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Alison Nichols November 28,2007 Public Relations Campaign Proposal.

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1 Alison Nichols November 28,2007 Public Relations Campaign Proposal

2 History of WinShape Camps On the Beautiful campus of Berry College in Rome, GA… S. Truett Cathy of Chick-fil-a founded WinShape Camps in 1985 with hopes of creating a camp experience that went just a little deeper. Since then, WinShape Camps continues to shape young people through awesome camp experiences. At the core of WinShape Camps is the relentless pursuit of providing a camp environment that challenges campers to sharpen their character, deepen their Christian faith and relationships.

3 Goal of WinShape promote the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching. --Titus 2:1 We want our lady WinShapers to leave… Smiling ear to ear Loaded with memories that make the cry with laughter Knowing more about God and how to please Him Understanding what it means to be responsible with their time, talent, resources, and influence More confident in a variety of skills Wanting to return to camp next summer

4 Girl’s Camp Mission Statement Challenging girls to become more like Jesus in the way they think, believe and act. HeadHeart Hands

5 Proposed Problem Camp has such a high number of campers sign up for camp that we have to create a waiting list. Here is the breakdown by month: 10/06 - 60 11/06 - 82 12/06 - 87 1/07 - 109 2/07 - 104 3/07 - 55 4/07 - 57 5/07 - 42 6/07 - 29 July of course is at zero We have an abundant amount of campers who were put in “over flow” buildings away from the rest of their tribe. It would be beneficial to build another building so they could all be housed together.

6 Goals for Improvement Alleviate the waiting list of campers by June for all sessions. Eliminate overflow of campers in buildings other than their own tribe

7 Objectives To achieve these goals: The construction of two new villages should take place. The villages will be located on the other side of the Cherokee and Chickasaw villages (next to the gravel parking lot). This will open up more spaces for campers to come to camp each session. This will help with the “over flow” of campers into other buildings.

8 Audience 1.Chick-fil-a / WinShape Executive decision makers 2.Families of eligible campers 3.Eligible campers

9 Strategies/ Tactics It is necessary to hire more college students to be on staff. WinShape would need to hire approximately : 2 students for Tribal Leader positions 2 students for Assistant Tribal leader positions 24 students for counselor positions 6 students for Junior Counselors positions Implement some slight changes in camp: Primary Camp This would consist of the Calusa and Chippewa tribes only (2nd -4th grade) Junior Camp This would consist of only the Chickasaw tribe(5th-6th grade). Since the Chickasaw tribe is such a large age group anyway Senior Camp This would stay the same as previous summers. Senior camp is only for Cheyenne, Cherokee, and Creek tribes (7 th -12 th grade).

10 Strategies/Statistics continued A few ways to accommodate for the increase in campers…. The Auditorium- We would split the “Night Life” up. At a certain time Primary and Junior Camp will come to the auditorium for their activities. Later on in the evening, Senior camp would come to the auditorium for their “Night Life” activities. Chow Hall- Due to the increase we would have to use a little more than half of Chow Hall for meals. Also, meals would need to have a 5- 10 minute increase, meals are served buffet style. 1 st new building- Chickasaw will probably be in this building. 2 TL’s, 2 ATL’s, and 6 JC’s altogether 2 nd new building- this building will be for whatever tribe needs it. Cherokee or Cheyenne will probably need it the most.

11 Calendar of Events November 07- January 08 A complete needs assessment and study will take place February 08 Propose plan for improvement with dates collected March 08 Meet with Chick-fil-a Executive officers to present plan in person. Also meet with architect to begin building plans

12 Calendar of Events continued April – September 08 Construction begins on new additions October 08 Move into new facilities The waiting list has been alleviated for future campers. Also, overflow campers will be occupying the same village as their tribe.

13 Budget There are many costs that will come about through the construction of these tow buildings. Here is a breakdown of all the proposed future costs: Cost of Buildings/Landscape/and Furnishing Salary of Staff Price of camp may have to have a slight increase due to the construction of the buildings

14 Budget continued Cost of Buildings (including furnishing) $750,000 Grating/Landscape$10,000 Salary of new Staff$18,000 Total of all expenses $778,000

15 Evaluation Camper Survey Parent Survey with comments Staff Feedback Corporate Decision makers Finished and enlarged camp in October 2008

16 References Effective Public Relations, Ninth Edition Tricia Watts – Girl’s Camp Intern: WinShape Camps Debbie Foley – Administrative Assistant: WinShape Camps Trudy Cathy White – Girl’s Camp Director: WinShape Camps Bob Skelton – WinShape College Program: WinShape Camps

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