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Protecting Your School Assets Through Loss Control.

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1 Protecting Your School Assets Through Loss Control

2 Loss Control Function Hazard Identification and Evaluation Ranking Hazards by Risk Management Decision Making Establishing Preventive and Corrective Measures Monitoring Evaluating Effectiveness

3 Losses Will Result In: Potential for personal injury/loss of life Costs to repair/replace Interruption of operations Increased insurance costs Unfavorable publicity

4 Hazard Inspection Informal Formal

5 Hazard Inspection - Purpose To detect hazards Analyze and solve problems Assist in the management of safety

6 Formal Inspection Focus Loss Potential Loss Driven

7 Inspection Pre-Plan Develop a checklist of operations, processes, and equipment to check Plan the inspection to follow the process, or layout of the building Review accident/loss records to identify trends/problem areas Review appropriate codes and standards

8 Hazard Inspection – Evaluation Areas Special Events Use of Facilities Use of Contractors Fleet Operations Gymnasium Weight Room Football Stadium Playgrounds Chemistry Labs/Storage Shop Areas Home Economics Art Room Auditorium Swimming Pool Central Storage

9 Hazard Inspection – Evaluation Areas (Continued) Vacant Buildings Cooking Operations Security Life Safety Slip/Fall Controls Building Projects Severe Weather Procedures/Plan Challenge Courses Housekeeping

10 Management Controls Are Needed For: People Equipment Material Environment

11 Building Construction and Renovation Projects Project Responsibility Certificates of Insurance

12 Construction Materials Type of materials being stored Amount of materials being stored Storage location/distance from buildings Ownership of materials

13 Fire Protection Public Protection Hydrants Distance to Fire Department

14 Fire Protection Private Protection Portable fire extinguishers Water supplies (hoses, tanks, streams, etc.) Water line installation/automatic sprinkler activation time-table

15 Hot Work Controls Procedures Hot Work Permit Pre-Evaluation of Area Portable Fire Extingusiher(s) Fire Watch

16 Emergency Procedures Adverse weather Emergency phone numbers posted Written directions to jobsite for emergency responders

17 Security Access control to existing building/construction site Interior/exterior lighting Construction site and public access separation controls Security/police patrols

18 Severe Weather Procedures/Plan Winter Weather Roof Snow Loading Pipe Freeze

19 Inspection & Maintenance Roof Cover Roof Drainage Window & Door Systems HVAC Maintenance

20 Identify High Risk Locations Roof Configuration & Span Evidence of Ponding Evidence of Structural Damage

21 Emergency Conditions Pre-Plan Above Normal Snow Accumulation Emergency access maintained Plan in place for ice/snow removal from roof

22 Emergency Conditions Pre-Plan Freezing Temperatures Heat tracing/electrical tape for pipes Maintain day temperature during nights, weekends, and holidays On-site surveillance maintained

23 Common Issues – All Areas Life Safety Housekeeping Practices Slip/Fall Controls Purchasing Controls

24 Hazard Inspection - Results Document inspection and findings Develop improvement recommendations Communicate recommendations to management

25 Hazard Inspection Recommendations - Priority Eliminate the hazard Segregate, guard, or protect the hazard Provide and enforce the use of personal protective equipment Provide training and information

26 Hazard Inspection – A Continuing Process Monitor improvements Evaluate effectiveness Develop additional improvement recommendations as needed

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