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2 BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES As members of the Board you have certain responsibilities to the organization:  Determine long-range mission and goals;  Establish RA policy and procedures;  Hire the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to oversee the operation of the Association;  Monitor finances, approve budgets, set the Assessment; and,  Approve Association programs through the budget process. Each of these responsibilities is interdependent, especially when establishing the biennial budget.

3 PURPOSES OF THE ASSOCIATION  Interpret, administer and enforce the protective covenants and restrictions of the Deed of Dedication in such a manner as to conserve and protect the value of all property subject to the Deed.  For the benefit of the members, acquire, own and lease property (real or personal) and to improve, administer and maintain such property in neat and good order.  Assess, collect, and disburse the assessments and charges authorized by the Deed.  Promote the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the Members.  Do any and all lawful things and acts that it, in its discretion, may deem to be for the benefit of the property and the owners and inhabitants thereof.  Exercise powers now or hereafter conferred by law on VA nonstock corporations as may be necessary/desirable to accomplish the above stated purposes.

4 STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS ON DETERMINING 2014/2015 BUDGET INITIATIVES  The strategic theme for the 2014/2015 Budget should be Sustainability & Community Viability – To effectively manage all resources, resulting in a sustainable and viable community  It is time for the organization to pay attention to infrastructure upkeep and maintenance. We need to take seriously our responsibilities of: Conserving and protecting the value of all property; and, Improving, administering and maintaining such property in neat and good order.  We need to reinvest in Reston; we need to better maintain what we have.

5 STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS ON DETERMINING 2014/2015 BUDGET INITIATIVES  In reviewing the prioritized initiatives staff have provided, we ask that you keep the following in mind: Many of the suggested initiatives have been on staff’s “wish list” for more than four (4) years. Staff holds the same desire of the Board and Members of the community, extending the useful life of our common elements/infrastructure while at the same time maintaining such property in neat and good order. Many of the initiatives, if chosen, will have a long-term impact on the community as they put in place processes that will improve the appearance of the community, property values, and systems functionality. To accomplish some of these initiatives it will be important to have all of the interrelated resources in place: capital, human, and economic.

6 IMPORTANT POINTS Think about the following when determining your 2014/2015 Budget Priorities:  Will the initiative support or help achieve the Association’s vision, mission, core values and strategic plan?  Is the initiative directly related to any of the key purposes of the organization?  What does the organization wish to accomplish in the next 24 month cycle?

7 THE ASSIGNMENT  Review each of the documents provided - 2014/2015 Budget Suggestions and 2014/2015 Budget Priorities Identified by Reston Association Staff.  Attend the following budget information meetings: Friday, June 21, 4:30 pm Comstock Tour Saturday, June 22, 9 am Facilities Tour Thursday, June 27, 6 pm Regular Board of Directors Meeting  Ask questions of Staff related to the Budget Suggestions and Staff Priorities identified.  Rank the initiatives in order of preference to you, where 1 would be your highest priority, 2 your second, 3 your third, etc. Please use the form provided by Staff.  Submit your rankings no later than 5:00 pm, July 8, 2013 for compilation by Staff.  Work with fellow Directors during the Thursday, July 11, 2013 Board meeting to determine what initiatives should be included in the 2014/2015 Budget.

8 NEXT MILESTONES IN THE 2014/2015 BUDGET DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 1.Board Tours on June 21 and 22 2.Board Meeting on June 27 – Staff will provide information on: Anticipated Impact of the Health Care Reform Act on Operating Expenses Results of 2012 Salary Study and Recommendations for New Salary Structure Cost Benefit Analysis of Adding Seasonal Positions and/or Converting Part-Time Positions to Full-Time Employee Background Check Requirements 3.Board Meeting on July 11 – Staff will provide information on: Results of Program and Service Benchmarking Projects Recommended Program and Service Fee Scheduled for 2014/2015 Currently Slated Capital Projects for 2014/2015 Funding Option for Select 2014/2015 Slated Capital Projects 4.Board Meeting July 25 – Staff will provide a status report on the budget development process 5.Late August – First 2014/2015 Budget Draft completed and delivered to Board for review

9 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Call Cate at 703-435-6512 or email:


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