 10 flights w/ 1 solo One stage check FAA Written Exam and 4 academic ground school exams IFS Website Per CNATRA INST C 18 JUNE 2014

11 International Military Training (IMT)
The IMT Office supports international flight student officers from around the world attending the Advanced Flight Program IMT Webpage 18 JUNE 2014

12 Living in Pensacola On Base Off Base NAS Whiting Field Check into BOQ
Non availability slip from BOQ BAH Request Renting - FL law mandates a military clause in lease agreements NAS Whiting Field NAS Pensacola Radius ~ 30min Drive NAS Pensacola Homepage NAS P’Cola to NAS Whiting ~ 1 hr 18 JUNE 2014

13 Living In Pensacola (cont.)
BAH - Housing O-1 for Pensacola, FL No dependents - $1,065 per month w/ dependents - $1,140 per month BAS - Subsistence $ per month *Figures based on 2014 18 JUNE 2014

14 API and Beyond CNATRA Website Source:
CNATRA Website 18 JUNE 2014

15 API Start Dates Start dates vary based on the completion of:
NOMI physical Introductory Flight Screening (IFS) Division Officer Leadership Class (DIVOLC) TRAWING student loading Anywhere from (8 – 16 Weeks) after check-in. 18 JUNE 2014

16 Academics Instructional Hours Aerodynamics - 23 hrs Weather - 13 hrs
Engines - 12 hrs Navigation - 17 hrs FR&R - 7 hrs API Course Guides Website 18 JUNE 2014

17 Academic Performance Standards
100% Distinguished 98% CAPT’s List 90-93% Average 80-84% Marginal <80% Failure NSS is a moving average based upon the previous 300 students. 18 JUNE 2014

18 Last 2 Weeks of API Land Survival Altitude Chamber Parachute Drag
Helo Dunker Bay Operations 18 JUNE 2014

19 Attrition Attrites consist of Academic, Physical Fitness failures, DOR, NPQ, or could be of an administrative nature. All attrites and medically disqualified students will be transferred to Redesignation Division. 18 JUNE 2014

20 What’s Next??? What’s Next?
Source: 18 JUNE 2014

21 Wing Assignment Follow on orders Wing previously assigned or…
Assigned by Flight Management Officer when classed up Location of TRAWING not guaranteed 18 JUNE 2014

22 Primary Flight Training
Naval Aviator NAS Whiting Field, Milton, FL - TW-5 T-6B NAS Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, - TW-4 T-34C & T-6B Naval Flight Officer/Navigator NAS Pensacola, Pensacola, FL - TW-6 T-6A Source: 18 JUNE 2014

23 Any Questions? Naval Aviation Schools Command Quarterdeck:
Command Website 18 JUNE 2014


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