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Metroplan Orlando Freight Advisory Council July 23, 2012 Stephanie Lane CSX Regional Development.

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1 Metroplan Orlando Freight Advisory Council July 23, 2012 Stephanie Lane CSX Regional Development

2 2 About CSX Transportation Blue + Yellow = Green About Regional Development SunRail Winter Haven What we will cover

3 About CSX “About CSX” transition slide here. Maybe some nice graphics etc. 3

4 4 CSX Transportation One of seven Class I railroad companies in North America Dates back to 1827 CSXT serves 23 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces Approximately 21,000 miles of rail network Over 34,000 employees Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL


6 6 Rail as a freight transportation solution Highway networks are at - or will soon be - reaching capacity Highway interstate infrastructure is showing its age

7 7 A volume view of railroad networks today and in 2020….demand is coming! TodayIn the year 2020 CSX Network Source: USDOT FHWA Freight Analysis Framework

8 8 The rail advantage A single train can carry the load of more than 280 trucks. CSX can move a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel. On average, railroads are 3 or more times more fuel efficient than the alternative. The U.S. EPA estimates that moving freight by rail emits three times less nitrogen oxides and particulates than alternate modes of transportation. If just 10% of the freight that currently moves by truck were diverted to rail instead, fuel savings would approach 1 billion gallons per year.

9 9 “Regional Development” transitional slide here, similar to the “About CSX” slide About CSX Regional Development

10 10 CSX Regional Development CSX Regional Development is a strategic and project management partner that serves as the potential-rail customer’s and the Economic Development community’s single point of contact for rail projects.

11 CSX Regional Development Team Site Selection Services 15 Field Based Professionals Who Know… — Local Markets / Opportunities / Contacts — Real Estate Leasing & Development Process — Logistics business — Rail Engineering & Operations Comprehensive Site Selection & Development Experience First Point of Contact For Rail Served Site Search — “Strategic and Project Management Partner” Will place 100-150 New Projects on CSX Annually Existing or New Development 11

12 It Starts With The Customer 12 1.How busy is the mainline (or adjacent track) to the proposed site? 2.Is the rail interchange (if applicable) adequate for the new traffic? 3.How many industry tracks are needed on the site to accommodate the projected business levels? 4.What about future growth? Car storage? 5.What type of industry (i.e. commodity) is going to ship on the rail? 6.Where will the business originate and terminate? 7.Predominately inbound and/or outbound traffic? 8.Will the customer move rail cars on site? 9.What type of rail equipment (rolling stock) is needed? 10.Private rail equipment or supplied by the railroad? Approaching a rail project

13 About SunRail 13

14 SunRail – A Public-Private Partnership The State of Florida purchased 61 miles of CSX’s “A” Line for the Central Florida commuter rail system (SunRail) CSX will reinvest all proceeds - $432 million - in Florida infrastructure projects 15 Capacity Projects for Anticipated Freight Shift Complete for Commuter Operations by 2014 14

15 SunRail – Changing Commuter Travel 15

16 It Starts With The Customer Rail Infrastructure Projects Planned commuter implementation schedule in two phases: — Phase 1: DeBary (near Sanford) to Orlando 2014 — Phase 2: Extend service north from DeBary to DeLand and south to Ponciana by July 2015 Future shared corridor between passenger and freight — 5 hours exclusive freight — 7 hours joint freight and passenger — 12 hours daily of freight operation to serve current and future freight rail customers State plans to double track the entire corridor Once the planned Winter Haven intermodal and automotive terminal is built by CSXT affiliate, Evansville Western Railway Inc., CSXT will divert some through freight trains to the S Line. 16

17 Winter Haven Terminal and Integrated Logistics Center (ILC) 17

18 Winter Haven Development Schedule Access Road from SR 60 to Rail Terminal Facility is Under Construction Construction Start for Intermodal Rail Terminal Facility — Planned for Q4 2012 (318 acres) — Completion Targeted for April 2014 Phase 2 Construction of Auto Terminal — 2016 – 2018 timeframe Rezoning of 930 acres for ILC scheduled in Mid 2012 RFP for Development Concepts of Integrated Logistics Center Spring 2012 18

19 19

20 Maximum Build-Out Office – 500,000 sf Light Industrial – 2.2 million sf Warehouse Distribution – 5.2 million sf Total – 7.9 million sf City to Include Site in Foreign Trade Zone 930 Ac ILC Phase 1 Projected Development 1st 5 Yrs Office – 30,000 sf Light Industrial – 50,000 sf Warehouse Distribution – 500,000 sf Total – 580,000 sf CSX Vision – ILC 20

21 Winter Haven Terminal Site Plan State of the Art Technology Electric Cranes Focused Downward Lighting Improved truck flow to reduce idling time LEED Certified Buildings To SR 60 1.5 miles Future Integrated Logistics Center 21

22 It Starts With The Customer Winter Haven Terminal and ILC CSX to spend $100M in terminal construction and capacity projects to support the ILC Jobs Created (estimated) — 500 – 600 for construction of terminal — 75 – 100 for operation of terminal over time — 2,000 for construction of ILC over 10 year build out — 6,500 indirect jobs created as a result of ILC Terminal volume — 100,000 containers at opening — 2 trains per day (2 in and 2 out) 22

23 It Starts With The Customer Winter Haven Terminal and ILC Zoning — Land Use – Industrial with Business Park Overlay — PUD – Light Industrial, Warehousing, Distribution and Office 1,293 anticipated truck trips generated by terminal Anticipated truck trips generated by ILC — Phase 1 – 522 — Phase 2 – 2,273 — Phase 3 – 6,016 23

24 It Starts With The Customer Winter Haven Terminal Specification for two (2) twin cantilever wide span cranes Each crane to span 5 rail tracks and two truck lanes One cantilever to span a stacking area, and a second cantilever to span an area for future 3 additional rails 24

25 It Starts With The Customer Winter Haven Terminal This technology potentially offers many benefits, including: Increased Throughput per Acre Potential –Much smaller footprint required to produce the same lift capacity Increased Safety –Reduced headcount associated with fewer hostlers being operated on terminal Environmentally Friendly –No CO2 emissions from electric cranes Less Noisy –Reduced local community impact 25

26 CSX Contact Information Stephanie Lane CSX Industrial Development — Office: 813-664-6323 — Cell: 727-324-7261 — Learn More at CSX’s Web Site and Become a Rail Partner at http://www.csx.com 26

27 How Tomorrow Moves

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