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SENIOR INFORMATION Class of 2014. Agenda Are you ready for graduation? Graduation Information Activity Information Senior All-Night Party Information.

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2 Agenda Are you ready for graduation? Graduation Information Activity Information Senior All-Night Party Information

3 Advisory Task Deadline Were due to advisory teacher in January Seniors who have not completed all of their advisory tasks will not be able to pick-up their cap & gown until all tasks have been completed There will be a senior make-up session on June 5 th for seniors who have not met their advisory requirements (which includes clock hours as well as the tasks) – See counselor or case manager for more information Please see your advisory teacher if you have “unfinished business” in advisory or questions about your advisory grade

4 Night School Credit Deadline  CHS seniors attending night school that want to participate in the CHS graduation ceremony, must have all night school work turned in by: Thursday MAY 29, 2014

5 The deadline to have Semester 2 work completed is SENIORS LAST DAY: Wednesday June 4 th By 3:10 P.M. Transcripts are not finalized until June 15 th

6 Scholarship Night: Monday, May 12, 2014 in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) – Welcome Reception begins at 6:00pm – Students must be present by 6:15pm to receive instructions – Scholarship Recognition Evening program begins at 7:00pm Students will receive a formal invitation to attend the event. Parents and Community Members are Encouraged to Attend

7 Senior Surveys Before your cap and gown can be picked up, ALL seniors will need to complete the Senior Exit Survey for 2014. – This survey is found on the Family Connections website – As usual, use your 9 digit student I.D. number and 6 digit DOB. The site is open for survey completion from NOW to May 7. If you have questions please see your counselor.

8 Senior To-Do List May 1 st – Enrollment Confirmation Deadline for 4 year colleges Request final transcript on “Family Connection” before July 1 st – 2 year, 4 year & military

9 Graduation Participation Eligibility ONLY students who have passed ALL the required courses/credits will walk! NOTE: Currently scheduled required courses, such as World Lit, Econ & Poli Sci, and Gov’t & Cit MUST be passed! Pass the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments GRAD Tests in Reading, Writing and Math. All Advisory Tasks including Senior Advisory Task: Resume. 1 years of 4 X 4 schedule 3 year of 6 X 2 schedule 33 credits needed for graduation

10 Other Requirements: Graduation participation fee $30.00 NO fines or fees outstanding Lunch / check with Cashier – Beginning May 23 rd, seniors will not be allowed to have a negative lunch balance Library / check with Media Center Class books / check with the Guidance Office Activities / check with Activities Office

11 Students and parents will be notified prior to the ceremony if they are unable to participate.

12 Attendance Appeals for Seniors Senior Appeals – Wednesday, June 4, 2014 from 2:55pm to 4pm in the East Conference Room – Room 102 Appeal forms must be signed and returned no later than 2:50pm on Tuesday, June 3 rd Appeals will be processed on a first come, first served basis Make sure you are talking to your teachers!!!

13 Graduation Night!



16 Graduation Information Dates to Remember Graduation Seating will be by advisory – Senior advisories will be assigned a row – Will be delivered to advisories by May 7 th Graduation Participation Fee – Was due the beginning of April / Get to Ms. Haskins ASAP – Cash or Check payable to Centennial High School ($30) May 21 st – Cap, Gown, & Tassel Distribution – Hallway across from Band Room (Lunches) – Early Grads., PSEO, Others – starting 11am

17 Wednesday, June 4 – Seniors Last Day of School Wednesday, June 4 – Graduation Rehearsal – Seniors are in class Advisory,1, 2 & 3 – Immediately after 3 rd period (Mandatory – West Gym) – Pizza will be provided Saturday, June 7 th – Graduation Ceremony – 1pm (students must be there by 11:30am) Diploma Pick-Up – Immediately after the ceremony – West Main Office (After 9am June 9 th )

18 Graduation General Information Transportation to Roy Wilkins Auditorium for students (parents can also ride) – Depart from front of CHS-W at 11:10am – Sign-up on the CHS website by May 30 th – Ms. Pierson / West Office Graduation Check-In – Roy Wilkins 11:30am (Main Level please follow signs) – Line-up at 12pm Graduation Ceremony – Friday, June 7 – 1pm – Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN

19 Graduation Participation Fee – $30 – Auditorium Rental & Security – Beginning of April – should have already paid Tickets/Seating – Unlimited seating – No tickets are needed Cap & Gown Free of Charge – Only sanctioned cords, tassels, & stoles allowed

20 Graduating with Honors and/or Distinction Honor Students – Gold Tassel / Honorable Mention (3.0) - $8 – Gold Cord / Honors (3.667) - $9 – Gold Stole / Highest Honors (3.92) - $20 Graduating with Honors is based on all credits earned through the first semester of your senior year. All first semester work (i.e. – granted incompletes) should already be completed in regard to graduating with Honors A list of Honors students will be posted mid-May in the office window of the W-building

21 Graduating with Honors and/or Distinction Graduate with Distinction – Completion of 14.5 Honor Credits – Distinction Medal – Students who meet qualifications after second semester credits (note – different than Graduating with Honors) – See Ms. Pierson if you have questions on eligibility

22 Specialty Honor Cords National Honor Society – NHS Cord (no charge) – See Mr. Anderson for eligibility Student Council – Student Council Cord (no charge) – See Mr. Poppleton for eligibility Peer Leaders – Peer Leader Cord ($9) – See Ms. Eaton for eligibility These will be available for purchase on May 14 th from the cashier

23 Auxiliary Aids and Services Handicapped Seating – Sign-up is online on CHS website Sign Language Interpreter Assistive Listening Kits Call Ms. Pierson (763-792-5002) – By May 15 th

24 Parking Information A complete list of available parking ramps are located in the “CHS Senior Information” section of our website Maps are available in West Main Office

25 Information Available Senior Information Sheet – CHS Webpage – Campus Messenger

26 Graduation is a recognition of the Class of 2014. This is a time that the entire community celebrates and honors you as a class.

27 This is a milestone and for most is an incredibly important event. Please don’t spoil the event for yourself or for others by not being respectful.

28 I will ask that you allow each graduate his/her moment as they cross the stage. There will be grandparents and relatives that have traveled many miles to witness their graduate crossing the stage, so be respectful.

29 We’re counting on you to help make this event one filled with school and community pride.

30 Smoke Free Facility Roy Wilkins Auditorium is a smoke free facility This is a school event; therefore, smoking is not allowed Students who violate this rule will forfeit their participation in this event

31 Activity Information Senior Tailgate Breakfast – Wednesday, June 4 th – Attendance will be taken for first period Senior Boat Dance – May 9 th

32 Senior All-Night Party The party is a lock-in at the Centennial High School East Building Admission will be from 10 pm, doors will close at 11 pm on Saturday, June 7, 2014. You must wear your Senior All-Night Party T-shirt. No one may leave the party early unless they are picked up by their parents and signed out. There will be a monitored baggage room to store your prizes and other personal belongings. No outside food or beverages allowed (It will be provided for you) All regular school policies apply for behaviors and chemicals

33 Be Safe, Smart and Aware Many accidents relating to texting, alcohol and drug use occur during this time of the year. We are not invincible. Please use good judgment as we approach graduation parties and end of the year celebrations; you have many great memories ahead of you.

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