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Secrets Of Success “Concept To Cash from your passion”

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1 Secrets Of Success “Concept To Cash from your passion”

2 Your Gift makes room for you. My Success Journey Brings you before great men to influence …

3 It Does not matter where you are today…..

4 What matters is.. Are you ready to do what it takes?

5 What will it take? Develop Mindset & Characteristic of Successful People! Fundamentals Characteristics Timings Seasons, window

6 3 Keys Maintaining Success  Love What you DO  Believe in What You do  Become Excellent at what you do

7 7 Secrets To my success

8 1.Vision Think legacy If your mind cant take you their you will never get there………

9 My Personal objective Build a Business around my Passion, not be a landlady £100k equivalent annual income in 3 years Fill Financial hole with overflow, I had enough!!! Secure a future for kids £5m of property in 5 years Asset Value 5 Foreign Investments to generate capital to reinvest in UK and abroad. Make a difference in my community and family in Africa Make a Vision Board, You can never rise above images you cant see

10 Decide Design Destiny If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there

11 Every Successful Business starts with a Blueprint!

12 3.Business Model Keys to Success

13 “Our Business Model”.

14 HMO vs Buy to let Conventional Buy To Let Normal Monthly Rental Income £900 Normal Monthly Costs (mortgage, etc) £1,000 Monthly Loss -100 Annual Loss-£1,200 PPP Strategy HMO Normal Monthly Rental Income £ 2200 Normal Monthly Costs (mortgage, etc) £1113 Monthly Profit £ 1087 Annual Profit£ 13,044

15 Keys to Success from our Model  Marketing Systems (online and offline) adapting  Financial Systems ( Blueprint, budget, creative finance, forecast  Sales Systems  Operational Systems  Personal and Professional growth ( mindset & Associations)

16 4. Business Growth Strategies  Build a Business System You can replicate  Systemise and start a Franchise  Multi level Marketing Strategy,  Business in a Box Strategies Creating products and Services

17 5. Aim to be the Solutionist KPI  Successful people aim to revolutionize, eg Steve Jobs  Micro Niche area of Excellence Specialize, competitive age, “U-factor”  Mobilize, Monetize, Monopolize

18 Business failure  90% of small businesses in the uk fail in the first 2 years of operation.  Lack of knowledge  Lack Money  Lack of Support

19 6. Cultivate an unshakable Character  Perseverance, Resilience, Unstoppable, (understand they are always resisting forces)  Desire (Cultivate Hunger) become dissatisfied!  Become a person of integrity  Become Self Motivated or prepare for mediocrity  Become Action Oriented 80/20  Become a Life long Learner  Cultivate Regular Meaningful relationships

20 Buds Nursery B2B Business Models

21 7. Business Cycles Infancy Expansion Maturity

22 The E-Myth “Michael Gerber” Entrepreneur 10% Entrepreneur 33% Entrepreneur 70% Manager 20% Manager 33% Manager 20% Technician 70% Technician 33% Technician 10%

23 Thank You Sign up for Free Mentoring

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