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Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México Welcome to the Ibero ! Spring Semester 2015.

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1 Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México Welcome to the Ibero ! Spring Semester 2015

2 International Office Staff Martin Scheer (Assistant Director,, 5950 4243) Florian Dittmar (Visiting Students,, 5950 4019) Rocío Trujillo ( Secretary,, 5950 4243), Claudia Castillo (Special Programs & Payments,, 5950 4688), Ma. Teresa Ramírez (Housing,, 5950 4018) Ana Celina Melgoza (Outgoing Students,, 5950 4931) Cristina Sañudo (Outgoing Students,, 5950 7310)

3 Miércoles / Wednesday 10:30 Advisory about the Course registration Process (L building) 12:00Event: “Some Comments on Mexican Culture” (San Ignacio de Loyola Auditorium) 13:30Lunch 14:45 Guided Campus Tour 15:30 Spanish Placement Test Agenda Time table

4 Time Table Thursday 11:00Appointment: San Ignacio de Loyola Auditorium (S building, ground floor) 11:15Security Information Session 12:15Group Photo of the Spring 2015 generation 12:30 Housing Session (mandatory for all students registered in the Ibero homestay housing system) Place: San Ignacio de Loyola Auditorium 12:45 Lunch 14:00Appointments with Academic Coordinators start (approval of course selection)

5 Time Table Friday 8:30 Meeting point: San Ignacio de Loyola Auditorium (S building, ground floor) Presentations: 8:45Living in Mexico City (useful information that will make your life easier) 10:00 Sports at the Ibero (offering and registration procedures) 10:30Artistic Workshops and Extracurricular Activities at the Ibero 11:00Library visit 12:00 Social Projects / Academic Social Engagement Program / Service Learning Information about the options to engage in social projects in Mexico City and in rural communities.

6 Time Table Friday 1:00Lunch break; Appointments with Academic Coordinators start 3:00 Information about the English Taught Course Offering Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Program: info, course registration Presentation of Spanish Test Results and Language Course Registration

7 Time Table Saturday 9:00 am“Ibero Exchange Rally” in the city center.

8 Time Table Thursday, January 15th: 10:00 pm: ¡¡Welcome Party!!

9 Movilidad Estudiantil International Office Comedores Restaurants & Food Court Deportes Sport Facilities Caja Cashier Computadoras Computers

10 Your Course Registration Sheet is very important and must be handed in at the International Office. Each change of your course choice – if you drop one course, chose another course, or if you change to a different group – must be reported to Florian Dittmar or Rocío Trujillo at the Student Mobility Office. Last day for handing in the form and changing your course choice is Friday, 23 of January (two weeks add-and-drop period). After January 23, no changes will be accepted. Course Registration

11 Registro de Materias

12 Course Registration Each change of any registered course must be reported to us! 21366 A DI032 Diseño Industrial Lu – Ma, 11-13

13 Registration of Language Courses

14 Course Registration Meeting and discussion with the coordinators of the different academic areas. The meetings are scheduled during Thursday and Friday. Meeting point is always 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time in the garden outside of our office (H building).

15 Course Registration Ibero credits = Credits at your home university?

16 Assistance to classes At the Ibero, the personal assistance to classes is mandatory (80% minimum assistance). In each course, you are allowed to be absent 6 times during the semester (aproximately 3 weeks in total).

17 Transcripts The transcripts will be available during the week after the end of classes. We will send your transcript to your home institution by default. Every student will receive one transcript. Additional transcripts will cost 15 US$.

18 Usage of the Ibero services

19 Access to the “Blackboard” System

20  alumnos  blackboard y correo UIA, Or enter directly If you face any problem or have questions about the system, enter the section "Ayuda para Blackboard" or send an email to “Nombre de usuario”: i8123 (“i” + last four digits of your Identity Card) “Contraseña”: 31101991 (date of birth with 8 digits: day/month/complete year) Access to the “Blackboard” System

21 Access to the Computers After receiving their student ID card, students have access to the computers in the buildings “J” and “D”. User:ia8xxx (“ia” + four digits of your student ID) Password: 02121991 (date of birth, eight digits: day/month/year)

22 In order to print any document from the computers on the campus you first have to buy a copy card at the cashier´s office (building “N”). After sending your document for printing, you have to present your copy card at a printing module o that the document gets printed. Printing Services

23 Library To obtain your library card and rent books: 1.Present your Student ID at the circulation desk, follow the instructions and receive your library card. 2.A maximum of five books can be borrowed for a maximum period of TWO WEEKS. 3.Present your books and library card at the circulation desk for registration. 4.Return the books at the circulation desk after using them. Make sure that the date when you return them has been registered on your library card.

24 Library To obtain your library card and rent books: 5. Students who return books after the deadline will have to pay a fine of $42.00 pesos PER BOOK, PER DAY. 6. Students must have cleared all library debts and/or returned all borrowed books. If this is not done at the end of the academic period the International Office will not issue the student's transcript. Students are responsible for any books lost or damaged or for breaking any library rule.

25 Further Services SPORTS: Students interested in practicing any sport or using our sport facilities can go directly to the Sports Office at building “O” to register. FAX: The Student Exchange Office can send faxes concerning any home university needs you may have. Access Wi-Fi: net: “comunidad UIA” - select type: “alumno extranjero” – user: AE8xxx (student ID); nip: birth date (8 digits ddmmyyyy) Counseling Service: We can put you in contact with a counselor/psychologist in case you need to talk.

26 Contact and Follow up Facebook: / iberoexchange Twitter: / iberoexchange

27 Plataforma Ibero Exchange


29 Platform Ibero Exchange



32 Migration and Visa Issues

33 Emergency Telephone Number Mobile (044) 55 4354 5423 Available 24 / 7

34 Culture Shock

35 Payment of fees

36 During the semester, you will need to make different payments Tuition(only for independent students) Application and registration (only for independent students) Housing fees Excursions Library Debt New Student ID

37 Payment of fees Payments of all academic fees may be made: On line By Wire transfer Directly on the Ibero campus in cash (just Mexican Pesos). For more information please contact Claudia Castillo (Student Mobility Office):; 55 5950 4000, ext. 4688

38 Excursions and Events All trips and events will be announced on, on Facebook and on Twitter!

39 Events of January/February Saturday, January 10:“Rally Ibero Exchange” Jueves, January 15 : International Welcome Party!!! Place: to be advised Saturday, January 17:Excursion to the Teotihuacán Pyramids Saturday, January 24:Excursion to Valle de Bravo (Monarc Butterflies) Saturday, February 7:Excursion to Tepoztlán Saturday, February 14:Trip to Xochimilco

40 “Ibero Exchange Rally” Saturday, 10th of January

41 Rally Ibero Exchange



44 Excursion to the Pyramids of Teotihuacán Saturday, January 17

45 Teotihuacán





50 Excursion to Valle de Bravo and the Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterflies Saturday, 24th of January

51 Valle de Bravo







58 Excursion to Tepoztlán Saturday, 7 of February

59 Tepoztlán




63 Trip to Xochimilco Saturday, February 14

64 Xochimilco




68 Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City Thanks for your attention … and welcome to Mexico ! For further questions & information, please contact: Florian Dittmar,

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