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Lafayette Area Quiz Bowl History, Development, Successes, Resources.

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1 Lafayette Area Quiz Bowl History, Development, Successes, Resources

2 Time Line 1995 – 1998 Several Lafayette-area teachers begin to meet informally to share ideas. The idea for a Quiz Bowl develops. 1998 Quiz Bowl with Spanish and French has inauguration. 1998 – Present Quiz Bowl has grown to approximately 10 schools, 500 students, includes German and involves a talent show.

3 Why and how Quiz Bowl has endured… A core group of energetic teachers in the same general region wanted to share the energy of their programs with each others’ students. While several key founding members have moved on from the area, Quiz Bowl has developed into a tradition, and a focus for the competitive energy and friendly rivalry that World Language students don’t always get to channel. Teachers and students appreciate the camaraderie that develops as a result of planning and participating in Quiz Bowl.

4 Format of Lafayette area Quiz Bowl Held in mid-late April of each year, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday. 5:15 p.m. – 9 p.m. Students compete in teams of 4 to answer questions on vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Students compete in two levels (A = 1 st and 2 nd year; B = 3 rd and 4 th year). A mixer activity is held as students arrive at host school. A talent show is held as results are tallied. An awards presentation concludes the evening.

5 What’s required to get started? A host school where some classrooms can be used to house the competition, and a large common area would be available for a mixer and perhaps the auditorium for a talent show. Teacher volunteers to coordinate team registrations, room assignments, prizes, and questions. Student and parent volunteers for room setup and teardown.

6 What resources are available? Step-by-step implementation guideline Rules Question banks Excel spreadsheets and forms for:  Registration  Room assignments  Score keeping  Signage  Keeping track of volunteers I-AATF mini-grants for purchase of supplies to get started.

7 Where can I get the resources? From Steve Ohlhaut following the session on a flash drive. On the I-AATF web site following the conference:

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