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Mission Move 85% of your ACP calls on premise Goals Provide all the features needed to handle small/mid-size meetings Make join simpler and more.

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5 Mission Move 85% of your ACP calls on premise Goals Provide all the features needed to handle small/mid-size meetings Make join simpler and more reliable Provide a best in class UX on both the PSTN, Mobile and Client side Support larger meetings (up to 1000 users) Non Goals Move all meetings to ACP: large meetings which require operator assistance will remain on ACPs

6 85 % Reservation less calling, usually 25 or fewer participants, weekly staff, 1-2 hrs, usually w/web attached, intl. participation by company. 85%) Managed event and externally focused calls (IR) with transcription, high touch, max features, large audiences participants. Maybe quarterly. Web attached. Our target Will stay on ACPs Lync 2013 <10% Operator assisted calls with roll call, polling etc., participants. Biweekly/monthly, <10% of calls. Web attached.

7 P2P conversations Multiparty conversations, sharing content Meetings (by any name), interactive, training, collaboration Private Auditorium (All Hands) Public Auditorium (External, Marketing, eLearning) Managed events, virtual tradeshow 1-to-1Few-to-few (<25)Few-to-few (<250)One/few-to-many (250s-1000s) Controlled access One/few-to-many (10s-1000s) Open, registration based or controlled access One/few-to- many (10s- 1000s) Among internal or federated contacts Among internal or federated contacts Mix of internal/ external, anonymous attendees (no anonymous attendees) Internal audiences, authenticated attendees Mix of internal/ external, anonymous attendees Variable by event type Low MediumHigh Very high

8 Reduce costs through converged communications Reduce travel via A/V/W conferencingYes Reduce audio conferencing service chargesPartialYes Reduce PSTN calling charges via VoIPPartialYes Retire separate PBX systems (some or all)Yes Shared workplace, home and mobile communications support Partia l Yes 1 Except PSTN calling 2 With SharePoint on-premises Drive adoption through ease of use and Microsoft Office Instant messaging and presence in Office and SharePointYes Click to communicate, seamless escalationYes 1 Yes Ad hoc A/V/W conferencing (inter-organization)PartialYes Click to call via VoIPYes 1 Yes Skills-based people search in Lync clientYes 2 Deployment, migration, interoperability, extensibility Embed communications in LOB applicationsYes 3 Yes Embed communications in Server applications Yes Integration with on-premises room video systemsYes Integration of voice capabilitiesPartialYes Consolidate management of communications functionsPartialYes 3 client only Capability Lync Online Lync Server Reduce Travel Expenses 4 Improve End User Productivity Up to 30 min/day Complete Projects Faster By 10%-20% Shorten Sales Cycle Up to 20% Resolve customers Issues Faster Up to 50% Attract and Retain Employees Varies by customers Save 5%-30% Reduce Audio Conferencing Charges 4 Save 30%-95% Reduce Telephony Charges 4 Save 50%-70% Reduce Cost of Communications Systems 4 Save 40%-60% Lower Real Estate and Facilities Costs 4 Save 15%-30% Reduce IT Admin, Migration Costs 4 Varies by customers 4 savings amounts based on actual customers.


10 No more need for static routes Honors policy for organizer also when not enabled for enterprise voice Non-EV enabled organizer support Join directly from the Mobile Lync Client Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone support PSTN or VOIP Meeting Content for iPad support Mobile Client Support


12 Feature SetsOCS 2007 R2Lync Server 2010Lync Server 2013 Participant Passcode Leader Passcode (Corp User PIN) Music on Hold (not apply to corporate user) Multiple access numbers with multiple languages and Toll free support Entry/Exit Announcement (Tone only) (Tone or Name) Scheduled Meeting Reservation-less Meeting Mute/Un-mute Notification DTMF in-meeting controlx Announce late participants/Recorded name x Operator/Moderator Assisted Conference xxx Reference code (Billing)xxx Silent mode Partial (Live Meeting Console) Roll CallPartial (Roster)

13 Commands *1 - Automated help *3 - Private roll-call *6 - Mute/unmute self *7 - Lock/unlock (leaders only) *4 - Toggle silent mode (leaders only) *9 - Entry/exit announcements on/off (leaders only) *8 - Open lobby (leaders only) Admin customizable Each command can be configured as * / # Each command can be disabled (unset key mapping) End user discoverable Shown on the Dial-in Conferencing webpage Discoverable in conference by issuing help command

14 Entry/exit announcements with names Announcements are made when participants join & leave Batching reduces # of announcements Anonymous PSTN users record name Authenticated users’ names are announced by text-to-speech (TTS) Can skip name recording, join as “unknown participant” by pressing #

15 New default policy for PIN to never expire. Default on. Make join easier Dial in page is made more discoverable PowerShell scripts for admins to send mail to users whose PIN is about to expire Increase awareness

16 Dial-in experience Language is taken from the contact object IVR offers users the choice of languages found on the CO In meeting experience Personal announcements (played by PVA) In the language which the caller had at dial-in time Global announcements (CAS, GVA) Announcements are played to all users grouped by language Dial-out The person being dialed out to gets the language of the person dialing out If the language of the user can’t be matched, the closest language is used (ex: FR-CA -> FR-FR)


18 Front End Server Backend SQL DB Server Conferencing Database Focus Focus Factory Web Components (IIS) Join Launcher Lync Web Client Server Dial-in Conferencing Page IM Conferencing Server Web Conferencing Server App Sharing Conferencing Server AV MCU Machine Boundary Process BoundaryWeb ApplicationAudio Conferencing Conference Auto Attendant Conference Announcement Service Personal Virtual Assistant Group Virtual Assistant

19 Handles the IVR for the user join flow Joins the user to the conference Plays music if conference hasn’t been activated Conferencing Auto Attendant (CAA) Handles prompts played only to a user in their language (you have been muted/unmuted, help, lobby notifications, roll call) Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA) Handles prompts played to ALL users in the conference in their language (Entry/Exit Announcements) Group Virtual Assistant (GVA)

20 Voice Applications English Caller 1 joins and requests English Caller 2 joins and requests English Caller 3 joins and requests French French

21 Mediation Server AV MCU 2. Inbound Routing 8. Dial out INVITE with Replaces 1. Incoming Setup 3. Prompt for Conference ID 4. Conference URI lookup via conference ID 5. C3P join conference on behalf of caller 6. C3P AVMCU transfer SIP Media C3P Conference Attendees External Caller PSTN Focus Pool01 Pool02 Conferencing Attendant (CAA) Conferencing Announcemen t Service (CAS) Front End Server 7. User-specific CAS joins Front End Server Access number(s) bound to CAA Pool Conference Hosted on Organizers Pool G.711 PSTN inbound G.722 default from AVMCU


23 Settings related to the join experience Default meeting policy (set by admin, can be changed by user) Lobby bypass for PSTN users (set by user) Meeting policy Phone, Anonymous Phone auth’d with ph# + PIN InvitedNot Invited Organizer only (Locked) Lobby (MoH) Lobby (MoH) unless organizer Lobby (MoH) People I Invite Lobby (MoH), unless PSTN lobby bypass turned on IN Lobby (MoH) People from my Company IN, unless PSTN lobby bypass turned offIN EveryoneIN, unless no authenticated users are inIN Recommended default. Also gives a constant conference ID, i.e. Closest Experience to ACP.


25 2. Call-via-Work Lync Mobile 1. Dial out to PSTN 3. Dial out or Join from PBX Signaling Media PSTN Mediation Server AV MCU Conference Attendees Focus Pool01 Conferencing Announcement Service (CAS) User-specific CAS joins Front End Server Edge Server Reverse Proxy PBX Phone External Caller External Client

26 Mobile Mobility Policy EnableOutsideVoice Call via Work Lync 2010 CU4 Applies to User Anonymous Conferencing Policy AllowAnonymousUser sToDialOut Lync 2010 Applies to Organizer Non EV Conferencing Policy AllowNonEnterpriseVoic eUsersToDialOut Lync 2013 Applies to Organizer Organizers Voice Policy



29 Enable Web Conferencing? Enable AV Conferencing? Enable PSTN Dial-In? Enable External Users? Enable Resiliency? Create Simple URL? 1)Enable Conferencing on FE pool 2)Update meeting policy to disable app sharing or change session default BW 3)Enable Office Web Apps Server integration Update meeting policy to: 1)Disable A/V conferencing 2)Disable only Video 3)Allow only a few users to use A/V 1)Plan and deploy PSTN termination 2)Plan dial-in access numbers 3)Enable PSTN dial-in conferencing Deploy: 1)Edge Server: Allows external IM, presence, conferencing, audio/video and optionally enable federation with other Lync server or OC2007R2 and XMPP federation 2)Reverse Proxy: Needed for Lync to publish resources available on the internal network. Enables conference join etc. 3)Director (Optional): Pre-authenticates requests and routes it to users’ FE server or pool 1)HA requires EE pool with a loadbalancer to distribute load 2)DR requires paired pools in 2 separate geographic regions 1)Dial-in URL: Only one URL for org 2)Admin URL: Only one URL for org 3)Meet URL: Can define global or site level URLs Planning for Conferencing

30 A single forest, single domain Active Directory structure A single domain controller with Domain Name System (DNS) and an Enterprise Root certification authority (CA) An Enterprise Edition Front End pool consisting of: Three Front End Servers Collocated Mediation Server and A/V Conferencing Server on the Front End Servers or a separate pool for better scale A SQL Server-based Back End Server in a pool and a Central Management store Monitoring and Archiving Servers (optional) WAC and Fileshare to support data collaboration scenarios Central Site 1 - Enterprise Edition CA/DNS Front End Pool DNS Load Balancing SQL Back End Server FileShare System Center Operations Manager Monitoring and Archiving Databases WAC Server Farm CMS Server

31 Adding following roles to the topology for enhancing access Edge Server Pool Sip trunking for enterprise voice Exchange UM Survivable Branch Appliance Edge Server Pool Pool HTTP reverse proxy Central Site 1 - Enterprise Edition CA/DNS Front End Pool DNS Load Balancing SQL Back End Server FileShare/DFS Monitoring and Archiving Databases WAC Server Farm System Center Operations Manager Exchange UM Server Survivable Branch Appliance Branch A Branch Office WAN PSTN SIP Trunking CMS Server

32 At least three front end servers in an Enterprise Edition pool Load balancer to route traffic to front ends If a server running a certain role fails, the other servers in the pool running the same role take the load of that server (applies to front end servers, edge servers and mediation servers) Deploy pairs of front end pools across two geographically dispersed sites Both sites active, and the Lync Server Backup Service provides real-time data replication to keep the pools synchronized. Backup Service is installed on a front end pool when a pool is paired with another front end pool Topology considerations for HA Topology considerations for DR

33 Pool 1 Backup DB Pool 1 Data Center 1 Data Center 2 Planning for DR Front End 1 Front End 2 Front End 3 Pool 1 Content Share Pool 2 Backup DB Pool 2 Front End 1 Front End 2 Front End 3 Pool 2 Content Share


35 Plan additional DID numbers and PSTN trunk capacity Configure dial plans Deploy PSTN Gateway or configure SIP trunking Configure access numbers globally or per site Configure DTMF commands globally or per site Configure PIN Security Enable user for dial-in conferencing Populate unique phone numbers for users Generate PIN and send welcome via PS script Mediation Server Front End Pool PSTN Gateway PSTN Conf Service AV Conf Service Focus

36 Access Number Region Dial Plan Access Number

37 Conference Directory converts between Alpha and Numeric IDs Format Best Practices Recommend 1 conf directory for every 999 users in the pool Default 1 per pool Do this at the beginning of your deployment

38 You can create CAA numbers and scope them to site if you wish however this is not exposed in the Control Panel UI You must create the CAA from scratch using the –scopetosite parameter or change it after the fact using the set- csdialinconferencing cmdlet with the –scopetosite flag You don’t pick a site to scope it to, the CAA is scoped to the site where you have homed the contact object Once there are CAA contacts present at the site level the Outlook addin will ignore any additional numbers that are located at the global level. Make sure you know what you are doing before you use this option


40 Model Usage & Bandwidth Use Planning Tools Test, Pilot & Optimize Rollout Monitor & Maintain Capacity Planning Guide Bandwidth Calculator us/download/details.aspx?id=19011 Planning Tool us/download/details.aspx?id=36823 Capacity Calculator us/download/details.aspx?id=36828 Stress and Performance Tool

41 Client distribution per meeting type Scheduled (60%): 65% Lync 2013, 5% LWA, 30% earlier clients Ad-Hoc (40%): 70% Lync 2013, 30% earlier clients 5% of users in conferences during working hours 80K Pool = 4K users in conferences simultaneously “Busy Hour” – 75% of a 8-day’s conferences happen in 4 hours Meeting Participant Distribution 50% users internal & authenticated; 25% remote & authenticated; 15% anonymous; 10% federated 85% meetings 4 users, 10% meetings 6 users, 5% meetings 11 users, 1 large meeting 250 users Media Mix Audio: 15% dial-in, 75% VoIP, 10% no audio Video: 20% have video Collab: 50% have app sharing, 50% have IM, 20% have data collab, 15% add shared notes

42 Server RoleMaximum number of users supported Front end pool with 12 front end servers and one backend server or a mirrored pair of back end servers One Front End Server6,660 (1,000 concurrent A/V conference users) One Edge Server12,000 concurrent remote users Mediation ServerDepends on collocated or standalone mediation server One Office Web Apps Server1,000 concurrent users

43 No change to audio and app sharing bandwidth in 2013 Know your network topology, typical usage patterns and utilization of existing infrastructure Think about all possible directions for the traffic (meeting homed in organizer’s pool) Consider external users to edge traffic, AV conf service to PSTN traffic, branch office WAN traffic and the remainder of your internal network Controls to use: Quality of Service (QoS), Call Admission Control (CAC), User Policies, Media Configuration MediaTypical CodecTypical Stream Bandwidth (Kbps) Maximum Stream Bandwidth without FEC (Kbps) AudioG AudioSiren Audio (PSTN)G Main Video ReceiveH.264 and/or RTVideo Main Video SendH.264 and/or RTVideo Panoramic Video ReceiveH.264 and/or RTVideo (for max resolution 1920X288) Panoramic Video SendH.264 and/or RTVideo App SharingRDP70 kbps – 2 Mbps~10Mbps Network Bandwidth Requirements for Media Traffic Collab and App Sharing Capacity Planning


45 Dial-in from mobile

46 Dial-In Build 1)Topology, Servers, Certs, Clients 2)Simple URLs Dial-in and Admin URLs: One URL for org Meet URL: Define global; site level URLs optional 3)WAC, Edge, Monitoring & Archiving 1 1)Plan and deploy PSTN integration 2)Plan dial-in access numbers 3)Build Dial Plans 4)Enable PSTN dial-in conferencing 2 Manage 1)Enable Conferencing 2)Update/create conferencing policies as you require 3)Customize configurations as you require 3 Run 1)Pilot 2)Drive Adoption 3)Monitor Health 4)Maintain Quality 5)Repeat! 4 Plan 1)Capacity Planning Pool, Server Roles, Resiliency 2)Geographical Considerations Central site(s)/Locations 3)Infrastructure Dependencies Firewall, Gateway/SBC, HLBs, etc 4.Network Planning





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