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1 Infomeeting – Fall 2010 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Last update: 2010-08-18,

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1 1 Infomeeting – Fall 2010 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Last update: 2010-08-18, 15:15

2 2 Exchange students  Welcome  Checklist  It’s Learning/ Student Web  Course Registration  Important Dates/Meetings  Questions  Distribution of Semester Cards (for those who have not yet received theirs)

3 3 Arrival Checklist (for details see end of this presentation) oApply for RESIDENCE PERMIT oRegister and Apply for National ID Number (if staying > 6months) oGet STUDENT ID CARD oApply for E-MAIL ADDRESS/INTERNET ACCESS oOpen a BANK ACCOUNT oTake a TUBERCULOSIS TEST (if required) oApply for NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME (-if necessary) oSelect a PERSONAL NORWEGIAN PHYSICIAN oTake out HEALTH AND TRAVEL INSURANCE oREGISTER FOR COURSES oApply for a USERNAME/PASSORD for IT’S LEARNING oFAX CONFIRMATION to your university (if required by home university): contact METTE on the first floor of the International House. oUPDATE YOUR ADDRESS (at the post office and on the Studentweb)

4 4 It’s Learning  Some/most courses use an on-line information system for lecture notes, assignments, messages from the instructor, group projects and discussion groups IT’S LEARNING: Click on link!  For access you must be REGISTERED for the courseREGISTERED  Conclusion: If IT’S LEARNING is used, register ASAP or you will not have access to vital information.

5 5 Student Web: what is it? Register for courses Register for exams. Deadlines: 15 September/15 February View exam results and order transcripts of records Register your address in Trondheim Check which courses/exams you are registrated for Find out where your exams are given Withdraw from classes you have registered for Change your PIN-code To access: https://studentweb.ntnu.no Electronic system used to:

6 6 Registrating for courses Web page in Norwegian? Use:  Registrering for kurs  Ilmoittautuminen kursseille  El registre per als cursos  Inschrijven voor cursussen  Inscription pour les cours  Clárú le haghaidh cúrsaí  Регистрация на курсы  코스 등록

7 7 Useful links for registration Starting ( Click on ”Visiting and exchange students”) (descriptions, where, when, etc.) Time schedule To translate infomation input course link to Exam Step-by-step Academic Using the Student Course catalogs (some copies in Int’l House) (Norwegian only except for Int’l Masters)

8 8 Registration Checklist oPrepare a list of the courses you want to take (For tips see: oRegister on-line using STUDENTWEB (NOTE! Register for both the course AND the exam)STUDENTWEB oIf necessary, submit the Restricted Admission Course Approval FormRestricted Admission Course Approval Form oIf necessary, submit the Application to Use a Dictionary during ExamsApplication to Use a Dictionary during Exams

9 9 Course Registration:  How do I register? Register on-line using StudentWeb: see (Step-by-step ”Survival Guide”)  You need to know: Course code, course title and exam date Deadline: Fall – Sept. 15th; Spring – Feb. 15th

10 10 Course Registration- essentials:  What courses are given? On-line English catalog: ie. Course code, title,description, course materials, who’s teaching the course, language of instruction etc. Can search by subject or alphabetical listing  When is the exam? (in Norwegian) Alternative: English help file:

11 11 The essentials:  When and where are my courses given? On registration web page click on link Schedule of when and where courses are givenregistration web page Schedule of when and where courses are given  Where are the auditoriums/lectures halls/class rooms located? On registration web page click on link Lecture Halls and Auditoriums at NTNU ( )registration web page  Questions? Please ask us!! We are here to help

12 12 The finer points:  What did I sign up for when I applied? Web link or ask the Office of International Relations Web link  What else is given? Check on-line schedule, list of courses and the Norwegian catalogson-line schedule list of courses Norwegian catalogs  Can I take a course I didn’t originally apply for? YES, if you have the necessary pre-requisites Remember: If it is restricted admission you must obtain approval from the department/instructor and submit the approval form to the Office of International relations. approval form  Which department?

13 13 The finer points:  How many courses should I take? A full-time load is 30 ECTS credits per semester.  Is there an overview of courses offered in English? Yes!! NEW LINK!!  Are there any printed course catalogs? Yes, however only in Norwegian. The course titles are in English. There are different catalogs for the different faculties. Reference copies are available in the International House reception area or you can buy them at the NTNU book store.

14 14 Faculty Orientation Meetings Faculty of Humanities (HF): When: Thursday August 19th, 9:00 Where: Dragvoll campus, Bldg. 2, Auditorium D2 Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management (SVT) When: Tuesday August 24th;16:15-18 (4:15-6pm) Where: Dragvoll campus, Bldg 5, Auditorium D6 Faculty of Natural Science and Technology To be announced

15 15 Important Dates/Meetings Wednesday September 15, 2010: (Note Spring semester: February 15, 2011) Last day to register for courses/exams/use of dictionary

16 16 Remember: We are here to help you!

17 17 Checklist for International students

18 18 Checklist Residence permit National Population Register Bank Account and Tax Card Compulsory Health Check Health Insurance and the National Insurance Scheme (NAV) Personal Physician Private Insurance Policy Student ID Card E-mail Adress and Internet Access Course/Exam Registration IT’s Learning Get Pin Codes

19 19 Residence permit –> 3 months –EU/EEA students: –Apply at: –Bring passport, letter of confirmation/admission from NTNU –The European Health Insurance Card This does not apply to Nordic citizens –Students with a visa: –Register at the police to get your passport stamped –Address: Gryta 4, 7005 Trondheim (near the railway station) –Opening hours: 9.00 to 14.00 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) –Register at the police station within 7 days after arrival (as soon as possible) National Population Register –> 6 months (not Nordic citizens) –Apply for national ID-number (2 – 4 weeks)

20 20 Bank Account –Students staying more than 6 months Can open a bank account when you have received the ID number –Students staying less than 6 months Apply for a D- number in the bank Bring passport and letter of confirmation from NTNU Compulsory Health Check (tuberculosis ) –> 3 months –Only students from certain countries (see list in Arrival checklist) –The test is free Health Insurance and the National Insurance Scheme (NAV) –Non EU/EEA students staying 3-12 months: Apply for enrolment in the National Insurance Scheme Same right to medical care as Norwegian citizens –EU/EEA students: European Health Insurance Card –Nordic citicens: Covered by the National Insurance Scheme

21 21 Personal Physician (”Fastlege”) –Students staying more than 6 months You will be asked to register with a personal physician after you have received the ID –Students staying less than 6 months use the Gløshaugen Medical Centre (Legesenter) –Emergency Clinic at St. Olavs Hospital or 113 Private Insurance Policy –No insurance provided by NTNU –Non EU/EEA students: not covered by NAV when travelling outside Norway

22 22 Student ID Card –Semester card –Exchange students are exempted from paying the semester fee –Student ID-offices – Student card –Spring semester: Semester card will be sent to you by post. E-mail Address and Internet Access –Access is given by the Orakel service

23 23 Course/Exam Registration –Deadline for registering for courses and exams on the Studentweb : 15 September –It is compulsory to register by using the Studentweb. It is not sufficient that you have been accepted to a course in advance: all students must register for all courses by using the Studentweb. –Instructions are available online: –Remember to register for BOTH your courses and your exams. If you do not register for the exam, you cannot attend it. Project students and students who are writing a master’s thesis must also register this on the Studentweb.

24 24 IT’s Learning - a net based e-learning platform –After registering for your courses you get access to them on It's Learning –It's Learning is used for: Messages regarding your courses, Download lecture notes and course assignments, Discussion groups –Access: See the Checklist Get Pin Codes –Pin Codes (MIN-ID) for Online Public Services in Norway –necessary for a variety of public services

25 25 Arrival Confirmation Norwegian Language courses for beginners Information meetings: –Faculty of Humanities: 19th August, 9.00, Dragvoll campus, Bldg 2, Aud. D2 –Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management: 24th August, 16:15 -18:00, Dragvoll campus, Bldg 5, Aud. D6 –Faculty of Natural Science and Technology (to be announced)

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