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The New Deal Chapter 24.1. FDR’s Background What do you know about FDR?

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1 The New Deal Chapter 24.1

2 FDR’s Background What do you know about FDR?



5 20 th Amendment March inauguration 20 th Amendment – changes inauguration Why change? Reduces lame duck period Get the Brain Trust to work!

6 Frances Perkins

7 Mary McLeod Bethune

8 21 st Amendment Prohibition OVER! Ratified in 1933 Last to ratify = Utah, Ohio… … and Pennsylvania?

9 Restore Hope Fireside chats First Fireside Chat

10 First Action Campaign promise = balance the budget Economy Act

11 Two Theories Keynsian Economics “Prime the Pump” Borrow and spend money… To create jobs Run up large deficits Pay debt later Supply Side Economics Tax cuts and breaks Businesses reinvest Jobs created Benefits “trickle down”

12 The Hundred Days “FDR Push” = New Programs: Relief = people in need Recovery = for the economy Reform = never happen again

13 Collaboration Read Chapter 24.1 (p.624 – 631) Research your programs Record your findings (poster!) Share with others

14 Critics and Response Chapter 24.2

15 Political Attacks From the left: Huey Long Father Coughlin Dr. Francis Townsend Union Party From the right: American Liberty League Supreme Court

16 FDR Response Second New Deal = Works Progress Administration National Youth Administration Revenue Act of 1935 Social Security Act National Labor Relations Act Soil Conservation and Adjustment Act

17 Presidential Election - 1936

18 Collaboration Pick a partner (or two…) Pick a program Record your findings (poster!) Share with the class





23 End of the New Deal Chapter 24.3

24 Final Legislation Second AAA (AAA2): – “ever normal granary” – Crop insurance Fair Labor Standards Act – Maximum hours – Minimum wage – Overtime pay – No child labor

25 Recovery and Recession Economy = slow, steady, shaky 1937 = deficit fears Roosevelt actions: 1. Less spending 2. Lays off workers 3. Social Security tax Effect: Recession! Back to Keynes! Public fears!

26 Packing the Court (9 15) Legislation = reorganize fed courts Add 6 to SC Stated rationale True rationale Senate Backlash Effect – New Deal support suffers 15?

27 Democratic Purge Conflict Primary = anti- speeches, letters by FDR 1938 elections Effect – No Congressional support NEW DEAL IS OVER!

28 New Deal Impact 1. Great Depression 2. Modern Government

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