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34 th Annual Birding Lecture Day Hannukah, December 2 nd, 2013 1,100 guests in Smolarsh Auditorium, Tel Aviv University Photos: Gilad Ben Zvi, Uri Peleg,

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1 34 th Annual Birding Lecture Day Hannukah, December 2 nd, 2013 1,100 guests in Smolarsh Auditorium, Tel Aviv University Photos: Gilad Ben Zvi, Uri Peleg, Gilad Friedman Prepared and edited by: Yossi Leshem




5 This year, for the first time, computerized registration!


7 Amir Balaban and Alen setting up their stand

8 The hall was chock-a-block full


10 Ronni Aviv from Gilman’s “Elite coffee shop” provided the “fuel” for the guests…


12 Checking out the new portal

13 Once again Lyman Shlisel provided great sweets. Selling booth for Hoopoe Fund products (Adi and Leah Lavi)

14 Photographic competition in memory of Amit Geffen


16 Registration for the Eilat birding festival

17 This year Dan Alon initiated an exhibition of the achievements of the Israel Ornithological Center, the Latrun Center and the Hoopoe Fund with twenty 100 x 70 cm posters that attracted high interest from the guests


19 Gershon Peleg, former CEO of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), an enthusiastic bird watcher, with Noam Weiss

20 David Glasner, Director of the Birding Center at Kfar Ruppin (“Stork’s Bill”) continues to perform every year…

21 … and Gilad ben Zvi Assaf Mayrose

22 To the left: the photographer Yossi Eshbol, and to his left Maj. Gen. Itzik Eitan From the right: Yossef Kiat and Arad ben David

23 Maj. Gen. (Reserves) Herzel Bodinger, President of the Air Force Association and retired Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force with Yossi Prof. Neri Laufer and Amotz Zehavi, already working on a new research collaboration…

24 Dr. Yonni Wartman and Gilad Friedman

25 Ronni Livneh – a talented photographer and bird watcher… Dr. Leonid Dinevitch and Anat Levi

26 Nadav Israeli … and Meidad Goren

27 Yehuda Saviner and Abba Gedalia – ZAKA volunteer, and avid bird watcher. Yehuda began medical studies this year at the Technion. Next year (God willing) there will be more Orthodox participants!

28 Reut Assor organizes all the lecturers’ presentations

29 The audience settles down for the birding lecture day

30 1,100 guests participated in the lecture day!

31 H.E. Ambassador Liang- Jen Chang of Taiwan with the President of the Technion, Prof. Peretz Lavi

32 Unbelievable! Azaria Alon and Ruth don’t miss any of the annual lecture days! (even though he is already 95!)

33 Prof. Peretz Lavi, President of the Technion, and Prof. Lena, his wife

34 (From the right) Reuven Pinski, senior Division Head in the national heritage program of the Prime Minister’s Office, and (on left) Amir Halevi, Director of the Ministry of Tourism, were the guests of honor together with the Vice President of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Yoav Henis

35 Reuma Weizman, wife of the State President, Ezer of blessed memory, an avid nature lover, almost never misses the annual lecture day


37 To right: Dov Litvinoff, Head of Tamar Regional Council, and Taiwanese Ambassador Below: Reuven Pinski, Amir Halevi and Prof. Yoav Henis

38 On the stage of honor

39 Reuven Pinski and Prof. Yoav Henis making their speeches

40 Amir Halevi making his speech, and Dan Alon, convening the scholarship ceremony in the name of the fallen


42 Hagar, Shulamit Hefter’s daughter and granddaughter, coming to award the certificate to Dubik Tal, CEO of the Israel Salt Industries

43 Shulamit Hefter made a gift: hand embroidered Eskimo picture of an owl

44 Dubik Tal, CEO of the Israel Salt Industries and former Chief Armor Officer, received a certificate of appreciation in memory of Eyal Hefter, a tankist who fell 40 years ago




48 Or-li, sister of Gidi Zakai of blessed memory, awards the certificate to Dov Litvinoff, Mayor of Tamar Regional Council (Dead Sea)



51 Hadassi Shamir coming to the stage to award the prize to Ronni Kinderman and the Zukim School


53 For the first time, Hezi, the son of Motti Bachri of blessed memory who fell in Lebanon in 1984 when Hezi was 7 years old, came to the ceremony. Avraham Bachri, Motti’s brother, helps us every year in organizing the lecture day


55 Certificate in memory of Manel abu Alhija of blessed memory, who played an important role in the project “Yes to a bird”


57 Manel’s husband, Attaf, was very emotional in the ceremony

58 Technion President, Prof. Peretz Lavi, presented his wonderful photographs of flocks of starlings, and also explained the mathematical-physical significance of the flock behavior and the synchronized turning – everybody was fascinated!



61 Prof. Neri Laufer (who until a year ago headed the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospitals) also had everybody fascinated and showed how the world leader on fertility also takes photographs on a high level – what a combination!!



64 Yoav Perlman presented the new portal and the surveys on the subject of biological diversity


66 Jucha (Yosef Avi Yair Engel) from the President’s residence, and Nir Papai, VP Nature Conservation at the SPNI


68 Sorrel Ritter talked about global warming, as a representative of Al Gore’s organization


70 Prof. Yoram Yom Tov presents the influence of climate change on bird populations


72 Yossef Kiat lectures about the achievements of bird ringing

73 Photographic competition in the name of Amit Geffen of blessed memory






79 Afternoon session opens with the spectacular photographs of Maj. Gen. (Reserves) Itzik Eitan



82 Dr. Yonni Wartman lectures about sex and swallows


84 Jonathan Merav presents his experiences participating in the birding marathon at Cape May, and about the realization of the vision at the birding festival in Eilat


86 The story of the bigamy of the Barn Owls found by Ezra Haddad from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority

87 See you at the 35 th birding lecture day in Hannukah 2014! Photograph: Ezra Haddad

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