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SPEAQ-quests: WebQuests SPEAQ-quests Steps Definition Introduction Origin Essentials Ingredients TasksExamples Products Technology Choices Scaffolding:

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2 SPEAQ-quests: WebQuests SPEAQ-quests Steps Definition Introduction Origin Essentials Ingredients TasksExamples Products Technology Choices Scaffolding: S-q Scaffolding: ICT Resources Answers and Reflections Information Investigation Integration Personal Projects Components Ingredients

3 SPEAQ-quests for learning in ESL Ron Mastine

4 From WebQuest to SPEAQ-quest…  WebQuest  Web-learn-Quest  SeekQuest  W-ESLQuest  SpeakQuest  SPEAQ-quest for ESL ?

5 Quest  a chivalrous enterprise in medieval romance usually involving an adventurous journey  Vision quest: a solitary vigil by an adolescent American First-Nations boy to seek spiritual power and learn through a vision the identity of his usually animal or bird guardian spirit.  Quest for knowledge, truth, understanding,…

6 But…  Are there some apprehensions you might have, obstacles you might face or other negatives involved in using computers with ESL?

7  If you were to shop around for a new pedagogical tool to complete your teachers’ toolbox, what would you be looking for?

8 SPEAQ-quests for ESL : An introduction ?

9 Original WebQuests are designed to... bring together the most effective instructional practices into one integrated student activity. Tom March Tom March

10 the concept  Bernie Dodge, initiated the concept in 1995.  A WebQuest, an inquiry-oriented online tool for learning:  a single class period ( knowledge acquisition and integration) or a month-long unit ( extending and refining knowledge - constructing knowledge );  group work, specific roles or perspectives; ( reporter, engineer, detective, …)  pre-selected resources. Students ~ USING information, not LOOKING for it. ( scaffolding, guided discovery )

11 It all begins with the question.  Investigating contemporary world problems  Evaluating history.  Creating a product.  Dealing with life’s realities.  Sparking the imagination.  … An essential question + guiding questions Why…? Which is the… How…?

12 ingredients  Student-centered  Constructivism  Active learning  Project-based learning  Guided discovery  Cognitive-based  Critical thinking  Information transformation  Problem-solving  Cooperative-based learning  Broad areas of learning  Intrinsic motivation  Authentic materials  Authentic assessment  Strategic learning  Multiple intelligences  Technology integration  Cross-curricular competencies  Meta cognitive

13 steps in a WebQuest  An introduction that sets the stage and provides some background information.  A task that is doable, interesting and elicits thinking.  A set of information sources needed to complete the task.  A description of the process including cooperative roles.  Guidance on how to organize the information acquired. (scaffolding)  A conclusion that brings closure to the quest, reminds the learners about what they’ve learned, and perhaps encourages them to extend the experience into other domains.  Evaluation integrated into the learning process

14 Tasks  Retelling  Compilation  Mystery  Journalistic  Design  Creative Product  Consensus Building  Persuasion  Self-Knowledge  Analytical  Judgment  Scientific  …

15 Products  Present, demonstrate, act-out, perform, illustrate, publish, … using a diversity of media or means.

16 Problem!! = technology access  No computer Print the resources! Encourage out of class access…  No Internet access on computer Reproduce resources & simulate  Just a few computers Designate and rotate access Extend the time

17 Teacher’s choices  As is WebQuests Missing language focus More difficult Labeled for 1 st language levels  Modify WebQuest to SPEAQ-quests Re-write, add language support and resources, verify links and resources  Make SPEAQ-quests Use templates, develop appropriate questions, language support and resources Explorer

18 scaffolding SPEAQ-quest skills  Scavenger hunts Navigate & investigate Internet resources.  Hotlists Gather resources.  Multi-Media Scrapbook Gather and manipulate resources on a theme.  Subject sampler integrate methodogical and technological skills based on interest. Gather and arrange information and media on a specific subject.

19 scaffolding computer skills  Integrate mini-projects / activities Confirm related abilities: e-mail, word processing, presentation and web page construction, audio and video manipulation,… Use online tutorials within a cooperative environment.

20 Investigate resources  The WebQuest resources The WebQuest resources  Audio, video, photo & clipart collections, language resources, etc. Audio, video, photo & clipart collections, language resources, etc.  The SPEAQ-quest site The SPEAQ-quest site ……

21 examples  Elementary  Secondary  Long (several classes)  Short The SPEAQ-quest examples The WebQuest Matrix The SPEAQ-quest examples The WebQuest Matrix

22 A quest …  Consider the resources.  Choose a personal project (in collaboration | in cooperation): Choose and verify a WebQuest Modify (using MsWord/FrontPage, etc. and IE) with our ESL pedagogical perspective Make one (using Word and IE)  the question, resources, scenario, process, etc.  Publish it.  Try it out in class and share at SPEAQ-quest: the site.SPEAQ-quest: the site Task Introduction Resources Conclusion Process Evaluation

23 The answer is clear…  1 intrigue and action on the Internet  2 imaginative use of technology resources  3 active, project-based learning, critical thinking, cooperative and collaborative opportunities to interact, reinvest, write and produce, …  4 attention to Quebec ESL language learning SPEAQ-quests Have a great day! Ron What provides

24 Feel inspired? Your SPEAQ-quest Introduction:

25 Task ~ question

26 Process

27 Resources

28 Guidance

29 Conclusion  & evaluation

30 WhiteBoard

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