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Kendall Cares Clinic 2012 New Guest Advocates. Brief History  In April 2009, over 50 caring individuals, many from the different faith communities, county.

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1 Kendall Cares Clinic 2012 New Guest Advocates

2 Brief History  In April 2009, over 50 caring individuals, many from the different faith communities, county agencies, and area schools, came together to talk about needs in the County.  The 1 st Kendall Cares Clinic was held in May 2010 and served 374 guests, with 316 guest served in 2011

3 Kendall Care Clinic Goals 1. To do our best to meet some of the actual physical and spiritual needs of the people in the community around us. 2. Build a bridge for the communication of the gospel, as appropriate. 3. Prioritize their needs. 4. You are the eyes and ears of the guest.

4 Overview of the Advocate Role Clinic Details Q & A Desired Outcome: ◦ Helping you be comfortable and confident in your role as an ADVOCATE!

5  Someone called to speak or act in favor of something or someone else. Ironically, our role as Advocates is two-fold… 1.To speak or act in favor of the clinic guest, in favor of their physical and spiritual well-being. 2.To speak or act in favor of Jesus Christ. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Essentially, everyone is an Advocate.

6  Help your guest(s): 1. Navigate the services in the clinic (The first touch) 2.Be a friend, companion, and witness to what Jesus has done in your life (The second touch).

7 Why are we doing this?  We are reflecting the love of Jesus Be real:  This is not a bait and switch  This is not a membership drive

8  Our hope is that every guest, at the end of the day will walk away saying… …as a result of having spent time with us.

9 Identifying Bilingual Volunteers  All bilingual volunteers will be identified with a green wristband



12 April 28th – Plano High School All volunteers arrive between 7:15 and 8:15am Doors will open to guests at 9:15 - Your commitment is to stay until 2:00pm. There will be no onsite volunteer parking at Plano High School. Please park at: Plano Molding, 431 E South St. First Lutheran Church, 200 N. Center St. All volunteers will be shuttled.

13 Kick-Off Prayer blessing and sending (8:30 gym). Lunch will be available for all volunteers. Please wear capris, jeans or dark slacks with your Kendall Cares shirt and comfortable shoes! There will be no place for you to store any valuable items, so please leave them at home. Normally there is no cell service in the school. Security will be provided by Plano police officers.

14  Enter through Volunteer Registration Door #25  Volunteer will: ◦ Enter appropriate alphabetical line ◦ There is a volunteer liability form online, please bring that with you, otherwise, you will be asked to sign one at check-in. ◦ Be directed to Advocate waiting area and advised to be in the auditorium for welcome and opening prayer at 8:30

15  Purple Shirts – Plano High School Staff ◦ They will be able to provide you with directions  Royal Blue Hats – Clinic Area Leader ◦ They will be able to provide you with assistance in their area and can answer your questions

16  Guests will funnel through three separate registration areas…. ◦ English only, Bilingual, and Spanish only  Volunteers will fill out the name and address info on the Guest Registration Form  Guest nametags will be provided with their guest number printed on the tag.

17 Advocates will… ◦ Have registration form and a map on their clipboard. ◦ Greet guests and prioritize their needs. Proceed to the appointment scheduling area to schedule professional services first. ◦ Get acquainted with guests. ◦ Complete the remainder of the registration form and proceed.

18 Advocates will… ◦ Remain in the auditorium following the opening, ready to meet their guest. ◦ Be assigned on an as-needed basis as guests filter in and are ready to begin their day. ◦ Get to know their guests in the Meet and Greet Area and prioritize their needs. ◦ FYI – There is a break room for volunteers at the northeast corner of the cafeteria.

19 Healthcare Services  All healthcare services will be contained within the large gymnasium.  Every guest is entitled to unlimited number of healthcare services  All healthcare services are by appointment only. To schedule, go to the Healthcare & Hair Appointment table near the Guest Meet & Greet Center.  Area gatekeepers (royal blue hats) will be directing traffic and answering questions in the gymnasium.

20  Sign a copy of the Good Samaritan Act.  A volunteer in the area take your guest’s color coded appointment card.  Proceed to desired healthcare gym - vision, dental, chiropractic, medical, and hearing - and sign in for services.  Complete healthcare history. One form per healthcare service. One side will be English and the other side will be Spanish.

21  Families, along with their advocate, must remain together at all times. (except for privacy) There will be children’s activities throughout the building, but parents and children must stay together. There is no babysitting or separation.  If the healthcare needs of the family are too great, advocate should ask for assistance at the guest registration desk.  After healthcare services are complete, the gatekeeper will direct you to the area where future appointments can be made if needed.  When finished, the healthcare gatekeepers at the exit will sort through paperwork to ensure important documents remain. ◦ Guests will be given copies of some papers and are entitled to copies of all forms if desired.

22  Blood pressure check  Blood sugar check – fasting preferable  Diabetes education  Free First Aid items  Future medical & dental care (free and reduced cost medical services available ONLY after healthcare screening)  Preventative health information

23 Salon/Spa Services  Haircuts, nails, and make-up ◦ Services available to men, women and children ◦ Sign up sheet at Healthcare and Hair appointment desk – appointment for haircut ONLY. ◦ Guests will be given their color coded appointment card

24  Let your Guest SHOP until they DROP!  Have fun!  Assist guest in picking out clothes if they need a little encouragement!  Use this area as a browsing area between appointments in the medical and other services area.  Clothing will be bagged after they pick it out. Volunteers will take it to Exit Area for pickup.  Make sure your guests pick up their bags of clothing before leaving. It will be marked with their number and not their name.

25 New! Personal Care Items  The shopping area in the small gym will also include a variety of personal care items  Encourage your guest to select items they will use in their households

26  The children’s areas are for guests’ children  The children’s areas are not drop-offs!  Children should be in view of the parents or the Advocate at all times!  Please make sure the children leave the toys and crayons for others to enjoy.

27 Lunch in the Cafe  Enjoy a hot lunch with your guest. This is a great opportunity to get to know them better and encourage conversation  Lunch will be served beginning at 11:00 a.m.  Be sure to check out the information tables in the Cafeteria – your guest may find some valuable information at the various tables.

28 Community Services (tables in the Cafeteria)  Kendall County Food Pantry  Kendall County Health Department  Kendall County Resources  PADS  Family Focus  Senior Services  Hardest Hit Fund  JFON – Justice for our Neighbors  BMO Harris Bank  Kendall Area Transit (KAT)  (others may be added after this created)

29 Health Resources (in the Medical Gym)  Rush-Copley Medical Center  Valley West Hospital – Sandwich  Aunt Martha’s Healthcare Services  VNA of Fox Valley  Mutual Ground  Pregnancy Information Center  Al-Anon  (others may be added after this created)

30 Legal Services ◦ Credit Repair Information ◦ Healthcare Power of Attorney ◦ Living Wills ◦ Estate Planning/Guardianship ◦ Foreclosure ◦ Bankruptcy  Advocate should be sensitive to the need for their guest’s privacy  No appointment is necessary

31 Children’s Books  Be sure to take your guest(s) to the Children’s Book area and let them shop!  Books have been donated from the Hunt Club Elementary School in Oswego, the Club 56 Youth Group at Cross Lutheran Church, and area individuals

32  Available on first come, first served basis. No appointment needed.  We are estimating 10 minutes max. per family for the photo taking process.  Photos will be available for pick up in the photo area – check on wait time for completed package.

33  All guests will leave with a bag of groceries that is appropriate for the size of their family!  Advocate – please do not forget to stop at the Food Pantry for your guest’s food.

34  Graphic on top right half of blank registration form  If the Advocate shares their journey or the gospel message with the guest, turn the symbol into a cross.  If the guest expresses non-interest to hear the gospel, put a large X through the box.  If the guest comes to faith in Christ anytime during the day, cross the cross and decorate it with hearts, flowers and balloons!

35  How do we ensure that someone who walked in the door to see a doctor or get a free haircut, not only gets that need met, but also walks out with the sense of having seen and been with Jesus?

36  Trust God for the harvest.  Follow the leading of the Spirit on the day of the clinic and be courageous and obedient to take a tiny or a giant step out of your comfort zone.  Pray for God to prepare the hearts of those we will serve that day.

37 The Advocate’s Prayer: -Father in heaven, thank You for Your kindness which leads people to repentance. -Help me display Your character of love and goodness so that others will turn to You. -Thank You for choosing to use me as an Advocate for the Clinic. -Father God, please give me confidence to build relationships and just be myself…knowing that you will guide me to say and do those things that will make a difference in the lives of the guests. -In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen

38  Gospel of John (English)  Misc. Gospel Tracts (Sp & Eng)  4-6 Prayer request boxes for specific prayer needs  Church information tables are at the exit.

39 Prayer Chapel  There is a Prayer Chapel onsite that will be staff all day with area Pastors and/or Stephen Ministers that are prepared to offer spiritual support and prayer.  There will also be yellow prayer boxes throughout the clinic where your guest can fill out a prayer request and insert it into the box.

40  When the exit team becomes aware of a guest’s desire to connect with a local church and/or they made a commitment of faith, direct them to the “Local Church Connections” table. Guests will self select any materials.

41  There will be a short survey for the guest to fill out – 1 per family is fine.  Exit team member will review all paperwork and offer prayer support if desired.  All paperwork & clipboards will be left at the Exit area (except for guests’ copies from medical area).  Guests exit through West doorways by the Food Pantry with Advocate. Advocate will assist guest to their vehicle.

42 Summary of Your Day  Park your car at Plano Molding on Hwy 34 across from the Department of Motor Vehicles and a shuttle bus will bring you to Entrance #25  Check in at the Volunteer Registration desk – bring your waiver or sign at desk  Proceed to the Auditorium by 8:30 for welcome and opening prayer  Remain in the Auditorium until you are called to meet your guest

43 Summary (cont’d)  Assist the guest in prioritizing their day. Get an appointment if they desire anything in the medical gym or desire a haircut  Begin exploring the opportunities offered, keeping in mind any appointment times  Be sure to enjoy a lunch with your guest and check out the information tables in the Cafeteria  Encourage them to utilize the Chapel and/or prayer boxes

44 Summary (cont’d)  Once your guest has finished their day, gather any clothing, food bag(s) and proceed to the Exit Station where you will turn in all paperwork (except guest copies of medical)  Help your guest to their auto, if appropriate  If you are still able to volunteer, go back to the Auditorium to see if there are any guests waiting for an Advocate  When you are finished for the day, go back to Entrance #25 and a bus will take you back to your car.  Thank you for your time!!!!!!

45 “Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." Mark 9:35 Pray that God will give you peace and confidence to be the heart, hands and voice of Jesus at the clinic.

46 Friday Night Set Up! 3:00 until we are done!!!!!

47 If you desire additional Advocate training, not covered in this Power Point, please arrive by 7 a.m. on clinic day. Training will be available in the school auditorium.

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