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Mapping Maycomb To Kill a Mockingbird.

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1 Mapping Maycomb To Kill a Mockingbird

2 Maycomb Tribune Meridian Highway Methodist Church Morphodite O.K. Café Old Saurum Outhouse(s) Pecan trees Post office Radley Railroad Red geraniums Reynolds Rivers Robinson Side Street Sykes Tate Tim Johnson Tree house Tyndall's V.J. Elmore's Zeebo Atkinson Atticus Office Auditorium Avery Bank Baptist church Barber Shop Barker's Eddy Calpurnia Camilla Garden Caroline Cemetery Collard Patch(es) Courthouse Crawford Deas Deer Pasture Dew Drop Inn Dubose Dump Ewell Finch Finch's Landing Fire First Purchase M.E. Fish Pond Football fields Garden(s) Grade school Harris Haverford High school Jacobs Jail Jitney Jungle Knothole Lamppost Little Lula Main Residential Street


4 Make your OWN Map

5 It may take a couple of tries to get everything in the right place…

6 Just do your best and don’t slack…. at all…. ever
Just do your best and don’t slack….at all….ever. That’s the definition of “Do Your Best”….

7 You May Surprise Yourself!




11 You Will Be Graded On: Accuracy of Places/People Neatness
Time Management Detail Color Effort Quotes

12 The Inevitable Question:
Why are we doing this?

13 Oh, yeah….and this is a BIG grade!
This assignment encourages you to read carefully, take good mental notes, and then use that to help you understand the setting of the book. Lee included these details about the setting for a reason. Plus, this long-term project requires time-management and organizational skills. Oh, yeah….and this is a BIG grade! HUGE BIG

14 Don’t panic too much though…
As long as you work well with your group, this project can be a lot of fun and will really help you understand the setting!

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