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A role for neural crest in heart formation.

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12 A role for neural crest in heart formation

13 Prenatal circulation

14 Post-natal circulation


16 Atrial Septal Defects Patent foramen ovale Sinus venosus ASDPrimum-type ASD

17 Heart tube Looping Defect

18 Tetralogy of Fallot Syndrome


20 MEDI 510 (IBS 518) July 24- August 7, 2006 Human Embryology: Development and Disease Charles Saxe, Ph.D., Course Director Text: Moore, K.W., The Developing Human, W.B. Saunders Co., 7th ed., 2003 Place:Week 1: lectures and clinical correlations will be in Whitehead Auditorium Week 2: lectures and clinical correlations will be in the WHSCAB Auditorium Exams: all exams will be in the WHSCAB Auditorium Day Date Time Event Speaker Title Mon 7/24 9:00a Lect 1 Dr. Saxe Basic mechanisms of differentiation 11:00 Lect 2 Dr. Saxe Morphogenesis and cell interactions 11:45p Corr K. Torrente Intro to information retrieval at Emory Tues 7/25 9:00 Lect 3 Dr. Saxe Principlesof teratogenesis 11:00 Lect 4 Dr. Saxe Gametogenesis and fertilization 1:00p Clin Corr Dr. Mitchell Advances ininvitro fertilization Wed 7/26 9:00 Clin Corr Ms Kinlaw Neonatal ethics 10:30 Lect 5 Dr. Saxe Extra-embryonic membranes; placenta 1:00p Lect 6 Dr. Saxe Urogenital system I. Gonads Thur 7/27 9:00 Lect 7 Dr. Saxe Urogenital system II. Renal development 11:00 Clin Corr Dr. Smith Anomalies of the urinary tracts Fri 7/28 9:00 Lect 8 Dr.Moberg Ectoderm- neurulation; CNS formation 10:45 Clin Corr Dr. Sladky Congenital Neural defects ================================================================================== Mon 7/31 9:00 MIDTERM (1 hr) Tues 8/1 9:00 Lect9 Dr. Saxe Cardiovasc I. Heart,CV system Septation 10:30 Lect 10 Dr. Saxe Cardiovasc II. Congenital heart defects 11:30 Clin Corr Dr.Sutherland Common congenital heart defects Wed 8/2 9:00 Lect 11 Dr. Saxe Mesoderm I. limb and muscle; mitotic mechanisms 10:30 Lect 12 Dr. Saxe Mesoderm II. Limb and skeletal formation 1:00p Clin Corr Dr. Weil Congenital limb anomalies Thur 8/3 9:00 Lect 13 Dr. Saxe Endoderm I. Respiratory system 10:30 Lect 14 Dr. Saxe Endoderm II. Gut, Liver, Pancreas 1:00p Clin Corr Drs Nasr and Anomalies of the gut Williams Fri 8/4 9:00 Lect 15 Dr. Saxe Cancer: Developmental mechanisms in oncogenesis Mon 8/7 9:00 FINAL EXAM (2 hr)

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