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The College Application Process: How to get There from Here 1.

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1 The College Application Process: How to get There from Here 1

2 Distinguished Achievement Application DAP: 3 years same foreign language, 4 sciences not including IPC, PLUS 4 advanced, college-level measures (AP test scores, Dual Credit, National Merit, Articulated CTE Courses) Your counselor will meet with you to give you the application. 2

3 Review from 11th Grade Assignments from last Spring: Research colleges/Visit campuses Take SAT and/or ACT with Writing Create and save resume Athletes 3

4 SAT SAT -$52.50  October 11Register by Sept. 12  November 8Register by Oct. 9  December 6Register by Nov. 6  Check the website for Spring dates Fee waivers available for students on free/reduced lunch (see your counselor) 4

5 ACT ACT - $54.50 (Plus Writing)  September 13Register by Aug. 8  October 25Register by Sept. 19  December 13Register by Nov. 7  Check the website for Spring dates Fee waivers available for students on free/reduced lunch (see your counselor). 5

6 College Applications/ONLINE Texas public 4-year colleges: Many applications opened August 1 st Use the Fall 2015 application for undergraduates Follow instructions and PROOFREAD before you hit “submit”. Allow others to PROOFREAD. Deadlines are extremely important!! Check email often for correspondence from your college 6

7 Other Applications Out-of-state? Visit the college website Private? Visit the college website 2-year? Visit the college website Can’t find it? See Your Counselor Selective/Private: Some Texas private schools use Applytexas: (Baylor, DBU,HBU,Schreiner,Southwestern,U of Dallas, TCU) 7

8 Lone Star College Application : TSI placement test No SAT or ACT test score required – but the scores can be used for placement A Lonestar Rep visits KCHS several times a month – Let your counselor know if you would like to meet with a Lonestar representative. 5/10/2015 8

9 Transcripts OFFICIAL transcripts must be sent from Klein Collins directly to college or scholarship committee. Fill out a request form (available online and in counseling office.) Transcripts are $2.00 each Give form and cash to Mrs. Morales – registrar office Send transcripts for admissions now; send final transcript when you accept admissions offer--final transcripts are mailed in June. A final transcript must be requested! 9

10 GPA/Rank Preliminary rank: 845 seniors Top 10% 5.57-4.71 Top 25% 4.71-4.08 Top 50% 4.08-3.39 Our GPA scale is considered a 4.0+ weighted scale Final ranking released late February 5/10/2015 10

11 Rank and test score info UH – Deadline Dec 1st Top 15% automatically admitted by Dec. 1 st deadline (after Dec. 1 st, Top 10% Auto. Admit.) Top 50% with 1100 on SAT CR+M or ACT 24 SHSU Top 10% automatically admitted Top 25% 850 SAT CR+M or 17 ACT 2 nd Quarter 930 SAT or 19 ACT 3rd Quarter 1030 SAT or 22 ACT 4th Quarter 1140 SAT or 25 ACT Texas State Top 10% automatically admitted Top 50% Sat 1010/ACT 22 5/10/2015 11

12 Letters of Recommendation These are not mandatory; check college requirements Select someone that knows you well ! Complete the Student Information Form (BLUE) ( Available in the counseling office or on the KCHS website) Give a copy of the BLUE form to each person from whom you request a letter—2 week advance notice!!! Keep a copy for your files Provide a STAMPED, ADDRESSED envelope 5/10/2015 12

13 Financial Aid Loans: you pay back/must qualify Grants: you do not pay back/must qualify Work Study—employment through the university/must qualify apply January 1st—parents/students must have tax info ready. NOW get PIN for you and a parent to sign application electronically 5/10/2015 13

14 Scholarships Scholarships: FREE money—you do not pay back KCHS List: Posted online: http://kleincollins.kleinisd.net USE Search: employers, churches, college financial aid offices, organizations, etc. There are few “Full Rides”—many students borrow and work while in college “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Beware of scams! 5/10/2015 14

15 3 Things… 1. Application 2. SAT/ACT Scores 3. Official Transcript These are the 3 things that are needed to complete a college application. 5/10/2015 15

16 UT-Austin  December 1 st - Application and scholarship deadline Top 7% Auto Admit Holistic review of a complete application (academic/personal achievement & special circumstances) Engineering—SAT Subject Test Math required/Math Readiness Scores 5/10/2015 16

17 Texas A&M December 1st - Application and Scholarship deadline Top 10% Auto Admit Top 25% must have: 1300 SAT (600 CR/math) or 30 ACT (27 English and math) Academic Admits 13% 5/10/2015 17

18 College Reps @ KCHS 9/3Rice University 9/17HARN (Houston Area Recruiters Network) 10 colleges during lunches 9/25 USTA during lunches 10/2 BAYLOR during lunches 10/9COLLEGE NIGHT @ Champion Forest Baptist Church church 6-9:00 p.m. Financial Aid presentations (6:00) for parents/students 10-22Sam Houston State University – Mobile Go Unit (sign up today) 10-29Lone Star College – Mobile Go Unit (sign up today) 10/31 University of Arkansas during lunches 12/3 UT Tyler during lunches Pay attention to the loop/announcements!!!!!!!! 5/10/2015 18

19 Questions? Visit our website to view this PowerPoint. Pay attention to deadlines. Check your email. Take Action. Sign up for Mobile Go Units Parent Meeting – (before Open House) Tuesday, Sept. 9 th 5:30 pm. Auditorium 5/10/2015 19

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