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Parent / Student Meeting February 4, 2014 Class of 2014.

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1 Parent / Student Meeting February 4, 2014 Class of 2014

2 Mira Costa PTSA Thank you for your support! PTSA President: Tami Brothers

3 Thank you for giving! As a result of your generous contributions we are able to maintain critical programs such as: guidance counselors college and career counselors teachers for smaller class sizes the librarian science lab assistant a portion of every music teacher Every contribution helps!


5 Agenda Welcome Senior /Year End Activities Grad Nite Graduation College and Career Center Information Final Transcripts

6 2nd Semester Senior Calendar Available on the Mira Costa Website

7 GRAD NITE Elise Johnson Chairperson

8 General Senior Information Announcement Distribution – April 3rd Auditorium at Snack & Lunch Cap & Gown Distribution – May 28th Auditorium at Snack & Lunch Graduation Tickets - 4 Per Student Each ticket admits 2 Tickets distributed with Cap & Gown

9 General Information Graduation /Sr. Recognition Speaker/Performers - Applications available- March 3rd - Due to Ms Owen by March 28 th Rm 15 - Auditions - Thurs. April 24 th Senior Finals: -6/11Periods 5 and 6 -6/12Periods 3 and 4 -6/13Periods 1 and 2

10 General Information Senior Meeting and Breakfast Waller Stadium Friday, June 13 th -10:00 AM Senior Recognition - Awards and Scholarships - Monday, June 16, 2014- 7:00pm MCHS Auditorium. (Students will be notified if they will be recognized that evening )

11 General Information Graduation Practice - MANDATORY-Wed., June 18, 2014- 1:30 - 3:00 PM Waller Stadium Graduation - Thursday, June 19, 2014, 5:00 PM, Waller Stadium. (ALL seniors MUST meet on the North Field by 3:45 PM!) Grad Nite – Info. Daily Bulletin and the MCHS Web

12 W Diploma Distribution When:Friday, June 27th Where:Main Office/Reception Area Time: 8:00 – 11:00 AM 1:00 – 3:00 PM

13 College and Career Center Information Scholarship Notebooks- Due 2/27 by the end of lunch! Financial Aid (FAFSA) deadline- March 2, 2014 GPA Verification-filed electronically Advanced Placement Exams - May

14 College and Career Center National Reply Date – May 1 Student may accept only one college Wait List Appeals Acceptances are Provisional

15 College Placement Exams UC Writing Placement Exam College Placement Exams for CSU’s ELM (Math) EPT (English) Community College Applications & Placement Testing

16 Senior Survey Seniors must update the Naviance College List, submit a signed copy to the CCC, and submit a copy of their college acceptance letter by May 5, 2014 Final Transcript will be sent to the school indicated on the Naviance Form Cost – Free!

17 Congratulations and Thank You Parents and Students Class of 2014 Special Thanks To: MBEF PTSA MBx

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