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Introduction-: The science city was conceived by the National Council of science museum and its first of its kind of an educative and entertainment park.

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1 Introduction-: The science city was conceived by the National Council of science museum and its first of its kind of an educative and entertainment park set up in India. The site is located at the junction of eastern metropolitan bye pass and park circus connector with ITC Shonar Bangla Sheraton and towers in the front and energy park on its eastern side. Almost a rectangular shaped site is formed on the barren garbage dump land with degraded soil on top 6m layer of the site. Architects- Development Consultants pvt. Ltd. Completed- 1997 Zones-: The complex is divided into the following zones: 1. Public: Gate Complex- 1352 sqm. Space Odyssey Hall and Dynamotion- 9200 sqm. 2. Semi Public: Convention Centre- 23117 sqm. Main Auditorium- 2232 sitting capacity Mini Auditorium- 392 sitting capacity Seminar Halls- 6 in number 3. Private: Administrative Areas Service Areas One entry is from the Park Circus- East Metropolitan Bye Pass The secondary entrance leads to the Gate Complex of Science City through a landscaped plaza and the other to the convention center. The internal roads are 15m wide to the entrance and the parking. An internal lane 7.5m wide forms a loop around the site and exits at the rear gate. Parking is available for 500 cars and 5 buses. A network of sandstone paved lanes connect the various buildings on site. Built and Open Space Relationship:  F.A.R. provided- 0.34  Ground coverage provided- 16.62% i.e. 33426.38 sqm  Total built up area provided- 68,284 sqm.

2 Architectural Form-:  A variety of shapes is chosen for different blocks gives each block a separate identity but does not complement the site.  The domical form of the space Odyssey and the descending spiral of the Dynamotion hall resemble a massive ziggurat.  The convention centre is in the form of two split spheroids depicting a titled saucer and a huge truncated spherical cone rising one behind the other.  The science park is square in nature. Dynamotion hall Space Theatre Globe at Science City Garden Convention Centre & Seminar Complex Convention Centre Refreshment Spot

3 Dynamotion The word Dynamotion is derived from dynamic motion. It is a structure that houses a 28 meter high exhibit called the rolling ball which shows the dynamics of a large number of rolling balls moving in different trajectories proposed by mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic forces to demonstrate various aspects of physics in a fascinating manner. It is 38 meter high structure with a spiral shaped ramp around a central atrium. The form is a ‘Ziggurat’ 38m high with a spiral shaped ramp around the center. Architectural Form:  The descending spiral of the Dynamotion hall resemble a massive ziggurat.  It is planned as inward looking building with a closed atrium. Dynamotion Hall Parking

4 The central atrium houses the exhibit. The ramp around the atrium allows a continuous view of the Rolling Balls from all directions at all levels. The atrium and ramp create a transparent interior space which is visually connected at all levels: making the space more active and dynamic. The hall has two symmetrically placed galleries to the longitudinal axis of the building containing insect model displays and water based experiments and exhibits. Opposite corner of the rectangular hall have services rooms such as electrical room and store. The ground level plan consists of a huge 5 storey descending atrium; containing a huge energy conservation ball display rising up to the full height of the atrium with water exhibits at the base.  The ramped gallery contains exhibits like illusions, world of insects and fishes on the left hand side of the ramp for convenient watching.  The outer wall of the ramp is used as display area for various displays. The continuous display of the energy ball in the center appears to the right of the visitor in whole journey to the podium level of 4.96m. Fire escape ramp having slope of 1:12 runs parallel to the main ramp and ends with staircase to the podium and then 2 staircases from podium to the ground. Right opposite to the entry, two 16 passenger lifts takes you up to the top level of 24.6m high ramp. From here a visitor descends his journey down on a spiral ramp 4.5m wide ramped gallery. Dynamotion Floor Plan-: Structure system is bulk active. The complete structure is supported on two non concentric rows of 16 columns each on a spiral base. The top of the atrium is together with steel joists and glass on the top for provision of light. The structure is finished with stone grit all around. Structure and Material-:

5 Circulation-: The circulation pattern offers a memorable experience inside the minds of general visitors and imparts a clear sequential character of the building. Unidirectional flow of visitors is maintained from entry to exit. The exit to the main building is through the staircase which leads the passenger to the ground from the 1 st floor. The ramp is 38 m high spiral shaped and 4.5 m wide. The spiral ramp provides uninterrupted view of ‘Rolling Balls’ at all levels and sides. Service entry is common with the visitors entry and in the ramp it continues on the outer ramp. Science related exhibits on 2 nd floor Open fire escape ramp running parallel to the main ramp. Various insects displayed in the walls of 3 rd floor. Also a service gallery 2’-0” wide is provided for servicing. Beautifully displayed aquariums in the wall of the 4 th floor Interest arousing exhibits like your cricket capabilities Quick sand and waves display as water exhibits Vortex like big displays at the entrance. Fun exhibits on the top floor arouses interest in minds of the visitors. Various automated displays of animals and insects, also some water based displays and experimental exhibits are displayed on the ground floor. The participatory displays are placed at a height of 3’-0”. Special 5’-0” wide galleries with 2’-0” wide catwalk at the back for servicing insects and aquarium. Open exhibits such as automated insects models. Aquarium displays in the wall The complete structure is supported on two non concentric rows of 16 columns each on a spiral base. A forced circulation pattern by a unidirectional and spiral ascending circulation ramp 5’-0” wide is followed throughout the exhibition area. The terrace provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Once the visitors has viewed the ground floor exhibits; he takes the elevator to the top floor at a level of 24.6 m.

6 As the major buildings are exhibition spaces, so lighting needs to be carefully analyzed to meet the requirements of these spaces. A large expense of natural lighting provided from the central atrium by a steel and glass sky light which gives a glare free and enough lights to lit the whole building. However, deeper areas and galleries especially insects and aquarium are provided with fluorescent tubes and halogen lights wherever required. Due to the inward looking, demand of enclosed nature and giving the outer façade of the building a window free surface due to extra ordinary forms. A system of lights that is followed is: Skylights:-  Provided in the central lobby which connects the Dynamotion hall and the space odyssey and hence lights the whole area with blue light.  A skylight is also provided in the main atrium of the Dynamotion hall which avoids the wastage of displaying area and lit the whole building. Artificial Lighting:-  Done by fluorescent tubes in the halls.  Further the exhibits are provided with fluorescent tubes and halogen lights. Structural Glazing:-  The ramp in the Dynamotion hall is lit with structural glazing provided at various distances which provides glare free light and also serves as a point for the overall view of the science city.` Lighting-: These methods of lighting not only lit the interiors but also provide a sense of openness within the building. The skylight in the buffer zone provides ample light to the common entrance of the Odyssey and Dynamotion

7 Science Museum, KolkataInference Building TypologyClosed atrium with inward looking building Enclosed atrium or block type with light courtyard Light and VentilationSkylight from central atrium gives ample light Natural and glare free light needed for visibility. CirculationForced, sequential, non confusing and overall interesting Simple and sequential but easy to understand. Structure SystemHeavy column beam with R.C.C. spiral system. Spanning should allow flexibility in circulation Indoor-Outdoor interfaceNone- except in terraceIndoor outdoor interface is required ZoningProper zoning of Public and Semi Public Area with careful planning of private zones. Zoning should be done as per activity and well interlinked. Services-: HVAC:  Around 900 sq. m of sheet metal ducting has been used for the building.  The chilled water and condenser pipes exceeds 5km. In length. Fire Fighting:  Fire detection system has been installed within the building with smoke detectors in all the sensitive areas.  Apart from these detectors and alarming system water sprinkler system is installed at all the stage areas, service areas for which a water tank of 2,00,000 gallon is built near mini auditorium. Electricity:  Requirement for the whole project is 4.5 mva and the power is received from Kolkata electric supply ltd. at 11kv voltage level.  For emergency, diesel generators are used and solar energy is used for water heating and all the lighting. Toilets Store Room Dynamotion Inferences-: The major part of the light is provided by the steel and glazed skylight in the central atrium. It provides sufficient light for the whole building. The ramp system for displays is successful method. The parallel ramp for service and fire is a novel and good idea. The exterior has grit finish and this helps it to be unified with the Space Odyssey. Overall zoning and segregation of entries is required where there is a large public movement. The structure is also quite comfortable as it is air conditioned, the displays are accessible and easy to understand. The overall planning of the place is good with comfortable walking conditions.

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