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New Fairgrounds 2018 Presented 3/3/2015. Decision points for today 1.Board motion to continue current path for the Weseman Tract Fairgrounds development.

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1 New Fairgrounds 2018 Presented 3/3/2015

2 Decision points for today 1.Board motion to continue current path for the Weseman Tract Fairgrounds development. 2.Board motion to proceed with requesting applications for potential TDT projects.

3 Motions and Consensus from Dec 16, 2014 Motion - Expedite the rental agreement process and explore the use of private security for events. Motion – Use 2 cents to prepay Nations Park debt. Motion – Use $1.3 Million to renovate current auditorium. (With a review of the cost differential for a 15 year vs. 25 year roof) Motion – Present a plan for any available TDT funds for immediate use by interested parties to promote tourism. Motion - Reserve $1.6 Million to develop a business plan and design for new fairgrounds in conjunction with determining appropriate funding sources in addition to TDT. Consensus – Break ground for new fairgrounds on the Weseman tract by 2018.

4 Fairgrounds Team With the assistance of the Clerk’s office and the County Attorney, a staff team was built and sub-teams were formed to tackle each issue. Nations Park Refinance – OMB, Legal, VCB, and Clerk’s Office Tourism projects – Purchasing and VCB Current Auditorium Renovation – Facilities, Public Works, and Purchasing New Fairgrounds including Facilities Management Options – Facilities, Legal, VCB, Purchasing, OMB, Parks, Public Works and Assistant County Manager Rental Agreement Process – Parks, Legal, Risk Management, and Public Works, with participation from ACFR and ACSO.

5 Rental Agreement Process In a County owned facility, appropriate law enforcement is required based on the type of event. Fire/life safety required procedures are based on the type of event. ACSO does not provide security plans; but will assist a vendor with preparing them. Items considered for security and fire/life safety are based on factors, such as, use of food vendors, money handling, alcohol, stages, attendance and insurance needs identified during the pre-screening process. The Sheriff is not opposed to vendors augmenting ACSO Deputies with private security on site. With vendor cooperation, the application process can be shortened to as little as 2-4 weeks. Because of the variety of events, staff is not proposing a sliding scale on how long it will take to complete the rental process. To further shorten the application process, certain events could be approved by the Public Works Director.

6 Inflows and Outflows to Achieve 2018 Goal


8 Nation Park Refinance Concept approved by the Board on December 16, 2014. Approved by Board on February 24, 2015 meeting, through an amendment to the inter-local agreement with Newberry. Approximately $270,000 in TDT funds is used to pay for Accrued Principal, Interest & BoCC Closing Cost. Net interest savings to the County is $593,879. The Debt Service schedule is reduced from year 2025 to 2019 with a planned early payoff in 2018.

9 Auditorium Renovation Board approved in December 2014 to move forward. Funding is split $700,000 TDT and $600,000 from Capital Fund 342. $1,044,420 - Construction Estimate $ 98,700 - Architect Estimate $ 156,880 - Non-contract cost and bid allowance from estimate Guarantee differential cost for 25 year roof per manufacturer 27,000 square feet times $0.21 per foot = $5,670

10 Auditorium Renovation

11 New TDT Projects Based on the availability of resources after funding the Board motions and direction to Renovate the Existing Auditorium, Refinance Newberry’s Debt for Nations Park, Reserve Funds for the A&E and Design Development of a New Fairgrounds, and Break Ground in 2018… $1,000,000 is available for new projects Timeline: March 3: BOCC receives staff presentation and approves $1M amount for funding requests March 13: Opportunity advertised to Public for 4 weeks. April 8: Deadline for submittals from applicants. April 15: Plans meeting requirements given to Tourist Development for review. May 20: Scores and Ranking of projects approved by Tourist Development Council. June 9: Tourist Development Council recommendation presented to BoCC for approval. Post Award: Project to be vetted by a Feasibility Team to determine if project can be done as proposed. This will be done prior to entering into contract process. This is a potential action item for today.

12 Fairgrounds Business Plan Description Alachua County desires to have an area within its boundaries to facilitate the annual County Fair, but also to promote and encourage a wide variety of events that can occur throughout the year to bring visitors from outside the county for both day and multi-day events. A focus to expand the usability of the County’s traditional Fairgrounds is essential to its long-term sustainability. It is with this purpose that the future name of the new Fairgrounds is proposed to be: Alachua County Fairgrounds, Sports and Event Complex

13 Fairgrounds Business Plan Mission statement To provide world class, unique, and functional Fairgrounds in synergy with venues able to accommodate a diversity of agricultural, community-based and government-oriented type activities, which include civic, recreation, education, youth, sport, entertainment and business events for our local community and regional visitors with an appreciation for the history and culture of Alachua County.

14 Fairgrounds Business Plan Moving Forward Craft with a message that supports the Fairgrounds Description and Mission, in other words, we start with the goal in mind. How we get there is the question the respondents can answer. The options may include Public, Private Partnership “They” build and County takes over after fully depreciated “They” operate complex Contract with private company “We” build “They” operate Consultant “We” build “We” operate

15 Overview of New Fairgrounds Project Timeline Project Milestones

16 Alachua County Fairgrounds, Sports, and Event Complex Funding Possibilities Total funds required are unknown until a better scope of service is developed with a business plan and a more detailed design approved. A sample debt service schedule based on previous target cost will follow. Tourist Development Funds may be available for a portion of the development and construction cost. We are currently splitting TDT cost at 75% with a future reconciliation to be completed to ensure an appropriate use of funds. Public-Private Partnerships for construction and operations may be available, or sponsors and advertisers. Local Government Infrastructure Surtax Fee based model to offset operational and capital cost. General Fund via Sales Tax Pledge

17 Possible Debt Payment Schedule at 3.5%

18 Local Government Infrastructure Surtax F.S. §212.055(2)  The governing authority in each county may levy a discretionary sales surtax of 0.5 percent or 1 percent. The levy of the surtax shall be pursuant to ordinance enacted by a majority of the members of the county governing authority and approved by a majority of the electors of the county voting in a referendum on the surtax.  For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “infrastructure” means: … Any fixed capital expenditure or fixed capital outlay associated with the construction, reconstruction, or improvement of public facilities that have a life expectancy of 5 or more years and any related land acquisition, land improvement, design, and engineering costs.  Alachua Counties share of a ½ cent sales surtax for one year would exceed $10 Million.

19 Public-Private Partnerships F.S. §287.05712  County may enter into public-private partnerships (PPP) for qualifying projects. A qualifying project serves a public purpose and may include a recreational facility, sporting or cultural facility, or any other public facility or infrastructure used by the public or in support of an accepted public purpose or activity.  A PPP may be used to develop (plan design, finance, lease, acquire, install, construct or expand) new facilities or increase capacity to existing facilities.  County may receive unsolicited proposals or may solicit proposals for qualifying projects, and may enter into an agreement with a private entity, or a consortium of private entities, for the building, upgrading operating, ownership or financing of facilities, but the private entity must meet minimum standards contained in county guidelines for professional services and contracts for traditional procurement projects.  For a PPP to be approved: County must determine the project is in the public interest For a facility owned by the county or for which ownership will be conveyed to the county no later than the completion of the project or termination of the agreement and upon payment of amounts financed With adequate safeguards to ensure the county or private entity has opportunity to add capacity to the project or facilities serving a similar predominantly public purpose

20 Public-Private Partnerships F.S. §287.05712 Revenues are the income, earnings, user fees, lease payments, or other service payments relating to the development or operation of a qualifying project, including, but not limited to, money received as grants or otherwise from the Federal Government, a public entity, or an agency or instrumentality thereof in aid of the qualifying project. Fees may be charged by the private entity for use of all or a portion of a project, Lease payment may include building or land lease by public to private for use of project Any revenues must be regulated by the responsible public entity pursuant to the PPP agreement. A negotiated portion of revenues from fee-generating uses must be returned to the County over the life of the PPP. Financing for PPP project Private entity may utilize private-source funding between financing sources and the private entity County may lend funds to the private entity that constructs an approved project May use innovative finance techniques in association with a PPP including federal loans under Federal-Aid Highways (Title 23) and Transportation (Title 49), commercial bank loans, and hedges against inflation from commercial banks and other private sources. County my use its own capital or operating budget to support project. The budget may be from legally permissible funding sources, including proceeds of debt issuances. Powers and duties of private entity in PPP Develop or operate project in manner acceptable to county Maintain, or provide by contract for the maintenance or improvement of, the project, if required Cooperate with the county in making best efforts to establish interconnection between the project and any other facility or infrastructure as requested by the county Comply with the agreement and any lease or service contract

21 Decision points for today 1.Board motion to continue on current course of action with Fairgrounds development or provide desired change to path. 2.Board motion to approve the release of a procurement process to identify up to $1,000,000 from available TDT funds for current projects to be appropriated after the refinance of Nations Park debt and Board selection of projects.

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