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PAF101 PAF 101 Module 1, Lecture 4 “Begin with the End in Mind” Stephen Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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1 PAF101 PAF 101 Module 1, Lecture 4 “Begin with the End in Mind” Stephen Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2 Class Agenda Announcements Module Questions TPE Topic

3 Who is new to class? Attend office hours immediately following class; they will help you get caught up. Go to 113 Maxwell immediately.

4 Skills Win! Link Use this link for Modules 1-5 on the Skills Assessment section of the module: 18 18

5 Wilson Park Community Center Write down “Wilson Park Community Center” on your Prospective Form My information for your form: Kelsey May, Write down specific dates and times you would like to volunteer. The center is open to SU volunteers the week of February 23-April 20, 2:30pm-6:30pm TA’s will give your contact information to ME and I will contact you to confirm.

6 GET INVOLVED! Do you like working with young children? Are you looking for an unique volunteer opportunity? Want to share something you’re passionate about? Get involved with the ‘Cuse Spot February Break Program! Tuesday, February 17 th – Friday, February 20 th Any time, 11:00am-4:00pm (as your schedule permits) Contact us to get involved! To be a general volunteer, please contact Sam Linnett at Application:

7 Need an excuse to buy Insomnia Cookies? Stop in TODAY!

8 Receive extra credit throughout the semester by attending any speech related to Public Policy. You may receive up to 3 points per event that you attend: 5 total events x 3 points per event = 15 possible points *These 15 points can make the difference between an A- or a B+ Extra Credit Opportunities!

9 After the event, fill out the Extra Credit Speaker Evaluation and submit it within 48 hours. Use the Extra Credit tab on the PAF website or this URL: If you do not receive an email within 48 hours after you submit your form, please contact Victoria Kim at to ensure that you get points! How Extra Credit Works!

10 Donating blood also counts for 3 extra credit points. To receive the credit you MUST: 1.Submit a separate blood drive form found under the Extra Credit tab on the PAF 101 website. 2.You must give proof of your donation to me or your TA. *You may only receive credit for donating blood twice *If you are denied because of health problems, you may still complete the form and receive extra credit once Other Extra Credit Opportunities: Blood Drives

11 calendar.aspx Use the Links Provided Below to Find Events!

12 If you are aware of any future presentations related to public policy that the class could attend, please contact Professor Coplin! Do you know of other Extra Credit Opportunities?

13 State of Democracy Lecture: Does Citizenship Require Sacrifice? Friday, February 13 in the Maxwell Auditorium 4:00-5:30 PM Panel: Kristi Andersen, Walter Broadnax, Tina Nabatchi, Robert Rubinstein, Grant Reeher

14 APA HOMEWORK Make a reference page for the information used Hand it in to your TA by Friday, 1/23 or LOSE 5 POINTS! APA Homework is on Module 1 Website

15 Module 1 Newsletter is up!

16 Competition Points As of 1/20/2015 Winners Group #Points 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 Losers

17 Module One Team Policy Exercise (TPE) A 50 point group exercise that will be introduced this class. Exercises 1.1 – 1.5 on following slides for 85 points due at the end of the module.

18 Team Policy Exercise Project Wednesday 1/21:Assignment 1 due by end of class Friday 1/23: Meet in TPE Groups, Write TPE rough draft of Assignment #2 due by end of class. Monday 1/26: Meet in TPE Groups, Bring Assignment #2 for all group members. 1 typed copy due in Maxwell 102 at 4:00pm! Wednesday 1/28: TPE Debriefing and Sign Competition

19 TPE Topic Too many underage SU students are drinking alcohol Go to download and under Mod 1, look at the TPE directions Module_1.html Module_1.html

20 Negative Outcomes Death Injuries Assaults Sexual Abuse Unsafe Sex Academic Problems Vandalism

21 TPE Assignment Write a memo to Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz, Senior Vice President and Dean Student Affairs proposing a policy to reduce underage drinking among SU students

22 Why is the TPE Reference Page Important? Last semester, the average grade for the reference was an F. So watch out for the TPE. STUDENTS LOST 80% of points on average for this section.

23 Assignments Email your TA by 8 PM TONIGHT or Lose 5 Points APA Homework due at the beginning of class on Friday 1/23 or Lose 5 Points – Click Module One on Website to get to APA exercise. Keep working on your Module 1 Paper; due Friday 1/30 Meet in TPE Groups, TPE Assignment #1 is due by end of class today. Think about and study SU Alcohol Policy For Friday, 1/23 come right to your group location

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