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1 Welcome

2 Teacher’s Identity Dist.: Tangail
Name: Md.Bul bul Husain Post: Assistant Teacher (English) School’s Name: Chantara Gano High School Upazilla: Ghatail Dist.: Tangail

3 Lesson Information Class- Seven Sub: English First Paper
Unit- Three, Lesson-one Time: 50 minutes Date:




7  Prize-giving day at school
Title of the lesson  Prize-giving day at school

8 Learning outcomes # ask and answer questions.
By the end of the lesson, learners will have to- # ask and answer questions. # talk about familiar events. # read and understand texts. # write short compositions.

Visit- Ceremony- Eminent- Praise- Out standing- go to see a person or place function people having lots of power and influence speak highly of something or somebody extremely good

10 SS to read the text in section ‘B’

11 Individual Work a) Farabi is Flora’s cousin.
Write whether the statements are true or false. If false give the correct information. a) Farabi is Flora’s cousin. b) They study in different school. c) Farabi has come to visit Flora. d) They are talking about school. e) The school auditorium was decorated brightly.

12 Pair work  Read the text again and complete the passage with the verbs from the text. Give their correct forms. At the end of the prize-giving function there (a)..... a cultural show. The students (b)..... songs, danced and (c)..... a one-act play. It (d)..... so good that every one (e)..... highly of it.

13 Correct answer Match your answers. (a) was (b) sang (c) staged (d) was
(e) spoke

14 Group Work (a) Who was the chief guest at the function?
 Read the text again and answer the following questions. (a) Who was the chief guest at the function? (b) How was the auditorium decorated? (c) Where was the prize-giving function held? (d) What did the Head teacher do at the beginning of the function? (e) How many prizes did Farabi get?

15 Correct answer Match your answers.
(a) The Principal of PN college was the chief guest at the function. (b) The auditorium was decorated brightly. (c) The prize-giving function was held in the school auditorium. (d) The Head teacher read out the annual report. (e) Farabi got two prizes.


17 Evaluation  Do you have a sports day at your school? Now write about it in your note book.

18 Home Work Write the main idea of the text.

19 Thank You

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