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Academics, Arts, Athletics, Citizenship Regional Arts Info. Night If you are parked in a non-designated parking space (eg. grass, fire route, etc), please.

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1 Academics, Arts, Athletics, Citizenship Regional Arts Info. Night If you are parked in a non-designated parking space (eg. grass, fire route, etc), please move your car immediately. Overflow parking can be found at James Grieve Public School, just north of the Recreation Centre. Drama & Dance: Auditorium Bussing: Foyer (Dance to Gym C after presentation for breakout session) Visual Arts: Cafeteria Music: Gym A/B

2 Students enrolled in Mayfield RAP:  Dance  Drama  Music  Visual Arts  study a full range of academic credit courses leading to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma  Extra curricular clubs and sports

3  Strong Academics  EQAO OSSLT (Literacy) 92%  EQAO Math85% (Academic)  60 % Applied  Strong athletic program, many extracurricular clubs.  Safe and caring school environment

4  Grade 8 students must be residents in Peel Region, and live north of the 401, for the RAP program  proof of residency is required prior to an audition  students in the public, Catholic and private systems are welcome to apply  out-of-region students who meet the criteria may also be considered

5  demonstrated ability, potential, energy, enthusiasm, desire, self-discipline, and a 4 year commitment to the Arts and Academic courses  record of good attendance  a strong commitment to academic success

6  Completed applications will be accepted online starting October 16 th The last day to submit the Application package is November 11 th by 11:59 p.m. ◦ No Elementary teacher referrals are required with this application

7 ◦ Notice of Use of Information Form ◦ Student/parent questionnaire; ◦ Non-Peel must provide most recent Grade 8 report card, Final Grade 7 report card, ◦ If applicant has an IEP it must be provided, ◦ parent/guardian information and student information section; ◦ $40 non-refundable audition fee

8  Audition dates- January 22, 23, and 26 between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Audition appointments will be assigned online at the time of application  Audition requirements are specified in the audition package provided in the breakout sessions following this presentation.

9  Offers will be emailed to successful applicants on Feb.2nd, 2015. Students will receive all program offers on this day. If students apply to multiple programs, they may receive more than one offer. If students do not receive an offer on this day, it doesn’t mean they will not be provided a spot in a program. They may get into a program during the next round of offers.

10 If students do not accept spots in a program by Feb. 6 th, second round offers will go out on Feb. 9 th. Once students make program decisions, they cannot change their minds and accept spots in different regional programs. This means the program you accept an offer from by Feb. 6th is the program you will attend in September 2015. Regional program schools will send second round offers on Feb. 9th, 2015

11  Orientation sessions will be held at Mayfield for each discipline in late April and May. Notice regarding the date will be provided when your acceptance is confirmed. Orientation Sessions

12  To accept an offer, you will need to reply by the deadline. You will need to reply to the offer email you receive.  When you confirm program participation, you will be asked to pay your program fees. Directions will be provided.  Students will only be officially admitted into the program once program fees are received.  Fees will be paid for online using a third-party service provider. If you don’t have a credit card or bank card, fees can be paid in-person with a cheque made payable to the school.

13  RAP students are expected to: ◦ Maintain overall academic achievement/effort that reflects individual potential, i.e. working at or striving for Level 3 in all subject areas ◦ Maintain good attendance and punctuality; ◦ Maintain high levels of participation and responsibility in the RAP program and all other courses

14 All students will be placed in regional programs by Feb. 20, 2015. Out of Region students will be considered in the second round of offers.

15 ◦ Rap students are expected to commit to the full 4 year program – 2 RAP credits per year ◦ Supporting student success – students experiencing academic difficulties will meet in consultation with their parents, vp and counsellor ◦ Withdrawal or demission from the program may necessitate returning to your home school as per board policy

16 GRADE 9 TimetableGrade 11 Timetable Semester One Period 1 - MathPeriod 1 - English Period 2 – RAP CoursePeriod 2 - Math Period 3 - LunchPeriod 3 – Rap course Period 4 – FrenchPeriod 4 – Lunch Period 5 - SciencePeriod 5 - Optional Semester Two Period 1 – Phys Ed.Period 1 – Rap Course Period 2 - GeographyPeriod 2 - Lunch Period 3 - RAP CoursePeriod 3 - Science Period 4 - LunchPeriod 4 - Optional Period 5 - EnglishPeriod 5 - Optional

17  Required RAP – 8 successfully earned RAP credits

18  Secondary School with access to specialized arts curriculum and programs facilities: ◦ All RAP courses follow the Ministry guidelines for Music, Dance, Drama. and Visual Arts ◦ These course outlines are available for viewing on the Ministry website

19 ◦ Academic and Applied level students can take RAP ◦ Broad range of courses ◦ Special Education support for students studying with an IEP

20  Next year’s RAP fee is $200 to support Arts program initiatives and enhancements

21  Regular school bus service is provided for students living within Mayfield Secondary School boundaries – North of Mayfield sideroad  Private transportation arrangements need to be made for students who live outside Mayfield home school boundaries – information will be available at the time of acceptance

22  Go to the additional information session tonight for the area you would like to audition for  At the end of the presentation and questions, audition packages will be available

23 Dance Gym C Music Gym A/B Visual Arts Cafeteria Drama Auditorium Bussing Information will be available in Foyer throughout the evening

24 Mayfield Secondary School Thank you for attending. Academics, Arts, Athletics, Citizenship

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