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Our Free Enterprise System

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1 Our Free Enterprise System
Marketing Ch. 3 Our Free Enterprise System

2 Basic Principles Free Enterprise System
Individuals should have freedom of choice Encourages individuals to start and operate their own business without government involvement.

3 Freedom of Ownership You have the right to own your own business however there are some restrictions on how and where those businesses may operate. Zoning laws

4 Competition Struggle between companies for customers
Healthy and vital to our free enterprise system Help motivate people to improve themselves Forces businesses to produce better-quality goods and services at a reasonable price. Develop new products and improve old ones Wider selection of a product to choose from

5 Two Basic ways Businesses Compete
Price Competition NonPrice Competition

6 Price Competition Focuses on the sale of a product
Assuming all things are equal – Customers will purchases the product that has the lowest price.

7 Nonprice Competition Businesses choice to compete on the basis of factors that are not related to price Quality of product Service and financing Business location Reputation Qualifications and expertise of their personnel

8 Monopolies Exclusive control over a product or the means to produce one. When there is no competition and one firm controls the market Prohibited

9 Risk Risk is the potential for loss or failure
Perceived in relation to the potential from improved earnings

10 Profit Money earned from conducting business after all costs and expense Provides the incentive for people to risk their own money Profit for most businesses is 1-5% of sales

11 Economic Cost of Unprofitable Firms
First thing they do is lay off employees Investors lose money if the value of their stock falls below what they paid for it. Fewer resources Cuts back on research and development of new products Government suffers because businesses pay less taxes Unemployment ups the cost for social services

12 Economic Benefits of Successful Firm
Hire more people and pay them well Investors earn money, which in turn they spend or reinvest Vendors and Suppliers make more money Government receives more in individual and business taxes Companies contribute more to charities Attract more competition

13 The Role of Government Government plays four roles in our free enterprise system: Provides general services Supports businesses Regulates businesses Competes with private businesses

14 Provides general services
Our government provides: Military Police and Fire protection Free public education Retraining for people who have lost their job Joint Training Partnership Act Builds and supports the building of roads and bridges

15 Provides general services
Our government provides: Public Library Social welfare system Medicare Elderly Medicaid Poor

16 Supporter of Business Supports business in times of crisis
Government guaranteed loans to auto industry Disaster assistance Floods and earthquakes Small Business Administration (SBA) Provides counseling and educational materials to prospective business owners to help insure success Loan guarantees Establish trade alliances and agreements with other countries

17 Regulator Make laws designed to protect the safety, health, and welfare of individuals Consumer and Worker Protection Laws are carried out by regulatory agencies Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

18 Regulator Consumer and Worker Protection
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Local Zoning Ordinances to help protect the value of residential real estate Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Licensing of brokerage firms and financial advisors

19 Regulator Consumer and Worker Protection State and local level
Require licensing of people Health department Minimum wage $7.70 Minimum wage flyer

20 Regulator Business Protection Patents
To protect our private property rights, governments provides laws and regulation regarding: Patents Exclude other from making, using, and/or selling the invention for 20 years Copyrights © Giving creators of original work the exclusive rights to it for Life of the author plus 50 years Trademarks Distinctive sign or indicator used by business organization Typically a word, slogan, symbol, design, or image

21 Regulator Business Protection
To protect our private property rights, governments provides laws and regulation regarding: Trademarks Distinctive sign or indicator used by business organization Typically a word, slogan, symbol, design, or image Unregistered Trademarks ™ Registered Trademarks ® They last indefinitely

22 Regulator Business Protection Licensing agreement
To protect our private property rights, governments provides laws and regulation regarding: Licensing agreement Protects originators name and product

23 Regulator Business Protection Sherman Antitrust Act
Prevents monopolies Outlaws all contracts and agreements that restrain free trade or limits competition Clayton Antitrust Act Created the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Included investigations of deceptive and misleading business practices like false advertising

24 Regulator Business Protection Federal Reserve System
Government monitors our economy and controls our monetary supply When the economy is improving or moving to slowly it reacts Prices going up to fast – Increase interest rates Prices moving to slow – Decrease interest rates

25 Competitors US government runs three business operations:
Tennessee Valley Authority U.S. Postal Service Amtrak Also run national parks and campgrounds

26 Role of the Consumer Consumers do two major things in the marketplace
Pick the winner that will be in the marketplace tomorrow Determine how much demand there is for any given product and helps determine prices

27 Deciding Which Businesses Survive
Consumers decide which products will be produced and which companies will stay in business This is done by shopping

28 Determining Prices When supply and demand interact, they create:
Surplus – supply exceeds demand Shortages – Demand exceeds supply Equilibrium – Supply and demand equal

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