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Envision 240 Update Jan 2015 Vince Howie Envision 240 Project Director.

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1 Envision 240 Update Jan 2015 Vince Howie Envision 240 Project Director

2 Urban Land Institute Report Urban Land Institute of Okla (ULI) “Envision 240” report, Mar 6 - Apr 12, 2012 – Need for “collaborative unified leadership” – Need for a “vision for the area” Focus area: 1 Mile north & south of I-240 – 14,000 households – 36,000 residents – Over 100,000 vehicles per day on I-240 corridor Lack of distinctive character – Freeway infrastructure – Street Stress - poor conditions – Sea of concrete – No uniform signage – Lack of right-of-way maintenance – Acres of parking lots “Unattractive & lack of appeal” Demographics 69% Caucasian 19% Hispanic 9% African American 2% Native American 1% Asian

3 ULI Report Continued Positive - Strongest retail area in South OKC – Over 90% Occupancy Rate! Challenges – Competition – Modern, appealing, & streamlined development in Moore and MWC – OKC is losing sales tax revenue SOKC flat over last 5 years Moore & MWC double digit growth Recommendations Re-Think, Reinvest, & Redevelop Area 1)Involve the community 2)Tame the traffic 3)Establish an image 4)Eradicate the ugliness

4 Envision 240 Project Emerged Established Envision 240 Steering Committee – Property Owners, Business Owners, HOA President, State, City, & County Representation, etc. Established Improvement Priorities – Beautification – Maintenance – Safety – Security – Marketing Incorporated Business Association Councilman David Greenwell Fully Supportive as are Several Other Councilman & City Leaders Vision: “Create an economic district where the greater OKC community wants to shop, eat, work, and live”

5 Activity Over Past Year Developed Priorities 1)Create an identity – “The TWO40” 2)Control the gangs (reduce crime) 3)Get rid of panhandlers 4)Fix the service roads 5)General grounds upkeep mowing/weeding/trash 6)Install ADA sidewalks/bus stops 7)Fix-up intersections/concrete aesthetics 8)Landscaping/trees 9)Influence ODOT on I-35/240 interchange Established Committees a)Marketing Committee b)Maintenance and Beautification Committee c)Safety and Security d)I-35/I-240 Interchange Committee Incorporated “Envision 240 Inc.” – 501(c)6 Not for profit LLC – Conducts business activities for Envision 240 Project Created “Lariat Landing” & “Plaza Mayor” involved

6 Active Projects Pave the service roads – OKC Planning Dept engaged – Two miles paved Paint six overpasses along I-240 – Shields Boulevard – Santa Fe – Walker Avenue – Western Avenue – Pennsylvania Avenue – May Avenue – OK County will provide labor Mow the right-of-ways along I-240 – OK County contracting with ODOT – Will provide mowing & trash collection in Spring of 2015 Install ADA compliant sidewalks and intersections – Used ACOG 80/20 funding process – Councilman Greenwell committed $100K – ACOG awarded additional $500K for project!

7 Next Steps Complete the projects ‒Finish paving service roads ‒Begin mowing & trash collection ‒Paint the overpasses ‒Install ADA sidewalks Market the “TWO40” and activities Complete petition drive to establish Business Improvement District (BID) ‒Kicked off petition drive! ‒Provides funding to fulfill the dreams ‒Gives owners a voice in their district ‒Increases value in community, property, & people ‒Simulates growth ‒Brings new & old customers back to I-240 Mission: “Stimulate the I-240 property and business owners into action to create a Business Improvement District along the I-240 corridor!”

8 “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing!” - Theodore Roosevelt Making a difference along I-240 – Paving service roads – Painting overpasses – Improving mowing & trash collection – Installing ADA compliant sidewalks and intersections Improvements are happening on both ends of I-240 – “Lariat Landing” & “Plaza Mayor” Timing is right to make things happen along the I-240 Corridor! Kicking off petition drive to establish a Business Improvement District Don’t let I-240 be the way to a destination, make it the destination!! Summary

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