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Hamburg Fire Service Academy - Introduction. 2 Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

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1 Hamburg Fire Service Academy - Introduction

2 2 Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

3 Hamburg - basic data -  Area 755,3 km²  1,7 Mill. Inhabitants  10% of the area = 75 km² port facilities  12% of the area are park or wood  100 Km to the north sea  7th biggest port of the world  2 airports in the city  32 facilities of SEVESO II Guideline  Different laboratories for biological or physical scientists  Main traffic junction for airplanes, railroads, ships and trucks *) HFSA = Hamburg Fire Service Academy HFSA*)

4 Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Ministry of the Interior Fire Department Administration Operations Technical equipment and logistics Fire prevention Hamburg Fire Service Academy / Feuerwehrakademie Hamburg Organisational structure

5 Hamburg Fire Service Academy Overview over the area Auditorium center Training center + large capacity seminar rooms Multi purpose hall

6 Career and further training in EMS*) various possibilities of training in different scenes with up to date technique of EMS *) EMS = Emergency Medical Service

7 Various devices are available for any imaginable scene simulation Scenario simulation

8 All seminar rooms are equipped with up to date audio visual equipment Telecommunications, Computer Hardware and Software Training Seminar rooms Seminar room A/B Two large seminar rooms with up to 100 people each in the Training Center

9 Exercises in the Indoor Training Facility Ladder training indoor and outdoor 15 m height Two sets of four stairways Height training for several groups at the same time separate or simultaneously

10 preparation of real situations recognizing flash over indications training on correct behaviour Flash over container

11 operational training under realistic conditions environmentally friendly gas burner Fire acclimatization container

12 Railroad track with freight and tank railcars Railroad track commercial transport

13 Railroad track passenger traffic

14 Scientific work 28,06% 11,77% 7,69% 44,34% 5,56% 1,02% 1,56% Further training offices & authorities HH Since 2007 we run studies on Hazard Control and Rescue Engeneering  In cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

15 CMI – Community Mechanism Induction Courses The HFSC was able to win the tender of the European Commission for planning, realisation and evaluation of CMI-courses by now for the third time. We already conducted 12 courses within the 5th, the 6th and the 7th cycle of education. The overarching objective of theses courses is not only to improve the capabilities of individuals and teams, but to further prepare the participants to work in an international context. Since 2009: Hamburg Fire Service Academy

16 National and international cooperations: e.g. with Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Denmark. Russland (St. Petersburg) Tinglev (Dänemark)

17 Jürgen Krempin Email: © Rechenbach, Krempin 2008-2009

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