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District 6 Competition Lakeland High School January 10, 2015.

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1 District 6 Competition Lakeland High School January 10, 2015

2  Meet in the building at the ATHLETIC ENTRANCE of the school NO LATER than 7:15 a.m.  Travel is by school bus ONLY  You will be assigned to a specific bus according to event.  The bus will leave Lakeland High School to return to NHS after the Awards Ceremony  Expected return to NHS—3:30  Make arrangements to return home from NHS Please have your personal transportation plans arranged prior to our return!

3 BOYS  Suit or sportcoat, dress shirt, and tie  Dress shoes  Dress socks that match your pants!  Clean shaven!  Hair combed

4  Gym shoes  White or low cut socks

5 GIRLS Suit, dress slacks, or skirt with dress blouse or sweater and blazer Nylons! Dress shoes (NO BOOTS!) Hair neatly combed Minimal, conservative make-up Minimal jewelry No flashy fingernail polish!

6  Anything low cut, skin tight, or revealing!  Shoes you are uncomfortable walking in  Heavy make-up  Flashy jewelry  Leggings!

7 ALL CLOTHING MUST BE NEAT AND IN GOOD REPAIR. Students violating any of these points will NOT be allowed to participate in the activity/conference without correcting the violation or being penalized on their judged event.

8 DO NOT take cell phones into the competition area! PENALTY POINTS = 20! If you bring your cell phone and would like to leave it with an advisor, please do so.

9  ALL school rules apply!  Remain appropriately attired from the time you get on the bus at NHS to the time you get off the bus at NHS  Language and demeanor is to be professional!  Appropriately network with students from other schools  When you are finished with your competition, return to the area designated the day of the competition and report to the Advisor! After reporting, you will receive a lunch ticket.  When the announcement is made to go to the Auditorium, stay together as a group and sit together!

10 Listen carefully to ALL instructions! DO NOT expect the instructions to be repeated because you weren’t listening! If you have a question, ask your event coordinator!

11  During the Awards Ceremony, NHS will sit together in the Auditorium.  Listen for your name and event at the Awards Ceremony. Names are often mispronounced so you may have to decipher what is said!

12  After the Awards Ceremony, stay in the Auditorium until one of the Advisors instructs you to leave.  We will return to the school via the same school bus we arrived in  You will ride home in the same bus with the same group as you arrived at the competition

13  We plan on returning to NHS at approximately 3:30.  Please have someone there at that time to pick you up and take you home!

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