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A Limited Liability Partnership 202, Manan Commercial Landmark, Gotri Road, Vadodara-390021.

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1 A Limited Liability Partnership 202, Manan Commercial Landmark, Gotri Road, Vadodara-390021

2 Together we fly high… Principle of Collective Growth Model of Moderate Angel Investments Partnering High Growth Business Focus on potential/upcoming urbanisation Producing profits by governing sustainable wealth

3 Become Partner of Growth Feeling left out in real estate rally? It’s a myth that you need big money to own big real assets LLP is providing reliable solutions Invest in company as partner Become owner of properties as partner Retain rights on company’s operations Invest in phase-wise with easy terms Collectively small investments drive big capital

4 Vision To create a sustainable corporate structure to stimulate real estate investments partnering with complete strata of investors

5 Objectives Joining hands to raise capital Mobilise capital to acquire real assets Develop unique projects on properties Marketing, selling, leasing properties Distribute profits and reinvest capital through LLP

6 What is LLP? A corporate business vehicle that enables professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to combine and operate in flexible, innovative and efficient manner, providing benefits of limited liability while allowing its members the flexibility for organizing their internal structure as a partnership.

7 Who can be a Partner? At least 2 persons (natural or artificial) required to form LLP. If, a Corporate body is partner, one nominated person (natural) is required from the body LLP partners can be: a) Company incorporated in and outside India b) LLP incorporated in & outside India c) Individuals resident in & outside India

8 Role and Rights of Partner Role of Partner Section 26 defines the role of partner and states that, every partner of LLP is, for the purpose of the business of the Limited Liability Partnership, the agent of the Limited Liability Partnership, but not of other partners. It means that the relation of principal and agent is only between the LLP & its partners and not between the partners per se. Rights of Partners Partners regarding the rights are alike the Partners in the traditional Partnership Firm. Partners have the right to participate in the management of the LLP though they are not entitled to any remuneration for participating in the management of LLP unless otherwise provided in the LLP Agreement. The partners would be entitled to share equal profits in the LLP or as may be provided by LLP agreement. The rights of a partner to a share of the profits and losses of the limited liability partnership and to receive distributions in accordance with the Limited Liability Partnership agreement

9 Location Preference

10 Why Gujarat? The pace of development is like never before in the districts of Vadodara, Panchmahal, Kheda, Anand and Bharuch with SEZs, IT Parks and Industrial Estates booming around Opportunities in and around Vadodara for real estate investments are near; The River Mahi Extended Vadodara Urban Development Authority (VUDA) limits The Hill of Pavagadh

11 Why Around Vadodara? The River Mahi Bestows scenic landscape to Vadodara and leisure with Riverfront of about 100 kms from Savli to Kavi Kambhoi at the Gulf of Cambay. Pavagadh’s significances; A renowned Pilgrimage and The World Heritage Site of Champaner

12 Why Vadodara? The Extended VUDA limits have posed an excellent real estate investment opportunity with 8km expansion across the city limits extending it beyond Express Way that connects Delhi-Mumbai. Locations in extended limits; – Savli Road – Halol – Champaner belt – Ajwa Road – Vaghodia Road – Dabhoi Road – Tarsali – Kayavarohan road – Gotri – Sindhrot Road

13 Identified Categories Identified locations; Category 1: Surrounding World Heritage in Champaner Category 2: Near the Mahi River at Mujpur, Dabka, Kamboi Category 3: On the patch of Tarsali – Kayavarohan road

14 Why Maharashtra? Certain pockets in this state are developing by leaps and bounces with increasing interests of tourism. The districts of Thane, Satara and Raigad are among the most promising with the popular tourist destinations like, Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani, New Mahabaleshwar, Karjat, Lonavala and Alibaug. Opportunities available with IALLP in and around these districts are; The hill stations of New Mahabaleshwar Karjat, Lonavala Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani Sea-beaches of Alibaug

15 New Mahabaleshwar Development of New Mahabaleshwar is the ambitious project of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). Located on Patan-Chiplun road promises picturesque sites of Koyna Dam and Morana Dam. Moreover, an Expressway is under implementation stage on the same stretch improving connectivity. Similarly, Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani and shores of Alibaug are also among rapidly developing as weekend outing destinations for tourists from Mumbai, Pune, Satara and Kolhapur

16 Process Become a partner of IALLP with capital investment LLP shall have limited capital for particular project Partnership ratio determined on the basis of investment amount Designated Partners identify and acquire properties for the company The books of accounts are made available quarterly The project is developed by roping-in experts and associates The returns generated through projects is paid out as profits to the partners in respective proportion.

17 Entry Procedure The investor signs Letter of Intent The investor enters in LLP as partner through an agreement The investor invests capital to become partner Company notifies the Registrar of Firms to induct new partner

18 Exit Procedure The returns generated by each project is paid to investors as profits If an investor wants to exit from the firm, the respective partnership is either transferred to a new or existing partner/s The exit is possible only after the lock-in period (Three Years from the date of registration as a partner)


20 Illustration LAND COSTRs.10000000 LAND AREA 300000 Sq. Ft. Per Sq. Ft. CostRs.33 Per Sq. Ft. Development CostRs.50 Per Sq. Ft. Marketing CostRs.7 Per Sq. Ft. Total Cost of ProjectRs.90 Per Sq. Ft. Total Cost of ProjectRs.27100000 Total Sellable Area 210000 Sq. Ft. Minimum Average Selling PriceRs.225 Per Sq. Ft. Total Selling CostRs.47250000 Gross ProfitRs.20150000 Percentage Gross Profit 74.35% * The illustration is based on premises of current real estate scenario around Vadodara city

21 Features Minimum Investment AmountRs. 2 Lakh Upfront Processing Fees2% Minimum Investment Period3 Years Investor StatusRegd. Partner of LLP Partnership PercentageInvt. Amount/Total Amount of LLP * 100 Present LLP Capital to be raised Rs. 3 Crore

22 Owner of the company… …a company, which shall have large land bank...a company, which shall have assets diversified in different regions …a company, which shall develop residential, holiday homes, farm-houses and resorts …a company, which shall have ever-appreciating tangible assets …a company, poised to shape new investment and realty dimensions. Create your own realty giant with minimal hurdles, maximum transparency, promising profits and valuations With IALLP, you become…

23 Let’s create new and better skylines… Thank you

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