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Donor Services Landscape Charities Review Council February 14, 2013.

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1 Donor Services Landscape Charities Review Council February 14, 2013


3 Attorney General’s Website Is the organization legally registered to fundraise in MN? Self-reported financials submitted by organization

4 Better Business Bureau Used on a regular basis here at the Council BBB reviews national charities, that solicit nationwide BBB has 20 “Standards for Charity Accountability” Levels of Classification on Website (visible to donors)BBB Meet Standards Standards Not Met Did Not Disclose Review in Progress Unable to Verify CRC Meet Standards In Progress

5 No review of self-reported information including: Mission People Financials/990’s (also provided by IRS) Programs & Help Self-Reported

6 Donors can donate to organization directly from the Guidestar websiteDonate Donors can identify nonprofits they believe are most effective in specific cause areas Self-published reviews/ratings from donors who have interacted with an organization “Take Action” allows donors to review cause areas to find “most effective” orgs recommended by partners Donor Information

7 4-Star rating system using public data No self-reported information Ratings Based User reviews are a main component of this site Self-published reviews/ratings from donors who have interacted with an organization Reviews/Opinions

8 Donate Now News Top Ten Lists Hot Topics Sector Analysis Tool Interactive World Map Cool Features

9 “Promising Charities” Finds small number of giving opportunities they deem outstanding Do not provide objective analysis and instead review for Evidence of impact Cost effectiveness Room for more funding

10 “Top Charities” 3 Top-Rated Charities 1.Against Malaria Foundation 2.GiveDirectly 3.Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Status of all international and US charities being considered Pending More Information Available Contacted (Declined), (No response)

11 Acquired by GuideStar in 2011 Experts recommend nonprofits in cause areas ―3,012 experts ―560 nonprofits ―36 causes No self-reporting by nonprofits Goal to increase resources for financially responsible organizations Informs donors on best practices for giving

12 Everyone knows about Google, knows how to use it Results may vary depending on the nonprofit you’re searching for At a minimum, you’ll be able to find basic organizational information and organization’s website Search

13 Self-described watchdog with Hall of Shame Rates 600 national charities with a budget greater than $1 million Reviewed charities are nominated by donors No membership or fee paid by nonprofits Charity Watch Charity Watch Formerly known as American Institute of Philanthropy

14 Social Impact 100 Index Nominated by outside experts Met eligibility criteria Reviewed evaluation studies and growth/business plans Social Impact Exchange membership scored nonprofits S&I 100 With a rigorous set of criteria, the index makes sure it only includes organizations that are using donations in order to make a real, tangible difference. Rigorous Criteria Developed by Social Impact Exchange

15 The “Zagat” of nonprofits Develop tools that allow people to find, review, and share information about nonprofits Self-published reviews/ratings from donors who have interacted with an organization Relies on greater nonprofit excellence through feedback and transparency No self-reporting by nonprofits

16 Online Fundraising Sites Organizations whose primary mission is to provide a vehicle for fundraising Razoo/GiveMN JustGiving First Giving Network for Good

17 GiveMN/Razoo Transforming philanthropy in MN by growing overall giving and moving more of it online Features MN nonprofits and schools GiveMN Razoo is the platform on which GiveMN operates and provides best practices for online fundraising Razoo

18 1.8 million charities on site Vetting is limited to meeting IRS standards JustGive Guide includes 1,000 national nonprofits Online charitable giving Ways to Give Focus Areas Tips Giving Wisely and Giving Resources Tools

19 Powers digital giving Very similar to GiveMN/Razoo Serves Nonprofits: Online fundraising Companies: Assists in building giving campaigns Donors: Facilitates individual giving while providing tips and resources

20 Available to public classrooms across America Online charity that connects donors to students in need Partially funded projects expire with funding returned to donor or reinvested by donor Vetting done by prior to making project available for donations Public school teachers post classroom project requests

21 Connects people through lending to alleviate poverty Donor investments begin at $25 Process Choose a borrower Make a loan Get repaid Reinvest Borrowers selected by microfinance institutions on five continents

22 Scaling social impact Links foundations and individual donors with top-performing nonprofits and initiatives Helps nonprofits access capital and other assistance needed to scale their impact Donors receive due diligence, business plans, and progress reports

23 Primary Differentiation for the Council Donor information provided in partnership with nonprofits Self-reported data is verified by the Council Accreditation of nonprofits – Meet Standards Building capacity of nonprofits More giving tips and tools available to donors (e.g. disaster giving or giving as gift)

24 Informing Strategic Planning Donors have significant online resources available to help them make giving choices Beginning to see both acquisition and alliances/partnerships – Philanthropedia/GuideStar – GuideStar, Charity Navigator and Global Giving Limited number of sites offer accreditation done in partnership with nonprofits

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