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Presentation Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas “The Corporate Cloud Vision ” Στάθης Αντωνόπουλος.

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1 Presentation Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas “The Corporate Cloud Vision ” Στάθης Αντωνόπουλος

2 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Driving Better Business Outcomes through a Smarter Infrastructure Fuels investments in innovation Drives need for continuous optimization Optimization Innovation The ability to balance Optimization and Innovation will be critical to success…

3 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas The IT challenges Infrastructure We have lots of tools, to manage isolated automation tasks But getting everything coordinated is challenging and takes a lot of time Operations Releasing a new application in production is a lot more then creating a virtual machine. I need to link tens of different tools, people, departments. It takes weeks. Business I need to react quickly to market demand. IT is not fast enough to support my strategy and is slowing down innovation Development I need to accelerate delivery and improve feedback between development and production.

4 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Internet of things Our infrastructures are virtually without limits – growing smarter and more interconnected with every passing second… Instrumente d Physical Assets Growing Mobile Access Big Data Explosion 200 Billion2.72 ZB New types of workloads 62% of workloads will be Cloud- based of digital content - a 50% increase Connected physical assets & devices 1 Billion Consumers will have SmartPhones “Internet of things”

5 © 2013 IBM Corporation 5 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Something meaningful is happening… The world is about to get a whole lot smarter “Every human being, company, organization, city, nation, natural system and man-made system is becoming interconnected, instrumented and intelligent. This is leading to new savings and efficiency—but perhaps as important, new possibilities for progress.”

6 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas A Crisis of Complexity The Need for Automation is Clear 85% idle In distributed computing environments, up to 85% of computing capacity sits idle. Explosion of information driving 54% growth in storage shipments every year. 1.5x 70¢ per $1 70% on average is spent on maintaining current IT infrastructures versus adding new capabilities. Pools of shared resources

7 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Patterns of Expertise - Key capability for Industrial Automation What’s required… What the business wants… What a pattern automates…

8 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Self Service Drives Client Satisfaction and Standardization Secure online transaction processing Consumer checkout and information ATM Point of Sale Cloud IT infrastructure, applications and processes

9 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Dynamic Infrastructure: Is highly optimized to achieve more with less…. = CLOUD COMPUTING Reduced Cost …leveraging virtualization, standardization and automation to free up operational budget for new investment. VIRTUALIZATION + STANDARDIZATIONAUTOMATION +

10 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Cloud-onomics… CLOUD COMPUTING ….allowing you to optimize new investments for direct business benefits = OPTIMIZED BUSINESS = AGILITY + BUSINESS & IT ALIGNMENT + SERVICE FLEXIBILITY INDUSTRY STANDARDS +

11 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Benefits of Cloud Computing  Business innovation – Enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new solutions for use inside and outside the company  Service delivery –Enables the dynamic availability of IT applications and infrastructure. More rapid and enhanced service delivery reinforces efforts for customer retention, faster time to market and horizontal market expansion. Cloud enhances SOA, information management and service management initiatives.  IT optimization – Offers massive scalability and can help lower cost of ownership, which drives higher profitability, enabling you to more easily reinvest in your infrastructure and answer the question, “how do I do more with fewer resources?”

12 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Cloud Computing …....service oriented and service managed Attributes VISIBILITYCONTROLAUTOMATION “Cloud” is an emerging consumption and delivery model for many IT-based services, in which the user sees only the service, and has no need to know anything about the technology or implementation Metering & Billing Rapid provisioning Flexible pricing Elastic scaling Advanced virtualization Standardized, consumable web- delivered services Service Catalog Ordering

13 Dynamic Infrastructure: Helping build a smarter planet Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas The journey to cloud the new M/F Business Value Consolidate Consolidate Virtualize Virtualize CentralizeCentralizeAutomateAutomateOptimizeOptimize >>>> Organization Culture Governance ….requires an integrated and orchestrated approach.

14 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Why IBM Why IBM? Interoperable * No proprietary vendor lockin – open standards for quick plug in of multi-vendor applications. Continuous delivery Not siloed & slow – closed loop design & delivery bridging Dev and Ops for innovation. Beyond Virtualization Not just VMs – hybrid service orchestration, image mgmt, recovery, accounting, security, performance Gartner, Market Leader - IT Operations Management (11 th year)** Magic Quadrant Leader for Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader Cloud Professional Services Market Scape Why IBM? Unified Not multiple tools – automatically manage & secure all mobile, desktop, server, & devices. Compliant Not point-in-time audits – real- time reporting & enforcement of config, patch, & software policies. Light Not heavy agents with too much network chatter – a centrally deployed, single intelligent agent. Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Client Management Tools Why IBM? Return on Investment Not basic lifecycle mgmt – extend the useful life of capital & physical assets, & optimize facilities Predictive Analytics Not just maintenance planning – collect & analyze data from any source & predict service impact. Embrace Convergence Not just enterprise assets – manage all IT and operational technology in one place. ARC Advisory Group, Market Leader – Enterprise Asset Management (7 th year) Gartner Market Leader – Operational Support Systems Why IBM? Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader - Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms Forrester Wave Leader - Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader - Storage Resource Management Search No sifting logs – indexed search pinpoints issues linking to support documents & expert knowledge. Predict Not manual thresholds & service models – early warning using behavioral learning from Watson. Optimize Not complex – non-experts can predict and resolve problems before users are impacted. Cloud ComputingSmart InfrastructureBig DataMobile Enterprise

15 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Success requires Visibility, Control and Automation across complex infrastructures & service processes… Hybrid Clouds Instrumented assets Big Data See your services Minimize cost & risk Optimize for innovation Monitor and predict the health of infrastructure & operations and measure delivery against committed objectives. Enforce change and compliance policies across infrastructure & operations for improved reliability & economics. Optimize infrastructure and interconnect processes for greater agility, innovation & competitive advantage. VisibilityVisibility ControlControlAutomationAutomation 9k physical airport, and facilities assets 40k mobile devices and instrumented endpoints 50k IT assets in the data center & on the cloud International Airport North America

16 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas 1.IBM’s Smarter Approach to Cloud IBM will contribute to open source projects, provide resources to help shape & promote the organization, & provide sponsorship funding for ongoing operations, ensure clients obtain value from standards and open source. 2.Expand the OpenStack Ecosystem Help ensure client advocacy groups, such as the OpenStack User Committee & the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC), are engaged on practical use cases for IaaS. IBM is Working to Accelerate OpenStack Foundation Success. 3.OpenStack Development OpenStack provides provisioning & management of virtual machines to enable support for various hypervisors at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS ) layer. IBM will collaborate with the community to improve operational robustness & incorporate standards reference implementations. (e.g. OASIS TOSCA, CIMI, CDMI, W3C Linked Data). 4.IBM Product Support IBM is an established, leading provider of enterprise cloud computing services & software. At a technical level, OpenStack code is consistent with the IBM SmartCloud IaaS strategy. Our long- term goal is to help OpenStack become a platform of choice by developing & sustaining a vibrant, innovative ecosystem. We will utilize OpenStack much like Apache HTTP server, Apache Axis & Linux.

17 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas The OpenStack Open for Business Platinum SponsorsGold Sponsors OpenStack Compute (core) Provision and manage large networks of virtual machines OpenStack Object Store (core) Create petabytes of secure, reliable storage using standard HW OpenStack Dashboard (core) Enables administrators and users to access & provision cloud- based resources through a self-service portal. OpenStack Image Service (shared service) Catalog and manage massive libraries of server images OpenStack Identity (shared service) Unified authentication across all OpenStack projects and integrates with existing authentication systems. 30 UGs 2600 Individuals 47 UGs 5600+ Individuals Exponential growth in participation APR 2012 As of JAN 2013 As of Code available under Apache 2.0 license. Design tenets – scale & elasticity, share nothing & distribute everything Collaboration across clients, providers, vendors & developers helps create a cross-industry view into use cases and best practices

18 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Metering Usage Accounting Understand who is using resources, understand costs by Lob and Business Service Creating reports is simple and intuitive: reports can be created in minutes, no DB knowledge required Out of the box support for metering OS CPU, memory and storage of reserved resources Data collection for network, storage, DBs, applications

19 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Cloud Enabled Data Center capabilities Increasing Capability Simple IaaS Services (VMs) 1 1 Cloud Governance 2 2 Advanced IaaS Services 3 3 Advanced IaaS services integrated with ITIL processes 4 4 VM provisioning & On-boarding Role & Authentication Management Cloud Management VM Image Construction Image Management Usage metering, accounting & chargeback Virtualised Infrastructure Monitoring Capacity Management and Planning Event Management Patch Management Endpoint Compliance & Management Backup & Restore Storage Provisioning & Automation Management Network Provisioning & Automation Management Services Orchestration Hybrid Cloud Integration Problem & Incident Management IT Asset Management License Management Change & Configuration Management Service Desk Release Management Advanced security ( identity and access, security information and events mgmt)

20 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas A Typical Scenario Create a cloud service to deploy an application

21 © 2013 IBM Corporation 21 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas SmartCloud Orchestrator: an open and scalable platform Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) VMWare Power VM Xen Hyper-V Z VM Orchestration Multi tier Application Multi tier Application Image Management Dev Tools Monitor Meter Backup & Restore Security Compliance Monitor Meter Backup & Restore Security Compliance Service Catalogue TOSCA KVM Amazon EC2 SC Enterprise SC Enterprise

22 22 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Create a new cloud service to deploy SAP

23 23 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Create a new cloud service to deploy SAP Cloud SmartCloud Orchestrator DB App Web Multi-Tier Application Network Domain Storage Domain Help Desk IT Management Change Management Monitoring Domain Data Availability Domain  Open Firewall Port  Add NAS Volume  Open Trouble Ticket  Approve Large Systems  Approve Quota Changes  Approve Large Systems  Approve Quota Changes  Update CMDB  Set Up Monitoring  Set Up Backup Design Tools Add approval to quota change workflow Add out of the box orchestration elements to post- deployment Consumer UI Deploy multi-tier application Open trouble ticket Request quota change Cloud Consumer Cloud Administrator Provision Orchestrate

24 24 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Graphical Workflow Editor Palette of library assets enable easy workflow composition through drag and drop Access to rich libraries (toolkits) of reusable automation assets that enable to speed automation creation Rich set of actions types, flow control, data handling primitives that simplify creation of complex automations Easy workflow action editing for managing: data mapping, error recovery options, implementation details, etc. Graphical editor for composing and connecting workflows Rich tooling functions to edit, version, debug, optimize workflows

25 25 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Service Catalog – an Example – Windows 7 Server Request. The breadcrumbs show users where they are and allow to navigate through Service Catalog. When user clicks on Add Windows 7 Server, he will see the UI for this offering. Users can add any service offering to „My Favorites”.

26 26 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Service Catalog – UI View Service Custom UI defined as BPM service UI

27 27 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Cloud Marketplace Enable customers to rapidly discover and implement cloud solutions Enable business partners and ISVs to create value by adding content to IBM cloud solutions Enable IBM services and development to rapidly deliver & iterate on capabilities in response to changing customer requirements and integration needs Enable collaboration within the ecosystem to accelerate customer value creation Establish cloud platform agility and value by rapidly delivering content (organic & partner ecosystem) using the AppStore model

28 28 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Rapid application deployment across private and public clouds Rapid application deployment via virtual application patterns: Deploy business applications in minutes Dynamic, policy-based management of elastic and scalable workloads Enables third-party software deployments and custom pattern creation to “build once” and deploy across private and public clouds Visibility into cloud health with rapid deployment of middleware topologies and application editioning Create patternsDeploy applications faster

29 29 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Real-time monitoring support for virtual environments  Capacity planning: how many more VMs can be placed on a server?  Predictive trending: what would be my resource utilization in the next month?  Dynamic thresholds: allows for tracking deviations, from the norm as predictors of future problems  Monitoring of the virtual environment Dynamic Threshold defined with baseline

30 30 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Monitoring Health Dashboard

31 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas IBM clients are realizing the transformational benefits of improved visibility, control and automation…  Increased water leak detection eightfold for participating citizens  Decreased water utilization during pilot 6.6 percent  Handling 70 million pieces of luggage/year  Increased capacity by 20 million  Speed infrastructure delivery from 45 days to 20 minutes  Reduced administrative ratio from 10’s to 1 to 100’s to 1

32 Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas Where can clients implement cloud computing?  Workloads where risk and migration cost may be too high: – Database – Transaction processing – ERP workloads – Highly regulated workloads  Workloads which can be standardized for cloud: – Web infrastructure applications – Collaboration infrastructure – Development and test – High Performance Computing  New workloads made possible by cloud: – High volume, low cost analytics – Collaborative Business Networks – Industry scale “smart” applications

33 Thank you ! Cosmos Business Systems & IBM Hellas

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