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Miller Auditorium By: Katryn Keeley images/miller.jpg.

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2 Miller Auditorium By: Katryn Keeley images/miller.jpg

3 What’s it all about? Was called University Auditorium, now named for former President James W. Miller Construction began in 1965, and was completed in 1967 Has 6 floors and over 174,000 square feet of interior space Seats 3,497 people Classified as third largest auditorium in the state of Michigan

4 Some interesting facts The first performance was by the WMU Symphony Orchestra on January 12, 1968, every seat was filled Money donated by the Upjohn Corporation was used to purchase the land Total cost to build was about five and half million dollars

5 Quiz Time What was Miller Auditorium previously named? Shaw Theatre Western Auditorium University Auditorium University Auditorium State Theatre

6 Sorry, that’s not the right answer! Try it again.

7 Congratulations! You’ve got a great memory! Now you have the chance to learn about me. Click to go on!

8 Bio Katryn Keeley, the producer of this wonderful presentation has just begun her second semester at WMU. She is studying to be an elementary teacher, and hopes to someday teach second grade.

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