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Standley Middle School Four Year Plan Presentation.

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1 Standley Middle School Four Year Plan Presentation

2  Introduction  Math Course Sequence  SAMPLE Sequence of Study (Mathematics)  Four Year Plan Review  Graduation Requirements  Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)  SDUSD Graduation Requirements  Calculating My CGPA  Exit/Entrance Requirements Overview

3  Additional Requirement Information  California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)  Dates To Remember  Freshman Check List  Final Words  Questions

4 My High School Plan SDUSD Graduation Requirements (Write in 6 courses for each year in grades 9-12.) Middle School Credits 9101112 a.History/Social Science (3 years required) X World History US History Government/Econ a.English ( 4 years required) English 1,2 English 3,4 American Lit. Contemporary Voices or World Lit. a.Mathematics (3 years required) Algebra/Inter. Algebra/Geom.Geom./Inter. Algebra/ a.Science (3 years required) Earth Science/AP Environmental Science Chemistry Biology 1,2 a.World Languages (2 years required) Spanish 3,4/5,6/French 5,6 Spanish 5,6/7,8 French 7,8 a.Visual and Performing Arts ( 1 year required) a. Electives  Physical Education (2 years required- must pass the fitness gram) PE PE PE (if you did not pass the fitness gram) PE (if you did not pass the fitness gram) Total Credits 44 required

5  44 credits grades 9 -12  Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher  Citizenship Grades of 2.0 or better  California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)  Senior Exhibition  Internship

6  A 2.0 GPA is required in grades 9-12 for graduation.  For most courses GPA is computed on a 4 point scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0  GPA is also required for participation in: co- curricular activities, interscholastic athletics and senior activities including promotional ceremony  Weighted GPA- Only Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses will be given a weighted grade point.

7  A = 4  B = 3  C = 2  D = 1  F = 0 Note AP Course ADD an Additional 1 Point to Grades of “ C ” or Better. A Student Earns An: A B B C What is Their CGPA??? 12 points / 4 =3.00

8 SDUDS High School Exit Requirements California State Entrance Requirements University of California Entrance Requirements Entrance Requirements English 4 years 4 yrs college prep ( including 9 th grade) Mathematics 3 years 3 yrs ( algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra ) (4+ rec.) Social Studies 3 years World, US, Gov./Econ. 2 years a)1 US History + Social Studies b) ½ US History and ½ Civics or Amer. Gov. + 1 Social Studies 2 years a)1 US History + Social Studies b) ½ US History and ½ Civics or Amer. Gov. + 1 Social Studies Science 3 years w/ lab 2 years w/lab 2 years w/ lab (3+ rec.) World Languages Starting with the class of 2016 2 years 2 years (3+ rec.) Fine or Practical Arts 3 semesters ( 2 fine arts + 1 practical art ) or ( 2 world lang. + 1 fine/practical art ) 1 year visual or performing arts Physical Education 2 years Electives 11 semesters 1 year

9 Students must successfully complete a computer course or pass the district computer test that includes competence on typing speed, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access applications. The 7th grade science courses will also satisfy the requirement.

10  Beginning w/the class of 2016, all California high school students must pass the CAHSEE in order to receive a high school diploma  2 parts: reading/writing & math  Not timed but can take up to 5 ½ hrs  If students do not pass, a Certificate of Attendance will be given  Must also pass the fitness gram or take PE all four years

11  Community College  Technical/Trade Schools (Vocational)  Apprentice Programs  Armed Forces

12 Stay In School !!!

13 UC High Parent Night Thursday, February 7th UC High Auditorium @ 6:00pm Standley Parent Night TBA Standley Auditorium UC High Articulation (Students only) Thursday, February 14th and 21st Standley Auditorium (during science class) “College-Making It Happen” Night TBA Standley Auditorium

14  Review 4-Year High School Plan with parent, guardian Visit UCHS High Website, at:  Begin practicing more effective study/time management skills  Begin to look into extracurricular activities and community service.  Go on Naviance and check out the college/career info.

15  Speak with counselor when questions do arise  Review your transcript to assure the contents are accurate.  Take college preparatory courses.

16 The Counseling Center...

17 Brenda Wilson 7 th and 6 th Grade Phyllis Meredith 8th Grade Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays

18  A-ESP Michelle Barnier x 224  ESQ-LEV Sherryl Godfrey x223  Phone number: 858-457-3040  LEW-RIO Maurico Barrientos x 219  RIV-Z Teem Osborn x222

19 Because of the variation in college entrance requirements, it should be understood that meeting high school graduation requirements does not guarantee entrance to specific colleges. Catalogs of the colleges to which admission is sought should be reviewed for specific course preparation and admission policies.

20 Questions??? Thank You For Your Time

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