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„Uni-TV“ Distributed TV Productions and Video-on-Demand Services at Universities.

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1 „Uni-TV“ Distributed TV Productions and Video-on-Demand Services at Universities

2 May 24th, Outline introduction distributed production in studio quality distribution and access problems and experiences focus and future outlook

3 May 24th, Project Partners and Sponsor RRZE/University of Erlangen IRT/ Munich BR HFF TUM DFN

4 May 24th, Concept transmissions from the auditorium (Univ. Erlangen, Univ. Munich) to the IRT/Munich online editing at the studio/IRT according to the script provided by the HFF retransmission of the edited material to the auditorium for control and recording distribution over the internet/intranet offline editing for television broadcasting via satellite and cable

5 May 24th, Benefits reduced production costs material for universities / distant education promotional benefits for the universities educational television –Collegium Alexandrinum

6 May 24th, Production and Distribution equipment –video, audio, editing network servers accessibility and statistics

7 May 24th, Videoproduction cameras –(semi-) professional –general orientation codecs scanconverter for transparencies –alternating with camera monitors for quality control

8 May 24th, Audioproduction wireless speaker microphones codecs –embedded audio audio for directing and monitoring

9 May 24th, Studio for editing at the IRT online editing (MPEG-2 4:2:2) offline editing w/trailer, headers possibility for live broadcasting with BR

10 May 24th, Network Gigabit Testbed South/Berlin –3 x 2.5 Gbps ATM –3 channels –1 fiber pair University network in Erlangen city network (M‘net) in Munich

11 May 24th, Transmission Requirements cameras –3 x 50 Mbps CBR, VBRrt ATM camera for monitoring/directing –1 x 15 Mbps CBR, VBRrt ATM audio signals

12 May 24th, Distribution television (cable and satellite (Astra)) –fixed 30-minute time slot on the educational channel „BR-  “ as part of the series „Alpha Campus“ internet/intranet –individual download/streaming (MPEG-1, MPEG-2 4:2:0) –near-Video-On-Demand via IP/Mbone reservation (H.261)

13 May 24th, Bandwidth Requirements Distribution product after online-editing –1 x 50 Mbps product over the internet/intranet –15 Mbps MPEG-2 4:2:0 – 2 Mbps MPEG-1 product Near-VoD via IP/Mbone – 1 Mbps H.261

14 May 24th, Server server capacity at the IRT for editing –3 camera signals for editing (MPEG-2 4:2:2) with audio signals (3 hrs) –100 GigaByte per class server at the RRZE for Video-on-Demand –1.2 GigaByte per class (MPEG-2 4:2:0 broadcasting format) –400 MegaByte per class (MPEG-1)

15 May 24th, Distribution and Access





20 May 24th, Statistics March 2000 –2939 hits –2596 files –669 pageviews –704 sessions –61436840 Kbytes sent

21 May 24th, Problems and Solutions problems with equipment –codecs, camera settings, back-up team problems concerning the presentation –subject matters –speakers and their preferences –pointers

22 May 24th, Current Focus and Future Outlook improved quality / fine-tuning improved accessibility/distribution indirect camera remote control VBRrt ATM PVCs latency of codecs regular classes for credits questions from the audience

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