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OMIS 259: Introduction to Business Information Systems

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1 OMIS 259: Introduction to Business Information Systems
Professor: Chuck Downing Course meets T/Th (2:00-3:15) in BH 200 during Spring 2015. View the syllabus on BlackBoard or Also on our class web site: 1) Select a 4 digit code. 2) Enter your preferred address. 3) Answer background questions on the Web. 4) Register your seat. Register clicker.

2 Welcome to college, welcome to NIU, welcome to The College of Business
You’re in control. Your decisions help shape your experience. What do we do in OMIS 259? Simple Web pages with resume Excel Access Ground rules: Only water in Auditorium! No talking, sleeping, reading, texting during class. If it’s that important, don’t come.

3 So what is “OMIS”? OM&IS – “Operations Management and Information Systems”. Watch the video: OMIS 259 focuses on the building blocks of the “IS” (Information Systems) side of OM&IS.

4 The Best Places to Launch a Career
What’s Hot: “Technology: One of the few industries to survive the downturn relatively unscathed, tech offers some of the best pay around for new grads” Highest Paying Industries: #2 Technology #3 Consulting “there are more job openings in IT than in any other industry except healthcare”

5 But many of you will not have technology as your career…
… but rather a part of your career. Still, YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BE ILLITERATE. Excel is one of the languages of business

6 CareerBuilder. com: 33,964 hits with “Excel” as a keyword 33,964 hits with “Excel” as a keyword. Often required.

7 So is OMIS 259 an Excel class?
Yes and No. OMIS 259: About 10% Web pages About 45% Excel About 45% Access What’s “Access”? A Package in Microsoft Office which helps businesses manage information. A “database management system”.

8 I get emails like this ALL THE TIME
Just thought I would see how things are going.  It is amazing how fast time flies.  I've already spent six months in Dallas and am almost finished with my six months in Atlanta.  Headed to South Carolina next… I hope things are going well for you.  Just wanted to say how glad I am that I took a few IT classes in college.  Right now I am managing the finance reporting database for a $550 million division.  I was also able to set up a 2 million line SQL database to analyze trends in our sales from day to day.  I guess the only thing I wish I knew more of is excel macros.  I keep thinking back to Dr And I must say everyone I work with knows finance…  what sets me apart is how quickly I can sift through all of the data. Anyway just thought I would drop a line.  It has been a while since I have heard from you.  Hope you have a good weekend. Regards, TTqqrr Financial Leadership Development Program

9 I get emails like this ALL THE TIME
Hi Professor Downing, I am a former student, I took your class in Fall I am currently working at Porsche in the Financial Services department in Lisle. I have been working with Microsoft Access a little bit on the job and I believe I may be making an error somewhere along the lines with my queries. Do you have a copy of the direction for the exercises we did in class that you are willing to share with me? I would just like to practice them in my spare time as a refresher. Best regards, Ashley XXyyyzz

10 “But I hate computers. I’m scared.”
OMIS 259 is here to help you. We’ll start from the beginning …and move as fast as we can. Now’s the time to “get over it”… … computers are going to be a part of your life!!

11 “But I know all of this. I’m BORED.”
No one knows everything. Not even your Professor. On stuff you know, pad your grade. Practice business communication. Get OMIS 259 points for helping classmates!! Take days off!!

12 OMIS 259 can work for all of you!
Most of you will be somewhere in between.

13 How will it work for everyone?
We’ll be in the Auditorium the first class session of each week. I will explain concepts and give demonstrations. We’re using the online (Web) software MyITLab (accessed through our class web site). This is **REQUIRED**. Purchasing the MyITLab software also gives you two ebooks. We’ll be in 2 Barsema labs the second class session of each week (except this first week) to help you complete MyITLab assignments. BH 204 (lab across from the Auditorium, me, your Professor) BH 232 (TAs)

14 Other Stuff Who am I? Who are you?
Our web page: at or BlackBoard.

15 Class Contract No exceptions.
Working Technology is your responsibility. Ask Dr. Downing a question whose answer is easy to find on the class web site, lose 5 Participation Points. Also, you might not receive an response.

16 No exceptions. Explanation: Class policies outlined in the syllabus, the web page and in class are structured to be fair and lenient for you, but also so that the instructor and the TA(s) are not put in a position to judge which excuses are “good enough”. Please manage your semester within those policies. Please do not tell us why you missed class, missed a quiz, did not do an assignment, etc. Students involved in official NIU activities who notify the instructor of the schedule of those activities at the beginning of the semester (e.g., athletes) must use all available drops, etc., first, and will be given make up opportunities beyond that. Other than that, all students are treated the same and we will NOT give you special consideration.

17 Working Technology is your responsibility.
Clickers Explanation: In your business career, you will be expected to keep your own technology working. If you lose your clicker, don’t bring it to class, it runs out of batteries, or anything else which prevents you from answering that day’s clicker questions, you won’t get the points for that day. Period. Software Explanation: If your laptop freezes, certain software required for class does not function properly on your computer, etc., use the Barsema Hall computer labs.

18 Ask Dr. Downing a question whose answer is easy to find on the class web site, lose 5 Participation Points. Also, you might not receive an response. Explanation: s sent to Dr. Downing containing questions which are already answered on our web site will cost you 5 points off of your Participation Grade. If you ask “Can I bring a doctor’s note to excuse me from class?”, “I forgot my clicker for the last class… how can I get my points back?”, “What if my group member isn’t doing any work?”, etc., you will lose 5 points. Also, you may not receive an response. Dr. Downing and his TA(s) are diligent as far as responding to s and answering questions, but if you are asking questions (“What’s the TA’s address?”) whose answers are easily available on our web page, it will cost you points.

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