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10/05/2015 At the theatre play tragedy comedy actor Act scene performance Plot writer stage rehearsal.

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1 10/05/2015 At the theatre play tragedy comedy actor Act scene performance Plot writer stage rehearsal

2 10/05/2015 Vocabulary: Drama. Match each word with the definiton. Acts Antagonist Plot Tragedy Comedy Melodrama Climax Exposition Theme Opposes the protagonist Major division of the play Basic idea or purpose Deals with a serious situation Reveals the facts of the play. Turning point Exaggerated and fast moving play Presents theme in an humorous way

3 10/05/2015

4 Write one word with the correct definition: AISLEAMPHITHEATREGODS AUDITORIUMBACKSTAGE BALCONYORCHESTRAPIT ……………………..-A passage through seating ……………………..-Circular or oval open-air theatre. It originates from ancient Rome. …………………….. -The part of the theatre accommodating the audience during the performance. ……………………..-The part of the stage and theatre which is out of the sight of the audience. ……………………..-Upper level in the auditorium. ……………………..-Highest balcony in the auditorium. ……………………..-Refers to the main seating area of the auditorium at floor level. ……………………..-Short for ORCHESTRA PIT. The area housing the orchestra or band. Originally, a lower section between the front of the stage and the audience,

5 10/05/2015 The Globe In the Elizabethan period, the theatre was a very popular entertainment. The poorer people stood in the central pit. Only the richer ones could sit in the roofed galleries. The performance only took place during the summer, and in the daylight because there was no electricity to light the stage. There were no microphones either, and as the spectators shouted ate and drank, it became very noisy. The actors had to repeat their lines in different places on the stage to be heard by all the audience. The Globe in London has been rebuilt exactly as it was in Shakespeare’s time.

6 10/05/2015 El Corral de Comedias This is the only theatre that still conserves its original 17th-century structure. It was created as an inn and a theatre, and served both functions. The courtyard where the stage was located has a floor area of 300 square metres. It now has capacity for 300 people and is still used for theatre performance.

7 10/05/2015 WEBQUEST Introduction : What do you know about Shakespeare? And Lope de Vega or Moliere? Have you ever thought why they are still on the stage? Do you know anything about the theatre in the 17th century? Now it is time to study the three main playwrights of England, Spain and France at that time. Task: You are going to search information about the three writers on internet. Your final product will be a comparison of the three writers.

8 10/05/2015 Process: Work in pairs. Read the questions about the three writers. Search the answer the questions you do not know using the links on this WebQuest. Dirección para encontrar la biografía de Lope de Vega. http://www.imagi- http://www.imagi- Dirección para encontrar la biografía de Moliere http://www.imagi- http://www.imagi- Dirección para encontrar la biografía de Shakespeare eare eare Write the answers on a sheet of paper. Finally, you will compare the authors and write all the common points among them: they were actors, the characters are stereotypes,….

9 10/05/2015 2.Questionnaire: Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, Moliere 1. What was his full name? 2. When and where was he born? 3. Where was he born? 4. Where did he live? 5. When and where did he die? 6. How old was he when he died? 7. What did he do? 8. What did he write, drama, poetry..? 9. How many plays did he write? 10. What type of plays did he write, tragedy, comedy? 11. What are the most well-known plays and why? 12. Why was he so famous ? 13. What are his innovations for the theatre of the time? 14. Draw a timeline of each author.

10 10/05/2015 Summary of Romeo and Juliet Romeo is totally in love with this other girl. But he goes to a party to forget her. when he's there, he sees this beautiful girl, Juliet. They both fall instantly in "love", but soon they learn that they are members of families who are fighting, the Montagues and the Capulets. So Romeo and Juliet plan to fake their deaths and run away! Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding, and Romeo thinks that Juliet is actually dead, so he kills himself. Juliet had taken a potion to put her in a deep sleep, so when she wakes up and finds Romeo dead, she kills herself. The play's moral is to not take rash action.

11 10/05/2015 Summary of Hamlet Claudius has killed Hamlet's father, the King of Denmark. Hamlet's mother married Claudius two months later because she didn't know. The guards of the castle see the ghost of Hamlet's father. And the ghost tells Hamlet that his uncle, Claudius killed him, so Hamlet went crazy. The King and Queen think that he is acting strange because he is in love with Ophelia. So they put him in a room with Ophelia to find out for sure. But Hamlet was mean to her, so his uncle thinks Hamlet knows he killed his father and that's why he's mad. Ophelia goes crazy because Hamlet says he doesn't love her and she drowns herself. Her brother blames Hamlet and challenges him to a duel. At the duel, Claudius puts poison in a glass of wine and on the swords because he wants to kill Hamlet. The Queen drinks the wine by mistake and dies. Hamlet and Ophelia's brother stab one another with the poison swords and they both die, but Hamlet kills the king just before he dies.

12 10/05/2015 Match each play with its sentence. There are these two fighting families who can't stand each other. She kills herself because she thinks her over is dead. The band of villagers enters and kills the Commander He kills the king before dying. The ghost of his father tells him that the killer was his uncle. He feels ill all the time. He plans to marry his older daughter to a physician so that he will have constant access to medical services. The Commander tries to take two of the women back to his castle. She drinks a potion to put herself in deep sleep.. Romeo and Juliet. The malade Imaginaire (The imaginare invalid). Fuenteovejuna. Hamlet

13 10/05/2015 Relación con otras áreas del curriculo :. Realización de maquetas a escala de los teatros.. Visita al Corral de Comedias.. Celebración del día del libro: 23 abril por la muerte de.Shakespeare y Lope de Vega.

14 10/05/2015 Molière

15 10/05/2015 Activitiés en Français 1. Lis une petite biographie de Molière (10 ou 15 lignes) Tu peux consulter: – http://www.toutmoliere.net – Le livre de français de 3º ESO 2. Lis un bref resumé de chacune des trois comédies. 3. Après tu dois le présenter à toute la classe oralement. 4. Classe les personnages des trois comédies: Le médecin malgré lui Le malade imaginaire L'avare

16 10/05/2015 Les personnages de ces comédies sont melangés: Classe-les par les ouvrages. v Frosine v Toinette v Lucas v Argan v Mr Robert v Beline v Angelique v Maître Jacques v Louison v Léandre v La Flèche v Thomas Diaforus v Beralde v Élise v Monsieur Bonnefoi v M. Diaforus v Cléante v Monsieur v Monsieur Fleurant v Purgon v Harpagon v Géronte v Lucinde v Mariane v Jacqueline v Valère v Martine v Sganarelle v Anselme v Cleante Médecin malgré lui Le malade imaginaire L'avare

17 10/05/2015 Faites correspondre les mots suivants: Echec Auteur Comédie Acteur Metteur en scène Théâtre Troupe Piece de théâtre Succès Tragédie Public Écrivain Dramatique Comédie Personnage Farce Drame Drama Obra de teatro Actor Farsa Tragedia Comedia Autor Tropa Dramático Fracaso Público Personaje Director de teatro Éxito Escritor Teatro Público

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