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WELCOME TO NAI GOAL !. 9th Grade Students 10th Grade Students Anderson, Morgan - Garvey, Caleb - Miss Stackhouse Glasser, Hannah - Lu, Angela - Ms. Serdy.

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2 9th Grade Students 10th Grade Students Anderson, Morgan - Garvey, Caleb - Miss Stackhouse Glasser, Hannah - Lu, Angela - Ms. Serdy Lu- Steven - Rokh, Mona - Ms. Duschek Roseman, Bailey - Zabo, Brandon - Mrs. Focher Abbs, Michaela - Bello, Michael - Ms. Duschek Benson, Natalie - CHen, Rebecca - Mrs. Fochler Coltharpe, Chloe - McCaffrey, THomas - Ms. Serdy McGaw, ANthony - Ziegenfuss, Everett - Miss Stackhouse

3 Get ready for another exciting year in GOAL filled with numerous opportunities to explore, to investigate, to learn and to challenge yourself. We will have program opportunities available in in all disciplines that will allow you to demonstrate your intellect, to learn new things, to explore career fields and to participate in hands-on learning. Each month at our GOAL meeting your will learn about future activities and have an opportunity to register for programs at that time. …………………………………..Before we do that however, we must meet with each GOAL student and their parent and develop a GIEP plan for the year.

4 ~GIEPs ~ We will beginning our GIEP conferences next Thursday, September 11th. *IF* your GIEP is scheduled for the fall, your parents will receive an invitation to participate via email. Your parents can then share your GIEP meeting date and time with you. You will also receive a pass from your 1st period teacher with the date, time and location of the meeting. If you are Miss Stackhouse’s student, you will receive your pass to attend via your parents’ email. YOU should report to the auditorium foyer at the scheduled time. YOUR TEACHERS will already know about your attendance.

5 2014 – 2015 GOAL GIEP Appointment Form Please deliver this to: ___________________________________________________ It is time to review and rewrite your GIEP for the GOAL program. You are scheduled to meet in the Auditorium Foyer. Day/Date ___________________________________________________ Time/Period ___________________________________________ GOAL Teacher ________________________________________________ Please inform your classroom teacher of your scheduled appointment, get your assignments for the day and ask your teacher to sign in the space provided. ________________________________ Classroom Teacher Signature Then come to the __Auditorium Foyer_. If you need to reschedule your appointment, PLEASE see me ASAP to reschedule!!!!

6 REMIND All GOAL communications will be handled through REMIND and the NAI GOAL website this year. You may elect to receive your GOAL messages through either your own email, text or SMS message - your choice. There is even a free app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. EVERY GOAL STUDENT must subscribe to the NAI GOAL 14-15 at this time.

7 To Subscribe to REMIND: 1. Pull out your cell phone 2. Enter this number: (484) 577-8186 3. Text this message:@nai1415 4. You should receive a text message back that says, “You’ve been added to Ms. GOAL’s class” If you do not have a cell phone, you may also visit this link: You may also wish to download the Remind App from Google Play or the Apple App Store. And Wa La! You are a member of NAI’s GOAL class of 14-15!

8 GOAL ATTENDANCE SHEETS......... GOAL Meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month. You will submit an attendance form which goes home to your parents in a GOAL Semester Evaluation. The Attendance Form for this meeting is the Student Information Form. THANK YOU!!

9 All GOAL student information forms must be returned to the GOAL office by the end of the day on September 5, 2014 Please place in the box that will be provided outside of the GOAL office. Friday, September 8, 2014!

10 Fast GOAL Facts for Freshmen: Where are we located? At the back of the cafeteria. When do we meet? The last Wednesday of every month during homeroom in the auditorium Do we have classes? No. You DO have the opportunity to participate in a PLETHORA highly Individualized Options (IOs) How do I find out about IOs? ●Your monthly meetings ●The GOAL website - which will be updated soon ●The REMIND text message/app/email service ●The bulletin board in the GOAL office

11 ONCE OUR GIEPs are completed, GOAL will kick into HIGH GEAR and you’ll be able to enjoy many activities in the GOAL office. GIEP season will last until HALLOWEEN, so until that time, the GOAL office will be open for business related purposes.

12 !!!Coming Soon!!! Bring in a check for $15.75 made out to NAI GOAL and you will receive a permission slip with all of the important details. Space is limited, so act soon!


14 The NAI APP Think Tank is looking for a Few Good Minds. This is a serious time commitment, like, once a week for eternity of your high school career, but it is also a phenomenal opportunity to do something truly special during your time at NA. ●Please note, we can only accept 2-3 highly motivated and experienced 9th grade computer programmers at the beginning of this year. ●Meetings will most often be held after school. ●Students interested in programming who are not yet experienced programmers will be invited to attend during second semester. Applications will be available outside of the GOAL office starting Monday.

15 Your Mission............................... To build a machine that will transport an object!....... in 20 steps or more! ●Orientation session will take place at the Carnegie Science Center on Thursday, September 25th from 9:00 am until 11:30 am (you must provide your own transportation) ● 4 students per team ●Machine run time is a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of two minutes ●$100.00 or less on building materials ●Competition Date will be Friday, December 12, 2014 Registration deadline September 24, 2014. Please sign up in the GOAL office.

16 FAIRCHILD CHALLENGE Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens This competition appeals to all students innate sense of creativity and curiosity about the world around them and challenges students to learn, to investigate the thorniest environmental issues, to devise imaginative and effective responses to these issues and to take action to address them. High School students will compete in an environmental competition that raises awareness of nearby nature and environmental issues through a series of project- based activities. This year’s challenges range from the visual and literary arts to green cuisine and hands-on environmental action. Last year over 1300 students participated in this challenge and more than $4000 was awarded in cash prizes!! Help make a difference in the carbon footprint that you leave……………………..

17 The Fairchild Challenge is an on-going competition which runs from October through April. There will be a total of 6 challenges and an entry will be submitted monthly. The various challenges will require ●creative and critical thinking ●innovative thought ●problem solving ideas ●visual art ●public speaking ●teamwork and collaboration ●an interest in having fun! If you would like to become a involved in this activity and help to promote the environment …………….. Sign up in the GOAL office by September 26, 2014

18 Fairchild Challenge H.S. Challenges Maximum Points Maximum Number of Entries Due at Phipps by 5:00 p.m. 1. Reflective Essay: You, Unplugged 200 (100 points/entry) 2 essaysFriday, October 24 2. Photography: People and Edible Plants 200 (100 points/set) 2 photo essaysFriday, December 5 3. Art: Plants and their Pollinators (Global Challenge) 300 (100 points/entry) 3 drawingsFriday, January 16, 2015 4. Writing: Eco- Scientist/Superhero graphic novel 300 (150 points/entry) 2 books Friday, February 20 5.Research: Sustainable Pittsburgh 2001 multimedia presentationFriday, March 27 6. Environmental Action: Home, school or community 3001 project reportFriday, April 24 2014-2015 Challenge Categories

19 Jump in and join us during October!

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