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Women’s World Banking: Brand Introduction June 12, 2013.

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1 Women’s World Banking: Brand Introduction June 12, 2013

2 Agenda Why a brand refresh? Brand Positioning Core Messages Logo introduction How to use the logo Website Preview Promoting your Institution What’s next Q&A

3 Why a brand refresh? A strong brand must be: Meaningful to target audience Differentiated over competition Believable in its promise Consistent in all of its channels Used as a tool to guide business decisions

4 New Positioning: Our core strategy statement Women’s World Banking is the global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to achieve security and prosperity. We are equipped to persuade financial institutions of the commercial and social importance of investing in women as a market, and as talent; and we are the authoritative resource for the knowledge, innovation and tools that expand financial access for women on a larger scale than ever before. We draw strength from more than three decades of experience with our global network of microfinance institutions and banks who seek to serve women’s financial needs.

5 Core Messages Partnering with our Network (and beyond) Women’s World Banking draws much of our strength and purpose from our access to a unique global network of financial institutions. By partnering with them, we have an unsurpassed understanding of what it takes for financial institutions to meet women’s needs while being sustainable. Women’s World Banking believes that low-income women deserve the same access to financial resources as men. Women are typically good clients and reinvest in their families and communities. Yet women remain an underserved market—so we equip financial institutions around the world to serve them. We perform market research to learn what financial products and information low-income women need, and develop innovative, practical ways for institutions to do business with women. Promoting Equal Access The financial industry needs a diverse set of principled, visionary leaders. Our Center for Microfinance Leadership trains both women and men to strengthen their leadership skills and recognize women as an untapped pool of talent. The Center also shapes CEOs and senior managers to successfully navigate growth and change in their institutions while meeting the needs of its clients. Building Strong Leaders Serving Women Through Innovation Women’s World Banking has found new ways to help women build security and prosperity, by showing a broader range of financial institutions how to provide not only loans but also essential financial products such as savings and insurance. Just as important are our innovations in product delivery: using education and technology to broaden women’s understanding and access to the services they need.

6 A good trademark Criteria for any good graphic identity: Appropriate in form and concept Distinctive and memorable Simple enough to work in a variety of sizes and media Specific criteria for Women’s World Banking: Supports the positioning Emphasizes the full name, rather than the acronym Lively and optimistic in character Has stature, conveys authority and intelligence




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