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NASA Office of Headquarters Operations All Hands July 22, 2014.

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1 NASA Office of Headquarters Operations All Hands July 22, 2014

2 Agenda Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Information Technology and Communications Facilities and Administrative Services Human Resources and Management Business Management and Systems Support Questions 2

3 Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Martin Reyes-Duran Director

4 EODM Updates Diversity & Inclusion Program, 23 July 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Implementation Plan Dr. Steve Robbins Diversity Awareness Videos 4

5 Diversity & Inclusion Program NASA HEADQUARTERS James Webb Auditorium July 23, 2014 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Guest Speaker LeVar Burton 5

6 Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Implementation Plan Principles 1)Demonstrated Leadership Commitment 2)Employee Engagement and Effective Communication 3)Continuous D&I Education, Awareness and Skills Development 4)Demonstrated Commitment to Community Partnership 5)Shared Accountability and Responsibility for Diversity and Inclusion 6)Measurements or Metrics 6

7 Dr. Steve Robbins Diversity Awareness Videos Principle 3: Continuous D&I Education, Awareness & Skill Development Training D&I Awareness Campaign D&I Resource for Managers Current Status Finalizing the procurement process Fifteen videos (6-10 minutes each) To be loaded into SATERN for use by all 7

8 Information Technology & Communications Division Victor Thompson Director

9 Microsoft Office 2013 Upgrade Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) will be upgraded from MS Office 2010 to MS Office 2013 This upgrade will be deployed over the network using ACES automated software distribution tools to all HQ PC systems The detailed deployment schedule (user by user) will be published and deployments will occur each Tuesday evening over a 12 week period beginning on July 29, 2014 ITCD has developed formal classroom training on the products as well as one hour workshops focused on the differences between Office 2010 and Office 2013 For additional information please visit the Office 2013 Upgrade Project page at IT Services Update 9

10 IT Security Conversion of HQ PC computers to require the use of PIV Card (NASA Badge) login Currently 933 PC computers across HQ have been completed All remaining systems will be completed by the end of Aug 2014 allowing HQ to be in compliance with OMB and Agency mandates. The deadline for all HQ personnel to complete the mandatory 2014 Annual IT Security is July 31, 2014 Any person that does not complete the training will have their IT accounts suspended until the training has been completed HQ Operations status as of July 17 th is 92.3% complete, 57 remaining 10

11 ACES Seat Refreshes The replacement of all legacy ODIN computers with ACES computers is coming to a closure 30 systems remain, primarily in NASA TV and CSSC The 3 year life cycle replacement of ACES computers is expected to begin in the 1 st quarter of calendar year 2015 Existing ACES computer seats will be refreshed when they reach 3 years of age The refresh/replacement of mobile seats (cellular/smartphones) is currently in progress for those personnel that wish to stay with their current device “type” and carrier The ability for people to change device types and carriers is expected be to available in the 1 st quarter of calendar year 2015 11

12 New ITCD Staff Members Dennis Groth – Promoted to ITCD Deputy Director and CIO Darline Brown – Returned to ITCD after a one year detail to the Office of Education 12

13 HQ Facilities & Administrative Services Division Dave Redman Director

14 Building Update Renovation Complete on all floors except 2 !!!!! 2 nd floor renovation to be completed on 27 August 2014 Last occupant of I street will be moved on 6 September 2014 Weekly meetings continue with Piedmont, their contractor team, GSA and NASA HQ Review schedule and deliverables Ensure code compliance Project completion date is August 27, 2014 There will still be some work to be completed. Punch list items Level IV Physical Security for exterior HVAC units for Auditorium and West Lobby Applied for LEED Gold rating Web Site: 14

15 What we used to look like 15

16 Transformation 16

17 What we look like now 17

18 New FASD Staff Members Michael Pfisterer, Physical Security Specialist 18

19 Human Resources Management Division Leah Hollander Director

20 A.S.P.I.R.E. Accentuating Strengths and Professionalism through Influencing, Reflection and Education Audience : GS 9-12 NASA HQ civil servants (engineering, science, and administrative professionals) with at least one year of experience at HQ Purpose : A nine-month program that provides leadership development for a diverse group of individuals who have high potential to grow and take on more responsibility for the agency. Benefit: The program is developing a cadre of leaders in the lower levels for succession planning, while also enabling the individuals to best serve their organization.

21 eMerge Employees Mentoring Employees for Readiness, Growth and Excellence Audience : NASA Headquarters employees at all organizational levels. Purpose : The purpose of the eMerge Program is to provide NASA HQ employees the opportunity to develop professionally through formal relationships. Benefit: Enhance communication and collaboration across organizations. 21

22 NASA HQ Learning Topics Emotional Intelligence Courses Team members/Employees: July 30, 2014 Leads, Supervisors and Managers: TBD Senior Leaders: August 6, 2014 E-Learning from Skillsoft Available in SATERN Leadership Essentials: Leading with Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence at Work (Challenge Series) Political Savvy Working Across Boundaries Trust 22

23 EAP Update Offered for civil servants and family members Good mental health and mental health assistance is federally supported and encouraged. EAP Contact information: – (800)222.0364 Whenever you need it – 24/7. Professional experts, in all aspects of services sought, readily available, at NASA HQ, in another DC federal building, near your home or on the phone. 23

24 WorkLife4You New benefit offered beginning in Feb 2014 for civil servants and family members Concierge service to assist employees with daily living in order achieve work/life balance, sample of service offerings: Relocation research Funeral planning Elder care, child care, pet care resource services Free referrals to home services which have been vetted, ex: plumbing, tree removal, lawn care, etc. Online enrollment by civil servant; family members can set up their own account for privacy and/or convenience. WL4Y contact: – (800)222.0364 (same number as for EAP) 24

25 New HRMD Staff Members Felicia Smith, Employee and Labor Relations Monica Bennett, HR Specialist 25

26 Office of Budget Management and System Support Update

27 Implementation Support eGov Travel Services (ETS2) The Agency implemented Concur Government Edition (CGE) to replace on June 30. The HQ Travel Office served as the implementation team for Headquarters, providing communications, training and other Go-Live support. Business Objects (BOBJ) Business Objects (BOBJ) replaced Business Warehouse (BW) as the Agency’s financial reporting tool for SAP data. The BASO led the implementation for HQ as a Center and the NMO at JPL, developing job aids and providing communications and training. Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) NASA is in the beginning stages of transitioning to eInvoicing, using the Department of Defense’s (DoD) tool, Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). The BASO will support implementation tasks for HQ as a Center and the NMO at JPL. In Process Completed Upcoming 2015

28 HQ ETS2 Go-Live & Sustainment Period  HQ is currently in the “Sustainment Period.” o Only Arrangers can create and submit travel authorizations and create vouchers. o Travelers must work with Arrangers to book reservations. o Arranger training is not currently open to travelers.  The length of the Sustainment Period and date to transition to normal operations is currently not identified. Concur Government Edition (CGE) went live on June 30, 2014 across all NASA Centers!

29 HQ ETS2 Go-Live Accomplishments The following are Go-Live accomplishments specific to HQ as a Center users (statistics as of July 17, 2014): 59 Courses Delivered 1,000+ Provided Support to Users since Go-Live 228 Trained Approvers 138 Trained Arrangers 933 Profiles Activated 220 Authorizations Completed 233 Trained Travelers (approx.)

30 HQ Operations TIERs and Arrangers  HQ Operations Travel Information Exchange Representatives (TIERs) o Primary – Naeemah Lee o Back-up – Elaine Bowman  HQ Operations Travel Arrangers o Naeemah Lee o Alita Slaughter o Sharon Washington

31 CGE Go-Live Webpage The CGE Go-Live page contains ETS2 information, FAQs, links and key contacts for the implementation!CGE Go-Live

32 FY14 Year End / FY15 Start Up  The following are key fiscal year end dates for HQ as a Center and the NMO at JPL: DateDescription Friday, 8/8Bankcard purchases using expiring funds (except for OIGX12014D) must be ordered and entered into the system. Friday, 8/8Last day to submit PRs for new purchase orders and delivery orders/task orders issued on existing contracts, against expiring funds, or non-expiring funds that require obligation by fiscal year end, using normal procedures. Friday, 8/15All Requests for Training (SF-182s) to be funded by FY14 training funds allocated to your office must be routed in SATERN, and received in the HRMD/Human Resources Development Branch. Monday, 9/8Last day to submit PRs for additional/incremental funding to existing contracts against expiring funds, or non-expiring funds that require obligation by fiscal year end, using normal procedures. Tuesday, 9/3010:59 pm - SAP Core Financial and CMM / PRISM locked.

33 FY14 Year End / FY15 Startup Webpage The FY14 Year End / FY15 Startup webpage provides key year end dates and information for HQ as a Center and the NMO at JPL!FY14 Year End / FY15 Startup

34  FY15 is likely to begin with a Continuing Resolution  FY15 appropriation may dip down to FY13 reduced funding levels FY15 Budget Outlook $’s in millions FY15

35 New OBMSS Staff Members Bernita Marshall, Budget Analyst Katy Americo, Passport Specialist 35

36 Questions? 36

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